30 November 2011

lots of fish in the sea


Well..... it's Salmon, alright... It says "wild" but not "Alaskan." 
In fact, it says it came from China! 
Caught maybe by wild people?

Hmm. Since it doesn't say "Alaskan" Salmon, 
Maybe they are Atlantic Salmon.
Atlantic Salmon are near extinction. (link)
So most of the so-called Atlantic Salmon (link)
are indeed Farm-Raised. (link)
And by "most," I mean "all." (link
This is a government report that states:
"Wild Atlantic salmon population levels are very low, 
and commercial fishing for the species is prohibited. 
Almost all of the Atlantic salmon sold in the United States 
comes from aquaculture operations."

In short, there are no such things as "Wild" Atlantic Salmon.
And because they are fed a diet of soy, (and other things)
they typically have higher levels of Omega 6.
And if you have to gag the yukky things down,
(even I don't like them)
at least make sure you get your Omega 3's!!
Alaskan Wild Caught Salmon info here
Atlantic Farm-Raised Salmon info here
64 mg Omega 6 vs. 666 mg Omega 6, respectively!
Just make sure you know what you are getting!
And why!
That symbol - the blue circle - MSC (link)
Is the Marine Stewardship Council...
The package says it's sustainable - meaning?
Not overfished. Verified source. (link)
Maybe fishing boats and vessels, and fisheries..

Total fat 2.5  minus the sat fat = 2.0 grams of....  PUFA?
There are only 4 kinds of fat!
1. Saturated Fat
2. MUFA - MonoUnsaturated
3. PUFA- PolyUnsaturated
 4. Transfat
Remember, they are not required to list PUFA's.

Walmart brand salmon (link)
About half the reviewers said they threw the fish out...
Or fed it to the family dog.
The other half LOVED it!
At least the price it right! 

To be fair - the same debate rages on about Costco Salmon, too.
There are dozens of Salmon threads on-line.
Debating if the product is really wild - or not! (link)

So wonder it's so hard to just buy fish.
It's maddening!
Buyer be aware!

This just in!
I wrote to the Company "Yihe Corporation"
The name on the actual package of fish I bought.
And they actually responded - in one day!

"The Latin species name is Oncorhynchus Gorbuscha, FDA approved common names are “Pink Salmon” or “Salmon.” This species is only Wild Caught. The fish is caught in Alaskan USA waters by US fisherman. We buy from them and ship the fish frozen with head and guts removed to our facility located in Qingdao China. There we inspect for further for quality, do partial thaw and cut to specification. Our facilities are all HACCP and BRC certified facilities with very experienced quality assurance personnel. We also do all packaging in China. The finished product is shipped to US where we arrange deliveries to Wal-Mart distribution centers. FDA and the USDA regulations require we label as: Product of China – Wild Caught"

So there ya have it!


  1. THIS makes me mad - we think it's one thing...
    And find out later we were fooled!

  2. I didn't care for the walmart brand, I get my salmon at costco. Wild Alaskan, pretty good

  3. I have to admit I love fish when I buy it from the fresh fish counter. Sometimes the frozen is not very good. In fact the last frozen salmon I bought was so dry I threw it out.

  4. Maybe thats why i hardly ever buy it.. Blech....
    But when i go to a nice restaurant i order halibut and i love it
    Tuna is really the only fish i eat

  5. Unbelievable, Anne. It is hard to find the good stuff and pricey when you do. It is damned discouraging isn't it?


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