31 December 2022

out with the old

En route to the clinic. 
Had to stop. 
Some kid got flopped around
In his little wheelchair. 

The clinics were little ghost towns. 

Funky elbows always hyperextended. 

My Hindred Hour Week Life 
This is just how it is. 

We’ve had about 1000 days of COVID. 

30 December 2022

nye eve

Friday traffic is so bad
I leave early. So I actually 
Took a nap in my car. Lol. 
Time management skills!

I didn’t sleep well. 
I finally figured out 
what was my trigger. 

Yesterday at the clinic,
I picked up some iron drops. 
I thought it would be easier 
to take than the pills. It’s not. 
Well, I haven’t even thought about
Those iron drops for years. 
 But when I opened them up
To take some, the smell - something -
Was the thing that reminded me 
Of sweet Baby Love Dove. 
That has to be what triggered 
yesterday’s migraine. 

She took them in her formula. 

It definitely smells better than it tastes. 
But it was nice to have some hot Covefe. 

Clinic Day today
In fact, 3 this week. 

Up till now, my previous record 
Was to work 28 days 
In a row. The swing shift nurse
Took 90 days off. 
I had no health issues,
No post-covid issues,
No weight gain,
No falling off the wagon,
Some heartburn, reflux,
But I’m learning how to 
Keep it between the lines!

Happy New Year! 

29 December 2022

4 years now

Red sky at morning 
Go home and go back to bed. 

It was freezing. 
Now it’s balmy. 

Family Sized! 
Fake News. 
Looks like WalMart is getting 
into the food prep business. 

Practicing my photo editing skills. 

What The Hail? 

This chick can’t be
A size 8. Midsize?
Like a sedan?  Yucky word. 

Is “mid-sized” a new word for 
Normal weight? 
Not under. Not obese. 

If she’s “mid-size” that makes me 
Truck or a HumV.  Lol. 
I guess I used to be a semi? 

Many steps. Clinic day. 

Our Nurse was great. So friendly. 
She was here to draw labs. Lol. 

So I got a little dehydrated yesterday. 
And it was windy.
Clinics have bright lights we are not used to. 

 And so, I got a migraine 
At work and had to leave early. 
A splitting headache-
 like my skull had been split open. 
I haven’t had a migraine 
In like forever. So I had to figure out why. 

It hit me. This is the anniversary of 
The death of my sweet Love Dove. 

So tiny. She weighed like just 1 gram. 
Lol. Kidding. Humor. 
(For reference, a nickel weighs 5 grams.)
But she was small. 
Not quite 5 pounds, once she came home. 

She’s been gone longer than she was alive. 
I miss her every day. 
You can see the overlapping fingers here. 

I had a migraine- veins bulging- 
Sensitive to light. 
Rigid neck and shoulders. 
Went home early from work. 
Took 2 Advil and went to bed. 
I got up to pee 2 times.
 Which is odd since I was dehydrated. 
Better go get some fluids in me! 

28 December 2022

3 years now

Nice skies for a windy day

The pain of his HH 
Is the worst feeling. 
Worse than gallstones. 
Worse than kidney stones. 
It slides. All you can do is wait. 

The feeding pump at work has issues. 
It’s barely hanging on. 
We know that feeling. 

An old baby picture of Fergus. 
My vertical pupiled baby boy. 

My morning quiet time. 
I take a little while
And go over the events of the day. 
Start my notes. 
Have my Covefe (Monster now) 

The thing that sent me to the ER
3 years ago - I thought was
Food Poisoning. 
Or maybe a chemical burn from food.  
The doctors now think it was 
COVID. Before it had a name. 
This is based on my absurd 
Over the top response 
To the first vaccination. 

Whatever it was,
That’s when my HH issue started
And it’s just gotten worse. 
Often, when I would eat, and 
It felt like food was “stuck” 
In my throat. 
I never imagined it would still
 be an issue 3 years later!

No lifting. No wine. 
No cure? No way! 
Back to fasting and resting. 

Maybe they’ll discover 
Some cause or something that helps. 

27 December 2022