27 October 2011


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Note the timing of the Egg Drop!
Thanks to Eric - my FB High Fat Friend -
for putting the music to the video!
Hot smile
PS.... don't try this at home....
I am a highly trained professional.

Actually, LOTS of people try this at home.
I have no concern what-so-ever about
Salmonella or anything else from doing this.
Ever have egg nog, home-made ice cream,
an Orange Julius, or cookie dough?
There ya go, then!


  1. One of my favorites raw eggs mixed with a little cream. Used to be a regular breakfast of mine.

  2. Eye of the tiger! Hehehehehehehehee

  3. Add a little nutmeg.... cinnamon.... vanilla.....
    Endless options here!

  4. HIGH FAT FRIEND made me giggle :-)

  5. I love this. Too cute. What was in the cartons that you added?

  6. thanks, y'all!

    grace - water in the glass - hard to see
    heavy whipping cream and a little almond milk!

  7. Sweet!! I'd guess it's cream, egg whites and of course eggs :)

  8. You have my everlasting admiration but I so could not do raw eggs. Have a great day. Love the video!

  9. haha, you are so funny! Love the video!
    You aren't worried about raw eggs or do you pasteurize them yourself?

  10. I have no worries AT ALL about the raw eggs...
    I get them from a "safe source" AND I crack them into
    a little cup first... to make sure each one "looks ok".....


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