31 March 2021


I made some good friends at the hospital. 
I am this sick every day. 
I guess it finally caught up 
More blood transfusions. 

20 ulcers and hiatal hernia 

Got a shower today 
And none broth 

9 pokes for blood. 
All good. 

Pulse coming down. 
No further shortness of breath. 

told ya I was sick

So. Heart won’t settle down. 

Here I am for a few days. 

No thanks. 

Blood transfusion. 
Hemoglobin 6.2

28 March 2021

mast cell razor

Inside a Chicken McNugget 
Mostly breading. 

This should start to change things 

The classic 10 year montage. 
Left- driving back from 
the Grand Canyon 
Right- wishing I were driving  to 
the Grand Canyon. 
It’s true! Low Carb slows down aging! 

26 March 2021


Full Shot Friday 

Pfizer Friday 
Can’t walk
Can’t lift
Can’t get enough water 
Can’t get enough air 
This helps block mast cell 
Compliment Cascade 
They say 

Can’t get enough of my Baby Boy 
Kitteh Skoochums

Please, Dear Universe 
Let this pass fast 

24 March 2021

covid nightmares

Slept 14 hours again. 
That’s 2 nights
Each 14 hours. 

Back to freaking work. 
I have serious burn out. 

Ate salad and went back to bed. 

This overgrown rodent
Is not good for 14 hours sleep 
Maybe 5 hours. 

Car camping is a new thing. 
Actually, an old thing
With a bohemian twist. 

Can’t stand my job actually
Too much bullshit under the bridge. 
Good money
But too late.