25 April 2015

downtown at dusk

Historical Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe

Up to the Bell Tower

Around DownTown Dallas

happy birthday sherri

It says it is a card you can read- 
Without your reading glasses - lol

Some Pickled JalapeƱo and Pickles -
From Collin Street Bakery 

Dinner at Chili's

Off to the Meyerson

No waiting

An organ concert on the famous Fisk Organ (link)
(They hardly ever use it) 

Beethoven posing

Beautiful (link)

No floor seats

Only Upper Level

Lol- looks like the Enterprise

What an awesome time - 
Happy Birthday, Sherri!

24 April 2015

DWS hbd

Happy Birthday, Sherri!

Some wonderful RibEye Steaks

With all the Trimmings

Harry Potter Cookbook

Musical Decorations 

SF CheeseCake


A Cat Selfie

And a Scavenger Hunt!

Great Fun!

Happy Birthday - Sherri!

17 April 2015

out in the stix

It always rains when I go out of town

Do NOT stop for this guy


Live Minnows - 
You KNOW you are in the "country"

Porky's BBQ

East Texas Hot Links

The Tractors are coming!

The other kind of East Texas Hot Linx

This is a Crab, Avocado  Salad Stack
(Stacking food makes it fancy, I guess)

Learn from me - 
When you are in a steak house, 
PLEASE order steak!