31 July 2020

missed a day

Started a 30 day Challenge 
-and Accountability Group 
On Facebook. 
I have the energy and enthusiasm. 

Still working to get these babies in the ground. 
I can’t get up early enough. 

The sleep blend Hynotic
Has helped more than anything. 
It took a few days 
To kick in. 

I’ll be glad when the next phase 
Is firmly in place. 

At the base of all my problems 
I find one common denominator. 
Time management. 
I waste incredible amounts of time. 

Where does the time go? 
Being tired. 
Working 2 jobs 
Just wanting to have
A glass of wine
And watch a film ...
That’s where the time goes! 

I don’t want 2020 to be
The worst year of my life. 
I want to make it count! 
A Nurse in a Pandemic! 
We prep our whole career for this.  

Masks and all! 

29 July 2020

no more tea

All the flowers! 
They just knock ya out. 

All this time 
I though I had heartburn 
Because of Red Wine. 

Yesterday, I stopped for food
At In N Out
(I had a Gift Card 
so I didn’t break my promise 
to not spend money!)
And I got some tea. 
Iced Tea. Unsweetened. 
I took one amalgam sip. 
And instantly I was hurting. 
It’s not reflux. It’s actual pain. 

So I got some some Red Wine
(Ok that’s not in the deal
But that ok- I’m celebrating!)

And no heartburn at all. 
None! In the name of science. 

And now for the next chapter. 
The August chapter. 
And beyond! 
Now that Miss Thing 
Is gone, the sky is the limit. 

28 July 2020

waco day

Yummy sleep

Once a week
Or every other week
I meet Elaine 
And bring her mail 
And whatever she needs 
 from her closet  - or kitchen. 
Today we met in Waco. 

27 July 2020

flower day

Got my Apple Watch 
Paired again. 
Time to test the Hypnotic Blend. 

I bought some cheap solar lights. 

I put them everywhere. 

So I’m celebrating!
The bad nurse is gone by her own doing. 

Master has given Doby a sock!
3 weeks ago, The Boy 
 Was found wearing the sam socks 
From Sunday - When I left. 
TillThursday - When I came back. 
And no socks in the dirty clothes. 

So they changed her schedule 
And she resigned. 
I’ve been trying to get them 
To do this for 2 years. 

I stopped and got enough food
For 2 days. 

So it’s Beer and Chicken Fajitas 
Blue Moon Beer is cloudy 
- Unfiltered - 
With the yeast in the bottle. 
So they say it’s good for gut health. 

Ao for now - it’s movies 
And plants. 
And rest
And planning. 
And eating! 

I do 90% of my shopping curbside. 

26 July 2020


The unfinished post. 
By the way. 
This is happening on America. 

25 July 2020

worn out

I briefly entertained
The idea that I might have CV 19
Because I am so completely exhausted. 
I think it’s just over work. 
Mornings are fine. 

A hurricane is forming 
off the coast of Texas. 

Makes for a cloudy day. 

Did you know that
Temperature readings 
are taken in the shade? 
That’s why it seems hotter
 than the numbers are. 

Frick and Frack here
Have no purpose in life
But to sleep and eat. 
And make poop. 

What we think is good now
Will one day be trash. 

Ahhhh true. 
I’m as old now 
As my mother was “then”
When I was in college 
And bee-bopping around. 

I thought she was old and helpless. 
And in over her head 
In a wasted life. 
Ha! Life’s Little Lessons. 
Humble Humility. 

Ain’t nothing easy. 

24 July 2020

cat toys

Helped the family pick out a cat. 

They wanted a girl
But boys are more fun. 
The girl cats they had
Just kinda sat there
And hid under the furniture. 
This cat jumped right out. 

Drink yer water. 

Found this when I went out
To water. 
Change is on the way, they say! 

Hosta making seed. 

My escape fantasies 
Are acting up again. 
As long as they don’t act out. 

I have promised myself
(With a few “Get Out Of Jail Free” cards)
To not go out to eat for 30 days. 
I keep gaining and losing 
The same 5 pounds.