20 February 2024

d day

Shit hits the fan day. 

Account got hacked. 
Heart rate went through the roof. 

Ok. Now what. 

19 February 2024

p day

We have so many holidays 
But they aren’t really holidays. 
Maybe it’s for image control. 
They “give” us a holiday every month 

Worried sick about my situation. 
Still not finding relief. 
It changes every day. 

Every fucking day there is
A new problem or situation. 
And it wears me out. 

It’s as if I said 
“You can’t break me!”
And the people involved 
Heard it, and took it as a battle cry. 
With the goal being simply
To break me. 

Cant get bread from the hardware store. 

I know, after decades of study
That this will be ok. 
And I’m only frightening myself. 

But it seems real enough when you’re in it. 
And not just reading about it. 
Or talking with friends. 

And because it’s never solved,
I keep repeating the patterns. 
Ad Nauseum. 

18 February 2024

walking day

Walk every day. 
Even if it’s just a mile. 

Easter is coming 

I remember her when 
she was just a blogger.