11 July 2024

dull break

Ahhh the day breaks 

I love waking up with cats 

So he took a cat. 
He threatened to end my life
And take Fergus from me. 
I will never let that happen. 

10 July 2024

longest week

Skating through life

Finally some good sleep. 
I was falling asleep at work. 

For the past 2 years
 I’ve been wrapped up with this 
Craptastic Shit Show!
At KetoCon Austin 2022
I was looking into blogging
And vlogging but now
I’m just slogging and getting 
Bogged down. For now. 
Mind boggling. lol. 

If You Know You Know 
He had it coming. lol. 

This is my life. 
Hot Weenie and Monster. 

Lol follow me for more tips
And tricks in real life. 
Street Nursing. lol. 

Ask any Nurse and he or she will tell ya. 
We have one or two scrubs
That we only wear once a year or so 
Just cuz they’re ugly or something. 
Also, a body shot. 

I’m laughing because the Night Nurse 
Walked in on my bathroom selfie! 

Triangulation. Staff Splitting. 
In classic triangulation ,
There is a Victim. 
A Perpetrator. 
And a Rescuer. 
When you’re dealing with 
Chronic Drunks and Addicts,
It’s always the same. 
THEY are the Victim,
Even if they are really the abuser! 
Just ask them.  
Poor poor pitiful them! 
As the Scapegoat, I am also the 
Mean Cunt, GD2 faced Bitch 
The Karen,  and any other name
You can think of - I get called 
Monthly, weekly, and daily. 

Also the medical  insults. 
Bipolar Multiple Personality Schizophrenic
(I would pay money to see that one!) 
I get called this hourly. 
Lazy Fat Fucking Dyke Cunt 
“I hope you die!”
“The worst day of my life is when we met”
“I’m going to take Fergus from you”
“I wish you didn’t exist”
“I hate you to death” 
(Duh obviously) 

And to Elaine:
“ I hope you get hit by a train 
And your arms get cut off.”
“ I hope your mother goes ahead and dies”
“You’re fat as fuck and your fence is ugly!”

That hurts! The fence is NOT ugly! 
He lies!!! Not ugly. lol. 

09 July 2024

go from away

I can’t talk so I’ll just do 
Interpretive Dance 

Old and new 

People come out of the woodwork 
When trouble is afoot. 
One gentleman said that my Q-
 the qualifier - kicked his door down 
because the guy didn’t say thank you
 to the Q for doing a favor. 
And later on in the middle of the night?
The Q called him and said that 
both of his parents were killed
In a car wreck - when they weren’t.  

Goes to character. 

My cats will stay with me 
For the duration.