18 January 2019


Another funeral home. 

RIP dear Aldo. 
Cindy’s dear Dad finally at rest. 
It was expected. Still breaks your heart. 

I stepped out while the Aldo Family 
Made arrangements. 

So the Funeral Hair Lady 
And I sat down to chat. 
She does the hair and make up 
For the people who have passed. 
We talked about My Baby. 
Of course. 

She said that when she gets a Baby,
She gives them extra care. 
She covers them with Baby Oil. 
And makes them up all nice

She picks them up. And holds them. 
And rocks them on her lap. 
And cuddles them one last time. 
Just in case. 

I like to imagine a nice lady like her
Cuddling and prepping Little Love Dove 
And putting Baby Oil on her 
and fussing with her crazy hair. 

One last time. 
Just in case. 

Cindy’s Mom was hungry. 
The Egg And I was her choice. 
Of course I had the Bacon Avacado. 

I picked up some MardiGras beads
And headed to BabyLand. 

It’s right by the Fireman Statue
And under a big tree. 
Very nice. 

Medium good sleep. 
This was with wine. 

The cortisol seemingly has left the building. 
About time. 
I felt much relief. 

17 January 2019

no pics today

Well, Cindy’s Dear Dad died. 
The end of an era. 
All the way around. 

I’m glad I convinced her to call Hospice 
So they could start Crisis Care. 

I drove up to see her, 
Since my morning case was cancelled- 
and spend a little time.  
Maybe help out. 
You know, let the dog out,
And make sure everyone 
gets to where they’re going. 

They need to come up with a name 
for when you’re the caregiver,
 and your loved one dies. 

It’s a messy mess of feelings
When that happens. 
Like relief. And sleep. 
And then you feel guilty 
for thinking that way. 
And grief. 

Old or young, it’s never easy. 

Lol. ETA. 
As I was writing this, 
sitting in the empty room 
where Cindy’s dad was, 
a Hospice Nurse knocked on the door. 
He didn’t realize the shift
 had been cancelled 
since the patient has passed. 

That’s an awkward time. 
Glad I was here to answer the door
And redirect traffic! 

15 January 2019

squirrely day

Big fire at the transformer. 

KaPow! Die!

Dallas-es-es Finest

A live wire in the alley. 

Which I stepped on, actually. 
So I guess it wasn’t too live. 
Per Se. 

So a few hours delay for work,
Then maybe off for the day.