17 July 2019

fun day

I sleep better on an empty stomach. 

Little Tray of Goodness
Creme Cheese and Egg Crepe

This one flopped, 
but was still delicious. 

Lazy bones. 

Tom Thumb was once the 
Queen of the Grocery Stores. 
Now it’s a dive. 
I think they’re going out of business. 

Dude- get off my ass! 

I was having a mild panic last night,
 and went to the store to get some things. 
I want to make Fat Bread today. 

16 July 2019

home health nurse

No meds. 
I’m tapering off the Unisom.
It’s an anti-cholinergic. 
And that’s not good. 
I only wanted to take them 
6 months or so
After Live Dove died. 
I just wasn’t sleeping,
If you can imagine. 

I spent most of the day
With a friend - at the doctor. 

Someone  is mad. 
Hospital vending machines. 
They always mess up. 

Starbucks snack. 

Bathroom Selfie!