14 May 2021

get ready

Needs sauce or something. 

Today is Eid. 
The end of Ramadan. 
The end of fasting. 
So let’s eat! 

Napping asshole. 
Get out of the poop box!

Take 35, Siri said! 
Traffic is light, Siri said! 

Lol virtual glasses. 
Do most people just get by? 
Work and sleep and watch a little tv?
Or read? Maybe take a walk?
What a crappy life! 
There’s got to be more to it. 

Now that I don’t drink every evening 
I have so much more time! 
It’s kinda wild. 
More time and definitely 
More money. 

13 May 2021

traffic mamba jamba

I wanted a glass of wine so bad! 
Rainy, cool weather...
Cozy inside...
Cuddled up with a cat...
Not cool cravings. 

Carb Manager. 
Don’t know where I got 24 carbs from.
Broth, Black Covefe, Shakes,
Yogurt, Chicken, 
Hamberder  no bun. 

Since I ferment the mix
For like 30 to 36 hours-
The wee beasties have eaten essentially 
All of the lactose. 
So the yogurt I make is keto safe. 

Later, I’m going to experiment
With gelatin and protein powder
As thickeners. 

Been getting above 5,000 many days. 

Yay me! 

Welcome to Dallas. 
Now- get the fuck out of here. 
Hi home! 
Too crowded. 
Beat it! Scram! 

12 May 2021

food in the new era

Still using protein. 
I like Premier Protein 
Muscle Milk, and this. 
My fave is IsoPure. 
But this last month, I wanted RTD. 
Ready To Drink. From a can. 

Food Prep is absolutely mandatory. 
This is Pork and Cabbage 
I froze last week. 

Egg Drop Soup. 
Easy, Fast, Cheap, Tasty. 

Old people use Low Sodium Products. 
Like me.  Lol. 

My Creation! 
It’s alive! 
It’s alive- I tell you! 
This is Dr Davis’ Wheat Belly
L Reuteri Yogurt. 
The second batch. 

I made L Reuteri 
And L Rhamnosus Yogurts. 
It’s so easy. 
Just make the yogurt with the capsules. 

I have a 3rd one with more bacterium. 
Just pop 6 or 8 capsules 
In the the milk and starter 
And ferment for 30 to 36 hours. 
Incubate? Ferment? Cook?

In order to make yogurt in America,
The FDA says it must contain
L. Bulgaricus and S. Thermophilus.
The thermophilus makes the yogurt set. 
Some also contain 
Acidophilus, and Bifidus, 

These cultures get credit for everything 
From hair growth to testicular size. 
Gut health IBS, etc.  

And now, a gratuitous picture 
Of WhatsHisFace. 

Who loves to lick the spoon 
With the yogurt cultures. 
All lactose free.