07 June 2023

party melt down

Lots of cigar factories 
In Tampa. They’re everywhere 
By the airport. 
I think they’d make cool lofts. 

The Millennials found it,
The GenExers work there,
And the Boomers ate it. 

Love’s Labor Lost 
Sometimes applies to food. 

Eggs and Carnivore Omelette
With Hollandaise Sauce. 

Patty Melt 
Without the Patty Or 
Maybe the Melt. 

The only melt was me. 
I had a mild panic 
When I left my bag
With all my wallet, money,
Beach stuff in the rental car. 

It was already in the trash. 
The nice guys dug it out for me. 

The watch didn’t pick up 
My sleep which is too bad
Because I had a Pina Colada. 
And I would love to have seen my heart rate. 
BY the way- it gave 
me a massive headache.  🥴

It’s true. I need more than snacks 
And Quest Bars and Protein Shakes. 

Ready with my gear! Let’s Go!

06 June 2023

regular day

This beach is really just a 
parking lot by the highway
They could have bathrooms and vendors. 
But noooo just park and look. Lol. 

Maybe it’s the slow lane 
So they kids can see the ocean. 

I thought this was Lantana
But those spikes? 

Invasive Lantana? 

Avocado tree? 

And this poison-spitting red-legged 
Floridian Grasshopper. 

Him. He’s the culprit. 
These guys are like a small cigar. 
Big and voracious. 
They are like everywhere! 

Regular people neighborhood. 
Nothing fancy. The best of AirBnB. 
Getting to see real people doing common things. 

I was invited to a fancy $$$$ dinner. 
But I didn’t bring dress clothes. 
So I went to a few stores to look. 
Business Casual. 

You can’t pull a rabbit out 
From a hat unless you have
Already put a rabbit in the hat. 

So I said “thanks for the invite,”
And went home. 
And had a protein shake. 
I get so anxious doing things
That are even slightly out of 
My comfort zone. 

Mr Beast (?)
Monster Brew? 
A match made in heaven. 

The summer Florida cut for 
Senior Ladies. Standard Issue. 
Short back and sides, with a FauxHawk top. 

Driving home,
I saw a wee pink flamingo. 
Just one. In a group of others. 
He was far away. Plus I saw a snout 
Come up out of the water. 
Turtle? Alligator?
🐊 see ya later 

And here we go. 
I gained a little energy back 
Last week but so far,
This is the slowest vacation ever! 

A long leisurely trip. 

05 June 2023

tampa time

Yesterday was a “down day.”
Not like “sad” - more
Like when they close a 
Web site for maintenance. 
Laundry day, moving day,
And clean up the car day. 

All the signs are telling me
I’m in Tampa Proper. Lol. 

I miss my boys. All of them. 
I’ve waited 3 years to travel
And not to unravel. Lol. 

The lying dogs have been 
Teasing us with this return
(Season 7) Outlander. 
I’ll believe it when I see it! 

Lay low and rest. 

And rest I did. 14 hours. 
This mattress sucks here
In my wee Air Bnb. 
No worries. 
Usually the mattress is upgraded 
But after COVID, anything goes. 

My old friend paid a visit. 

Now today starts Leg B. 
A week in Tampa StPete. 
Della! Let’s meet up!