05 February 2023

stay at home

Moon at Night. 

Moon at Day. 

Remember this guy? 
From the 1970s  Trilogy Of Terror. 
This was “Amelia.” This is going 
to be one of my skits.  Watch here!

I bought some concealer for my face 
Since the camera likes to find imperfections. 
In High Def. Getting ready. 

I’ve been toying with the idea
For over a year. The new blog. 
Now that it’s starting to get real…
I had this strange desire to run away. 
Fuck it. Stop. Move on. 
That’s just silly. I need to stay
And start and be confident. 
I’m quite a little show off -
If only online. 

I slept like 14 hours last week. 
Now I’ve finally able to wake up 
With a more normal sleep schedule. 
Not too many people can afford to sleep 
More than half the day away. 

2012. Was still getting crazy readings. 
Trying to find the healing balance. 

I did NOT want to come to work. 
I want to do blog stuff. 
I watched YouTube several hours. 
Getting some really cool ideas. 

I was not trying to fast the past 3 days. 
But I barely ate. 
2 Eggs one day. 
Hot Dog one day with Bubbies Sauerkraut. 
And I was perfectly comfortable. 

03 February 2023

light the fuse

This is how I see the world of LC
After the past 3 years of COVID. 
A vast wasteland. 

It doesn’t help that half the group
Is ProVaxx, and the other half 
Is AntiVaxx to the death. 
The Low Carb Cruise will 
never be the same. 

Social Media is definitely not going away. 
And people are ready for a HUGE change. 

So let’s go tripping! Drop the line in. 
See if you get a nibble. 
The Algorithms giveth
And the Algorithms taketh away. 

Lisa Picard Is Famous. 
This 2000 film is about all the hype
And hysteria of a budding actor 
Who may- or may not - 
be on the way up. 
Lots of hard work and
Lots of Luck. 🍀 
And lots of heartache. 
In this film, she didn’t get “discovered,”
But her BFF did. 

People come up in the ranks. 
Low Carb is a lifestyle change. 
And it’s not for everyone. 
The Keto Atkins Paleo world 
Has leaders and gurus a-plenty. 
Minus one or two infamous ones. 

Some blogs are Personality driven. 
Others are Content driven. 
I’m sure not a hot 18 year old. 
I’m not a doctor.
Not a famous author. 
Just regular Joe. 

I wanted to launch 
Quitting Sugar in July. 
But then came COVID. 

I got some tripods and light rings. 
And I try to make a video or short 
Every few days or every week. 
Just for practice. 
Sizing. Timing. Editing. 
Not jaw-dropping content. 
Mostly cats, right now. 
Cats and eggs. Lol. 
Next week, it’s green screen and 
Blonde Joke Shorts. 

Some videos get 5000 hits in an hour! 
Some don’t even have one view. 
Algorithms. Go figure. 

AI isn’t up to speed just yet. 
We’re all learning together. 
This is AI showing a human handshake. 

YouTube, Facebook, TikTok,
SnapChat, Instagram… 
They show your analytics. 

In my case, it’s the same. 
Mostly women. American. 
Middle- aged. People who work. 
Just like me. 

A cat watching Rambo. 
A busted egg. 
Pants falling down. 

I found a little place in the house
To plug up (and take down) 
A Green Screen. 
I don’t have a desk. This will do. 

This is actually my desk. 
A standing desk made from 
An antique tv cabinet 
That now holds my tools. 
And speakers. 

Lots of time editing. 
Always there's a new app. 
I do everything on the iPhone. 

I’ve made a little plan. 
Sketched out about 100 ideas. 
I’m quite sure I have zero skill for this. 
Maybe I has 1% of the skill I need. 
But if enthusiasm counts- 
I’m in! 
Nowadays, anyone with a smart phone
Can blog and make content. 

chill day

I drove home yesterday at 10. 
It took an hour. Still slushy. 

Watched TV all day. 
China Syndrome. 
A young Jane Fonda. 

And Poltergeist. 
I’ve never seen it. 

I stopped watching film, movies, TV
And especially the News. 
I’ve never seen so many of those
1980s films. 

Maybe 10 mg or so?
They usually sell CBD to sleep
And or relax. Hmmmm.  

Nurses definitely do this. Lol

Starting to melt. 
We paid our dues for the year. 

I had protein shakes yesterday. 
No food in the house. 
And I left my food at work. 
Not much food at the stores. 
Forced Induction! 
That’s OK with me!

Mr Fergus jumped up 
When I was taking the picture.