20 May 2022

finally a break

In 2016 I put this on Trekkie
And said “Hoss- make tracks!”
My objective was to get
As much money as I could 
As I planned the last 20 years 
Of my retirement. 

I’m a Nurse who blogs. 
I work every day Nursing.
Kids, hospice, hospice kids,
Wound care, broken bones, 
broken lives. Let’s mend. 

I am Former Fattie. 
I am not sponsored 
I make no money on my blog. 
That’s not what it’s about. 
It’s all about my fat ass
Not eating junk. 
No Ba-Donkey-Donk in the trunk. 


Hot hot hot at work. 
No Air Conditioning. 
Ugh. I can’t bear it. 

Some people save for retirement 
From like age 30. 
Not me. 

Just like many kids born today
Will have jobs that don’t even exist yet-
I always knew I would be better
At saving and investing 
Once I was mature (old?) enough
To control my impulses. 
And get my life’s work out of the way. 
Something about figuring our
My purpose and the meaning of life. 

Plus I didn’t have the mental energy 
To invest - in investing. 
Getting an hourly wage
Will hardly make a great retirement. 
Yes- a good one. 
But to make it great, 
You need to add control it yourself. 

Don’t listen to these idiots. 
You’ll lose your mind. 

And absolutely nothing happens
On May 19. Yesterday. 
Nothing. What’s with the headline? 

It goes up. 
It goes down. 
So what? HODL! 

And in one day- boom!
Back up. 
Do we really think it will go to zero? 

So I’ve worked hard through COVID 
Like 6 and 7 days a week. 
Sometimes I would sleep 
On the floor after work- because 
There was no time to go home between shifts. 
There were no good answers. 

They say they expect 100,000,000
One Hundred Million new cases
This fall and winter. 

So I finally FINALLY 
Got a nurse to cover a day for me. 
I want 2 days off in a row. 
One day for resting. 
One day for errands. 
Staring next week, I get my wish! 

19 May 2022

turkey day

Boring days 
Of waiting for the Doldrums
To turn. 

I had a stroke of genius. 
I’m sensitive to turkey
In that it makes me fall asleep. 
Like narcolepsy. 

So why not have some before bed?
Just see if it knocks meow(t)
It did! 

Clinic Days are always steppy 

Luna. Gone. 
They can’t bring it back. 
It DOA. 

I don’t know if affirmations work. 
But I feel better when I tell myself 
Nice and wonderful things. 

18 May 2022

the ladder

Early to rise

No words can describe 
How good it feels to wake up
Refreshed and happy. 
My heart was at rest 
(As much as it could rest)
And my sleep was 
Superlatively stellar. 

This video came up 
On auto play, on YouTube. 
“I will not clinb a ladder”
And then you notice if any ladders show up
In your daily world. 

Well, there ya go. 
A ladder. 
I did NOT climb it. 

Found on line.
Me drumming on college. 

A vein finder. 
To help start an IV. 

Like this. 
From Dr Google. 

Lots of protein. 

I started back on Protein Powder
I need more protein 
and it’s hard to get it
At work. Etc. 
But first, Covefe. 
Sometimes I put the powder
Directly in the Covefe. 

Monthly body shot.