13 November 2019

party city!

I admit it. 
I love birthdays. 

The mom on the case 
Made Butter Chicken for me. 

I brought the cake. 
And candles. 

Call the fire brigade! 

12 November 2019


Gunshots at night 

Moon at night. 
I accidentally woke up early
And went to work 2 hours early! 

So I took a little walk. 

Winter Wonderland already. 

Ugh. No thanks.more for y’all. 

This fit this Spring. 
My body shape is changing-

Yesterday my pants 
Nearly fell off at the store. 
This shirt is now pajamas. 

I went to bed early last night. 
I was still a little sad. 
So why not. 

I’m trying to remember 
What I ate and why
There’s no picture. 
Well- I forgot to eat. 
So there’s that. 

Happy Birthday to meeeeee!

11 November 2019

veteran’s day

Crappy Birthday Junk 
Means crappy sleep. 


I made this. 
Cat wants it. 
Microwave splatters

So Moby Dick
The writing. 
It’s so profound. 

War and Food-
Everything is not what I thought it was. 
Medicine. Nursing. 
I’m sure I’ll be over it soon. 
I has a sad.