31 October 2020

halloween stuff

Dr House (with the cane) 

At the Baby’s house 


Purple People Eater 

Penny Marshall 

This year 

I had a bounce when I started cooking 
Low Carb meals on the weekly. 
I can gain 30 pounds like *that*!
Carb Creep is real. 

Then I had a bounce when I broke my leg. 
Never more than 20 pounds. 

Then I found Fasting
And that changed everything. 

But over the last 11 years 
- nearly 12 - 
I’ve been pretty consistent. 
Great labs, too! 

So many people regain all their weight
And then some! 

Dallas puts on a good show 

Hampton made this for me! 
Life is good 
Happy Halloween!

30 October 2020

bye bye bully

The stress of the election
Is real to me. 
So I’m just doing the best I can. 
No earth shattering goals this week. 

Truly the best quiche ever. 

So all at once, 
The Big Bad Billy is gone. 
I told the office, but more-
I told the Mom and Dad 
Who heard her call me “evil.”
And just so you know- 
This Muslim family 
Is not having it. 
The told her to leave or change. 
No discord allowed. 
No Evil eye. 
And so a huge weight 
is off my shoulders. 

Now. Go vote. 

29 October 2020

ruff ride

Dang Wednesdays
Are the hardest day for me. 
Too busy to blog. 

Don’t know why. 
Stress at work. 

Food is good. 
Snack roll ups. 

4 years ago POTO

I credit fasting for me not gaining 
After I broke my leg. 

Food prep 

Cat raw food prep

This week is likely to be
A rough week no matter
Who wins or who loses. 
The world is fighting off the 
Last scourge of humanity
AKA Baby Boomers. 
Once they’re gone
-or defeated- 
There will be peace. 

Not just in America. 
Poland. France. UK. 
They Ultra Conservatives 
Are trying to impose strict
Morality codes 
Onto a generation of youth
That don’t want it 
Or need it
Or fear it 
Or believe it. 
It’s as close to a Civil War
As we’ll see.  

27 October 2020

lake whitney

Met Elaine at Meat & Potatoes 

These guys put on quite a show for us 

I’ve never been to a place 
That I wanted to move there. 
Well- actually I have
But it was never really an option. 
But to have a little lake house 
Near Lake Whitney 
Suddenly seemed do-able. 

If 50 is the new 30
And 60 is the new 40
Then 120 is the new 80!
I have many years ahead. 
God willing. 
So let’s go get some! 

26 October 2020

lights out

I slept hard 
Like a Frat Boy 

Matches and gas. 
Like mom used to do 

Cowboy Covefe

25 October 2020


This will now be blog
About my favorite kitteh 
Poor thing. 

Ok. That’s enough Bams 
Lol. Back to me. 
Bust out the T18 tomorrow. 

I’m giving serious thought
To going back to the gym. 
Now that I quit my hobby 
Of drinking wine and going to sleep
I need something more constructive 
To occupy my evenings. 
I’m out of the habit of 
Taking my daily walk as well. 
Let’s go! 

24 October 2020


This says it’s 80° F 
In my bedroom. 
Or about 27° C. 

I got his back. 

And his ear 

The importance of little steps. 

I had some kind of 
Spiritual Awakening 
On the way to work today. 
I didn’t ask for it.
It just happened. 
More to come.