02 November 2011

cross fit "granny"

This is Miss Sugar.
She is a real CrossFit Hero!

She is 70 years old and is in the CrossFit PrepClass
(I call it the Cougar Class)

She is limited in some aspects of range of motion...
She says that she works out to help keep the health 
and muscle tone she already has!

But she does most of what we all do!
Remember - in CrossFit everything is scaled 
to each person's ability.

But Miss Sugar goes to class 4 days a week.
I only go 2 days a week! Bam!

Shows you that you are really never too old... 
Or too (fill in the blank) to try!


  1. Woohoo! That's a great photo at the bottom there.

  2. She is a feisty lady. I want to be her someday.

  3. Miss Sugar is beautiful. And strong. I am 65 and I admire women my age and older who are so full of life.

  4. Gooooooo, Granny! She rocks. Oh, and it's so true... It's never too late to try!

  5. Go, Miss Sugar!!! That's fantastic. Love it.

  6. What a wonderful woman! So physically ahead for her age :)

  7. Miss Sugar is sweeeeeeet! Just like you Miss A!

  8. Miss Sugar, your such an inspiration to obese people who dreamed to achieve their desired weight.

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