31 January 2019

baby momma

My new fave go to food. 
Nachos with pork rinds. Not chips. 

Clean the car and wait in the lobby. 

OMAD fasting and still high BG. 
Well. High for fasting. 

Jesus Christ, man. 
Let people sleep. 
Leave people alone. 
And let them fucking sleep. 

Ain’t that the truth. 

I went to see the Baby’s Mom
And we talked and talked. 
A few good long hours.
It reopened the wounds. 
I cried all the way home. 

30 January 2019

hello, brain

Sleep is the number 1 priority 
And probably the key to health. 
And food is a close second. 
They go together. 

I’m finally down in the low 50s 
where I should be for deep sleep. 

Covfefe and cats 
In the morning. 

Seen whist out and about. 

I’m so glad I checked on the O’Keefe tour 
Imagine my shock if I hadn’t have known! 
My nervous system can’t do 
Even one more shock right now. 

Growing hair out is always tedious. 
I look like a short, middle aged
Lesbian Old School Gangster. 

Yo. You talk to ME? 

29 January 2019

o’keeffe dreams

Drat the luck! 
Miss O’Keeffe’s homestead 
Is closed the week of my vacation. 
I’m glad I checked. 
So I booked an extra day early 
To make sure I get to see it all
And not be rushed. 

New Mexico and Arizona 
Don’t observe DST
So I don’t want to be driving around the wilderness 
At night -in the dark- looking for a Tipi. 

I added that time designated for Abiquiu 
To going early to the Vermillion Cliffs. 
Which is really the heart of my trip anyways. 

This trip is to commemorate 10 years of Low Carb
After getting snowed in a little fishing lodge 
in Lee’s Ferry- in 2009
And thus beginning my low carb weight loss journey. 

Can’t wait !
I spent all day watching TV yesterday 
From being quite ill. 
I lost 5 pounds solid matter. 
So I’ll take it! 

28 January 2019

sick day

Got so sick last night. 
Just couldn’t stop throwing up. 
Threw up at work, actually. 
Called in sick today. 

A good day to watch Old Westerns. 
Gregory Peck. 

I tried some of this. 
Might need some more. 

Low ketones. 
Blood Glucose 95. 

Every single time I drink wine 
I throw up. Ulcers. 
Old food from 10 hours before. 
Not a pretty sight. 

27 January 2019

well now

Fun at work 

Love me some AirBnb

I have ants in my pants 
And need to leave a few days 
early for vacation. 

So I booked this 5 billion star lodging. 
I leave in a matter of weeks! 

When the kiddos are sleeping, 
I work on finalizing my trip itinerary. 

The Grand Wine Experiment 
Is now officially done. 
My stubborn mind is now convinced. 

Wine, Whiskey, Whatever -  
None of it helps with sleep. 
It’s something toxic 
That your body has to get rid of.  
And that takes a lot of work 
And a lot of water. 

My schedule now allows me 
to see the light of day. 
That might help. 

26 January 2019

hello birdie

I like seeing that narrow sideways channel. 
I get up early no matter what, it seems. 

I have friends (my age) 
Who can sleep till noon. 
I think I did that once 
when I was in high school. 

I’m nothing if not consistent. 

In theory at least it’s a short drive home. 

I stopped and got my fave Boston Market
Meatloaf with Spinach -
About 30 carbs for the meal. 
I forgot to take a picture. 
So you KNOW something is off. 

Friday’s are a special day for me. 
I don’t even want to irk on Friday. 
But these next few weeks are catch up. 

My Little Morning Bird is back. 
And she waits by my car. 
I guess I should get her some birdseed! 

25 January 2019

new case

Crappy ass compromised sleep. 

Bathroom project is all but done. 

I enthusiastically tried 
To throw my heart and mind 
Into a new case. 
It was already a stand-alone disaster. 
And it’s not even been a few hours. 

I wouldn’t want me to be 
my baby’s nurse either. 
I’m a mess. 
I’m going to tell them - no more babies. 

24 January 2019

off to work I go

I have scheduled myself to work 
7 days this week 
Just to keep busy. 

I’m at a facility where
They feed the staff members. 
They brought me this. 
Oops- I ate the bacon already. 
Last night they brought a cheeseburger. 
It was pretty good. 

Still Snaking... down a pound
 a day even with food. 

Again. I was shocked
To see this. 
I though I slept well. 

This is how I feel. 
Not quite my old self. 
It’s so simple 
But none of this is easy. 

23 January 2019

snake bite

No wine. 
Still no good sleep.
I was shocked at this. 
To me, I slept well. 

Skinny legs. 
Floppy belly. 
Typical diabetes. 

Well, the stress of 
The Baby’s sudden death
Is taking a toll on me. 

This is first thing in the morning. 
Not bad, you might say. 
But not good. Especially for fasting. 

Are eggs the perfect food for 
Intermittent Fasting? 
I’m also off of coffee. 

Little Rug Rat bit me. 
It happens. 
Lol. Musta been hungry. 

I could not agree more.