31 May 2021

memorial day

A day off. 
Cooking.  Resting. 
No chores. No cleaning. 
Just rest. And eat. 

30 May 2021

don’t tell murph

Murphy doesn’t like me. 
So let’s keep this between us. 

I’ve been home 2 months 
after my would be heart issue. 
4 weeks limited duty
And 4 weeks balls to the wall. 
Now comes 6 weeks 
And time to prep for my upper GI. 

With no wine and no Advil
I’m confident I’ll do ok. 
I’m making a meticulous plan 
To kick some skinny butts. 



Slight reflux. 
That’s no good. 

I’m working 80 hours again this week. 
Not good for my recovery. 
Also, a few days with no watch. 
Poor historian. Lol. 

Love love love the Spring weather!

My nails get long, 
Then they get snappy and bendy. 

Elaine gave away these awesome plates. 
The family loved them. 
Garage Sale rejects 

As usual - me 

My personal theory:
Most sicknesses are from
Chronic inflammation 
Chronic dehydration 
Chronic sub-clinical malnutrition 
Rinse - repeat- indefinitely. 
A morbid spiral of the byproducts 
Of metabolism. 
Advanced Glycation End Products. 
MTOR xyz. Ad nauseum. 

29 May 2021

long day

Primordial Soup

Of a closet

Evolution of a Fatty

This was before lunch time. 
I left my charger at home. 
So no watch. 
It would have been awesome!

I’m prepared today! 
I nought some fast chargers 
for all my devices. 
And I actually brought them with me. 

It’s more than just weight loss. 
It’s gaining health. 
We do lots of damage to ourselves 
When we are obese. 
So much inflammation. 
It’s good to get rid of 
As much as possible. 

14 hours later...

28 May 2021

labs 5/21

From LabCorp website. 
Discussing the NMR
Which measures particle size 
And density. 

had to have some

Stepping it out. 
Week 2 of 6 of huge hours. 

Looks like mountains. 
Just clouds.
Clouds are also welcome. 
It means the drought is over 
For now. 

Chaffles and Turkey Sausage. 
With SF Strawberry Jelly. 

Traffic is coming back. 
That means covid is coming down. 
Well- coving is rising, still. 
This India Variant has bodies
Floating down the Ganges River. 
So no. Not over. 
But in Texas- we like to pretend it is. 
The end of an era is in sight 
Time to prep for the next big thing! 

No, Toddler. 
You don’t have to have it. 
You don’t have to have anything. 
The Toddler / Reptilian Brain
Shouts loudly 
But it can still be ignored. 
Focus. Evaluate. Work.