30 November 2012

bois d' arc

Remember that house I was loving and waiting on?
A couple of days ago, the house went into foreclosure.
And it is due to be sold on the courthouse steps...
Like some kind of scoundrel.

See that uneven round thing that looks like a tree stump? 
Well, it IS a tree stump. From a Horse Apple Tree...
AKA Bois d'Arc... pronounced "Bo-Dark" or "Bo-Dock"

Well, back around the late 1800's Bois d'Arc was all the rage.
This wood is said to get harder and more stable with age.
It is termite proof, too.
And so it was used in house construction.
But you hardly ever see in in houses built past 1920 ish.
They made the piers that are now usually made of concrete.
This is the foundation of the house I put a bid in.
The whole house rests on these short little stumps!
I kinda sorta crawled up under there myself and looked...

I was pretty sad.... actually!
I had not had any interest in any kind of house 
Since the horrid fiasco I had with my house in 2005.
(I was cleaned out 3 times, and vandalized..)
The taxes from that house time are still not resolved. 

When I am upset, I just don't eat.
I think I had a few bites of bacon and some fat bombs.
I slept about 14 hours, and that was that.
Went shopping today, to stock up on some good things...

Who knows... the house deal - might be a good thing.
Just a disappointing thing.

These are fat bombs.... Butter and coconut oil
with maybe a drop of flavour  - helps LC people
get into ketosis... and mades a great snack!

A smile. That is all.... just a smile!

23 November 2012

fall in texas

A new kind of Monster

Doesn't really help - does it



Lil Whatevers 

Glad I got some walking in before the cold front came!

Rare pictures of North Texas in Autumn

It usually only lasts a few days!

Hope your Thanksgiving was great -
Enjoy your long holiday weekend!

Happily (and sometimes not so happily)
Onward and Downward!

20 November 2012


This is what a healthy LoCarb Lab Profile looks like.
And believe me, I am not even trying at this point.

You can compare them to earlier labs 
here (linkand here (link)... if you wish....

PATIENT AGE: 052 (me!)
Tests done: CMB c Lipids and Ha1C

Glucose 81(65-99)
BUN 17 (6-24)
Creatinine 0.66(0.57-1.00)
BUN/Creatinine Ratio 26  (9-23)
(A little high, but the numbers themselves 
are so low, it does not matter)

Sodium 138 (134-144)
Potassium 4.1 (3.5-5.2)
Chloride 101 (97-108)
Carbon Dioxide 23 (20-32)
Calcium 8.9 (8.7-10.2)
Protein, Total 7.1   (6.0-8.5)
Albumin 4.3 (3.5-5.5)
Globulin 2.8 (1.5-4.5)
A/G Ratio 1.5 (1.1-2.5)
Bilirubin, Total 0.6 (0.0-1.2)
Alkaline Phosphatase, S 41 (25-150)
AST (SGOT) 19 (0-40)
ALT (SGPT) 18 (0-32)
(Those 2 numbers represent liver function)

Cholesterol 244 (100-199)
Triglycerides 59 (0-149)
HDL Cholesterol 119 (>39)
VLDL Cholesterol 12 (5-40)
LDL Cholesterol 113  (0-99)

Hemoglobin A1c 5.2 % (4.8-5.6)
Estim. Avg Glu (eAG) 103 mg/dL
(Down from last time @ 5.7!)

I did not do the VAP this time because I saw no need.

The total cholesterol is high, a little, 
but only because the HDL is soooo high - again!
LDL is up a bit, but the VLDL is in line, 
and again, I am not worried in the least!

The Triglycerides are great - despite the fructose 
I might have picked up in some recent bottles of wine!

Over all, the low PUFA diet 
AND LoCarb left me with little to eat but meat... Zero Carb...
and that might be ok, but it is none too handy.
So I guess you would call my diet Very LoCarb with moderate pufa.
I still watch PUFA's, but I don't try to keep it @ 4% anymore.
Too restricting! (Might be 10% but not more than that!)

Over all I am very happy! I got my blood work done at Direct Labs
In most states you do not need a Doctor's office visit, or Doctor's order.
Save some ca$h! Both tests were like $60 altogether.

I have no worries! 
Happy Labs to Everyone!

19 November 2012

a waiting day

Watched this train for like 30 minutes... stuck there....

Someone went on an anti-binge, eh?

Same good ol' meat meat meat for me

I love it and would never want to give it up....
BUT - I must say, 
I am just now coming to terms with what it means....

Bottom is up indeed...

Sexy Bitches ONLY!!!

Tons of nuts all around

Job interview clothes... wish me luck

I love it when they do this!

18 November 2012

a peaceful day (finally)

LoCarb Chili - 

Thanks, Becky - I made a double batch! 

Birthday bash food

All kinds of food - 

LoCarb HiFat is a very rich diet,
And I am seldom - if ever - hungry!

Lots of soup and stew - yum!

Lots of tea - not much coffee...

I have finally come to terms with the idea 
That I can not have the carbs I want - and eat them too! 
It only took nearly 4 years of wrapping my mind around it. 
Actually, I always knew it... 
It just took me this long to be ok with it!

Been Lazing around - watching You Tube videos,
And getting myself all sorted out....
After such a wild summer of working two jobs!

When you are short like me (5'2")
And older like me (52)
Even 5 pounds shows up (gain or loss)
And I am finally done lamenting that fact, too!
So - yay!

Lab work scheduled for Monday (manana)
To see what my summer indulgences did to me!
I am thinking a little Fructose (wine) might up the triglycerides.
I have had a few high blood glucose readings, too.
Might be stress, or even defective strips.
We shall see!

13 November 2012

birthday funeral day

I spent all year taking care of a lady - on Hospice -
Who died 3 weeks ago. Now, her daughter died in her sleep, 
and her funeral just happened to be on my birthday.

The funeral was beautiful, but it was hard to hear
the little stories from the 20 year olds.
The whole room was a sniffling mess!

When they sang "It Is Well With My Soul,"
I felt like I surrounded by a college-level A Capella choir.

I have had some time off and cook alot!
And now I am so full, I don't think I ever need to eat again.

The power of Atkins IS in the anti-hunger...

And the Dad of the girl went on Atkins!
He has trimmed down about 30 pounds
since the last funeral.
There was plenty of LC funeral food.

Genghis Grill gives you a free bowl on your birthday.

It was wild to be catered to in such a way! 
Gotta love it! I was queen for a day.

More Bone Broth - 

Moar Zoup.... I think I need moar Thermoses-es
To take to work!

Dang scale dropped me off in the same place
As I was year ago... I fluctuate in a (+/-) 10 pound range.
The official gain for the 6 months (of working 80 hours a week) 
Is a whopping 10 pounds fully dressed.
I tried to strip down at the Nurse's Station 
to get a better weight - but they were all like 

That's ok... I have big plans!
Details to follow!