30 June 2022

mix up day

Ended up working on my day off
Since there was a mix up 

We have clinic days for IV therapy. 

Extremely graphic reaction 
From a French newspaper. 

The heat of the abortion ban
Has an ethical dilemma at the core. 
No one is talking about it. 

Ethics -the Nursing Definition-
Says that you can’t deliver care that
Puts your benefit higher 
Than the patient’s benefit. 
Or anyone else. 

In pregnancy, a person (baby)
Has to put aside the needs of the mother
Second to the needs of the baby. 
Even if the mother doesn’t consent. 
The fetus then has rights 
that no other human has:
To force a person - to make a mother
Use her body to keep someone else alive. 

I guess the GOP wants the women
To have already come to this conclusion. 
They want every woman 
To want every child.  
So what they’re really saying is
They want to legislate her morality 
So it matches their own. 
Also unconstitutional. 

People have different beliefs. 
They just do. 
The First Amendment states it-
But it’s a right. Not something earned. 

That why contraception and 
Same sex marriage are also 
Being brought back into question. 
Due Process. 
And also the Conservatives 
Are really really conservative. 

When I was young, like 10-
I told my mother I was in love
 with Vanessa Redgrave. 
And I wanted to marry her. 
My mother said that was impossible. 
Because Of Church Beliefs. 
Back then, homosexuality was still
Listed as a mental disorder. 

My question always was-
But what if I don’t have the same beliefs? 
And the answer pretty much was 
“Tough shit!” And still is. 

We decide as a society 
what we want and 
what we won’t tolerate. 

One week from Austin! 
I’m ready for time off. 
I’m not ready for a keto convention. 

A clinic view. 
Not always the sky box. Lol. 

I love this vein finder gizmo 

Until you get to the 
Infamous Fork In The Road. 
Then you’re too tired to care. 

I didn’t want to get up today. 
Even after 9 hours sleep. 

Clinic days are always busy. 

Yours… barely. 
With a fake smile. 
I’m in the “Barely Hanging On”
Phase of COVID Nursing. 

I don’t see this lasting past October. 
It’s been “just one more month” now
Going on 3 years!
“Just hold on for one more month!”

At least I made a plan and followed through. 
Every shift I work extra
Goes right into a goodie box 
For StableCoin. 
Bitcoin loses value but not 
StableCoin.  It’s always pegged to
One US Dollar. And earns 7% interest! 
I like to think of it as a little savings account. 

29 June 2022

messed up day

2 Flying Dutchmen. 

Blue skies. No rain. 

People are sure in bad moods. 
It seems to be the motif for summer. 

I’m glad I’ll have 2 days off this week. 
Take what’s offered 
Or you don’t get any days off. 

People at the case fight. 
Want to know what about? 
The ethics of nursing?
The worry of COVID? 
No. And no. 
They fight because one nurse 
Is late and another nurse 
Didn’t empty the trash. 
So they hold a grudge for years. 
Literally years. 

28 June 2022

one of those days

Cook the Ribs in the
Instant Pot. 
Finish them under the broiler. 

Perfection on a plate. 

Frozen Ice Cream. 
Heavy Cream, Egg Yolks, Vanilla,
Salt, and Allulose. 

Pepper Poppers. 

Japanese Iced Coffee. 
You brew it hot but add ice. 

Clotted Cream. 

A beautiful fountain 

A new retro look. 
MCM Mixer with Bowl. 
I’ve wanted one for years. 

This has a powerful motor. 
Enough to grind bones. 
The cats are going up a level. 

They love their Boxie. 

I’m starting to recognize this feeling
As “exhaustion.”  
I haven’t been sick since I went to 
Hospital last April. 
But I just can’t keep up the pace of work. 
It’s not worth being on the hospital 
And being low on iron and anemic. 
Also dehydrated and in need of sleep. 

Got a wee bit overheated 
And dizzy. Went inside for some
Water and Snake. Lol 

27 June 2022

off days

Wanted a Double Quarter no bun. 
They served it in this. 
I didn’t trust that it wasn’t vegan. 
So I went back through the drive thru. 
And they did it again. 
So I went to the lobby. 
And left it on the counter and walked out. 

Crypto Casey and her 
Crypto Kitteh. 

6:45 last night. 

7 pm last night. 
Lol. Rain. But just a mile around. 

It was a No-Roll-Over-Night. 

I look like shit
And I feel like shit. 
There. I said it. 
Even when I went to the hospital 
Last year - I didn’t feel this bad. 
I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.