30 June 2019

a group where we pretend to be boomers

This group brought me so much joy
My heart is happy again. 

Siri. Type t heart. 

Love. God. USA. 

Green Been Casserole. 

Hers my cat Smokey he’s shy lol. 

Those gays think they 

Own th. R world 
There wrong. 
Glad June is over. 

Bless u 
Pass this one if you love 


29 June 2019

the farmer and the cowman

The littlest bit of wine. 
It’s just not fair. 
But it is true.  

Even with a break in sleep time,
No wine is better. 

I woke up from a dead sleep
In tears basically 
Because the system is broken. 
I know this. 
People suck. 
 The Farmer and the Cowman
Will never be friends.  

This will never happen. 

People fight too much. 
Mean people fight. 
I deleted the comment. 
Facebook sucks. 

Butter Chicken. 

Close up on the Butter Chicken. 

Bite my tongue. 
Or walk away. 
Or both. 

I’d rather be on vacation! 

28 June 2019

super motivated

Ahhhhh sleep! 

Got sick at work. 
The mom offered me some eggs
And I ate them. 
And I got sick. 
Same thing happened about a year ago. 
I nearly passed out. 
Maybe something with the oil she uses?

High pulse. . 
You can see the exact moment 
I got sick. 

Went immediately
 and ate some butter. 

Ordered Uber Eats 

Didn’t eat that mess 

I look like I’ve escaped 
From a women’s prison here. 

So I’m going be doing 
A month of fasting 
72 hours. 
48 hours. 

Till August. 
It’s too hot to eat, anyways. 

27 June 2019

extra days

Big pretty clouds 

By the time I got halfway home,
I was caught in a downpour. 

I can’t complain about my sleep 
Now that I’m completely alcohol-free. 

Traffic traffic every day. 
I got up early 
To walk. Every day this week. 

Here’s a hint. 
Don’t quit coffee, wine, and carbs 
All at the same time. 

You’ll probably fail. 
Unless you are stranded 
On the Grand Canyon 
Or something silly like that. 

Even 30 or 40 carbs can cause a craving. 
When you stop. 

26 June 2019

walk out sister

I’m on a Facebook Group 
And we’re having a July Challenge. 

I worked late last night
Because the other nurses 
Are mindless and inept. 

But I still took my walk! 
Getting ready for July. 

25 June 2019

see ya, Pete

So Pete leaves for vacation. 
And I’m starting fasting. 
5 pound alarm went off.

Probably stress.
 Fasting let’s your body rest. 

I got up super early
 and went to Walmart for a walk. 
It’s already 85 at 6 am. 
This is not about torture! 
I need my safety zone back. 

24 June 2019

put title here

Rough night

I did it to myself. 

Since I’ve started keeping track
My sleep has doubled
From 2 to 5 hours deep sleep. 

Last night I had some white wine. 
A little bit- so far. So good. 
Then it happened. 
I threw up every bit 
of the wine I drank. 

The cheaper the wine,
The sicker I get. 

Trying to go no coffee. 
When Pete leaves Tuesday,
I want to do some fasting. 
For the whole month. 

The poor mom I work for
Eats a grain- based diet. 
Indo-Pakistan Diet. 
And her hA1c is 10. 
Her triglycerides are 800. 

[My hA1c is 5.1
And my triglycerides are around 59!]

The mom is on thyroid medication 
And metformin. 
About to be put on insulin. 

She feels like shit. 
She’s still overweight. 
I don’t want to be like that. 

Her mom is my age. 
And looks 80. 

I still work circles around 
nurses half my age. 

Love the rain. 
Especially good for sleep. 

Had some carbs. 
30 minutes post pranderal. 
I check my insulin response 
From time to time. 
I never spike anymore. 
Even with Jelly Beans. 

These are glasses 
that block blue light. 
Amazon. $10. 
I wear them at work. 
I wear my amber glasses at night. 

My headaches are 100% gone. 
1. No red wine. 
2. Coffee just once a day. 
I once drank it all day. 
Sometimes not even that. 
3. Blue glasses for computer and phone. 
4. More walks every day. 
5. I forget, but I know it’s something. 

Oh yeah! OMAD!
By eating just once a day, 
It controls insulin spikes. 

23 June 2019

fighting temptation

Summer at Walmart 

Summer in Phoenix. 
They catch a break at night. 

We don’t catch a break at night. 
My thermostat is set at 68 
Every night. 
So much humidity. 

With any “luck” at all, 
(More like impeccable mega-planning)
This will be my last summer 
In Dallas, sweltering. 

I wanted low carb pie so hard. 
The toddler /ego/ reptilian brain
In me threw a fit and started 
Hostage Negotiations. 
“If you give me the pie...
Then we’ll be happy and start fasting. 
Just this one time. 
One last meal. 
Come on! Please!”

“NO!” said I,
Rather emphatically. 
“You / I / We
Said that last time. 
And the time before that. 
And before that. 
So no. 
Be gone.”

And I had 3 sausage patties instead.