24 May 2015

amon carter

Ah - Fort Worth - the other side of DFW

Lunch at Chuy's


 ... and after

Untouched - lol

Off to a museum

Cats. They never change. 

O'Keefe in Fort Worth

This missing O'Keefe

And in case you a re wondering - yes -
It is ok to take pics -unless the little sign says
That particular piece can't be snapped

This BBQ Briefcase would be fun!

Coffee again - yay!

And Ribs

Can't wait to go back!

I think Fort Worth worked hard to have Art and Culture....
Not just Cows and Cow Town stuff- they succeeded!

under the bridge

Ya gotta love the quirky little College Town of Denton

The traffic is so bad they can't get anyone to cross the bridge
So I signed on with that group, too.
Can't wait to really really start all this new stuff!

Pseudo East Texas and the popular produce

If you have not tried Red Boat Salt -
You really owe it to yourself to try it...
Even Hamburgers are much improved!

22 May 2015


I love making these crepes-
Just Cream Cheese and Eggs
Seen here with a bit of Real Cinnamon 

No soup - just found him and put him back

Texans grill all the time -
It's like a fever down here to grill

Bacon-wrapped Onion Rings

Salad - yep

Plate it up

Alas - Ear Wax

At least you are in good company!

21 May 2015

labs 5/15

My Latest Lab Values!
 Not too shabby!

LDL a bit high, but very time I do the VAP,
All my molecules are soft and fluffy!

HDL - out of this world - :D

H A1c - too high for my liking, 
But we'll see!

The big news is that my IRON came up from 19 to 45 
Still on the low side (35 to 155) 
But I am out of the woods for anemia and getting better all the time! 

Gotta do the ratios!