06 May 2013

low carb cruise

Hi -Anne H here....
your LowCarb Cruiseguide

My trip started with turbulence...
But I was happy to see so much fabric here

All kinds of LC foods

I made a fine LC cheerleader

Here are the real LC cheerleaders!
Thank goodness for good friends!

Meanwhile, back at the home front,
Looks like I might be a triple grandmother!
Who knows, eh?

A lovely ending to a blur of days and activity!

04 May 2013

grandmother finch

Birds do it - they say....
Well, it must be true - because one of the little Finchies
Has laid an egg!
Rolling on the floor laughing 

My boss gave nodding approval to the compost pile
And the rain barrels... Said she:
"As long as I don't have to smell it or deal with it...."
Just kidding 

Macy's and the Galleria from the 21st floor of a nearby hotel!

I never get tired of hearing this:
Pick up and drop off for L & D!
Smile with tongue

Hello? Broken Glass Mechanic?

Ahi Tuna by the pool.. 
And a salad!
I went to the Diana Krall concert tonight and it was wonderful!
I was so tired, I just about fell asleep in my chair!

The tomato plants and strawberry plants are growing!
Hot smile
And the best is yet to come -

Getting packed for the cruise... I have new luggage this year -
That is not camping gear! Moving on up!

Aye - to pack to the Kilt -
Or to sit in my cabin like a bump on a log...
Well--- in goes the Kilt!
Be right back
I leave in a wee bit!

01 May 2013

al dente

Went for a teeth cleaning and whitening
Before the cruise - 
I saw this Salmon and knew I was in the right place for me!

It was this wonderful fancy spa!

Everyone was super nice...and I felt totally at ease.

They were very Zen - and relaxed.


Meanwhile, I have discovered the joys of wearing Crocs
Especially for watering the yard!

Don't let this happen to you!
Herbie (the pool thing) vs the garden hose...
Not pretty!

But this was.... Great Mexican food...
For Cinco de Mayo

Since I could not eat all day...
This was a great treat

Blogger picture taker in training!
A splendid time was had by all!