28 September 2012

5 pounds

Tried this... not a fan... yuk!

This is uncured... like it just the same!

Lunch time

Lamps all over the place... at my place....

Stuff around town

All you need

Mr Miagi would love this place.... 
Come visit us, Daniel-son

King Henry

Books from Half Price Books...
The shipping was 5 times the cost of the books!

The sad truth about what 5 pounds looks like, eh?
Still holding on and doing ok!
ok..... ok... ok....

24 September 2012

the smug face of bacon

LC is good for you - wow

Bacon and some red peppers and onions

Ground Sir and Red Peppers and Onions

NY Strip and Red Peppers and Onions
And Buttah

Vote for Jimmy John's

A wrap - was very good.. they get my vote for sure

Breakfast of Chompions

Bacon with Dry Rub

Happy me!
Catching up on all my rest and errands,
After my 18 week mega schedule!
Didn't stray too far off plan,
Didn't miss a day,
Didn't lose my mind,
Didn't mess up my apartment!
All priorities!

21 September 2012


From the New Yorker magazine:
"Scientists confirmed today that everything we know
about the structure of the universe is wrongedy-wrong-wrong."
That about sums it up for me!

Found this poor creature....
Did not eat him...I'm not that hard core

Did eat this, though.... and some uncured bacon...
Steak tonight

Since my schedule changed, I've been
hanging around doing absolutely nothing!
Except going to bed early and making sure
all my ducks are in an row.

All my classes are done
And legal stuff is done....
Waiting every day for good news!
18 weeks - in the bag!
Time for..... (?)

19 September 2012

ahhh... autumn break

Still being a very good little Atkins Person


Couple of late night visits here and there...

Then suddenly and without warning,
my schedule changed! 
Now - more time to cook!
And get back into walking and stuff.

18 weeks of mega working...
Now it's back to work on "me!"
Cooler weather will help, too!

12 September 2012

still on track

Some going out this week

Some cooking in

Some fancy stuff - this
All Grass Fed Beef

My Dearly Beloved Mother's Crock Pot
Finally bit the dust...

A Monster here or there...
Still jamming "out of my shoes"
as they say - and for a good cause!

First one to work, last one to go home....
And in a few days/weeks we'll see 
if - and how it all starts to pay off!

Hopefully I will have some wonderful news to share!

04 September 2012

eating clean

Working 2 jobs, I am finally thriving at a fast pace...
I owe it all to my low pufa, low carb diet!

When I mess up - I feel like yuk.
Didn't eat the bun, silly... 
Just much prefer to eat home made stuff

Even eating out can be done right, though -

Keeping my stuff organized too -
it's all part of it

Keeping fit and clean and swanky...
Gotta make time for things like hair cuts (and blonding)

At the amount of hours I put in,
I have enough physical stress - without Cross Fit.
My goal is just to eat a clean, and high-quality food as

Some memorable meals from this week

If I remember to thaw it out in advance,
I can cook it and take it with!

This was a great one 

Cuz I shared it with Becky!

Bacon Asparagus Wraps

Shrimp, Bacon and Asparagus Wraps

Rib Eye and Cauliflower, Grilled Avocado
And note the Bacon

We walked to the Downtown Garland
Blue Grass Jam Session -
It was great!

A splendid time was had by all!