30 November 2011

food I avoid and why

This is a LoCarb blog. So I already avoid Carbs!
No bread, or grain, or too much starch.
Not too many sweets!  But we knew that!

If total PUFA consumption should be 4 - 10%
of total intake, and I eat around 1500 calories a day....
That is max 150 calories from PUFA a day.
Which is (divided by 9) about 17 grams total PUFA.
[And that is before the ratio business even starts.]

Sooooo not only do we (all) tend to eat too much Omega 6,
We tend to eat way too much PUFA altogether!
And I am not fat-phobic. I am on a high fat diet!
Just not so much the PUFAs!

I wonder in my heart if it's not so much JUST the numbers that matter.
But the rancid things that happens to the PUFA's
when they are overheated. Which is like 90% of the time.
Fragile little bonds that they are.

Here are some things I don't eat any more... any why!

I don't eat "alot" of chicken any more.
Too much N6... Omega 6!
Same with MAYO. Look at the mayo!
And Nuts. Wow! Who knew?
So chicken salad if a thing of the past! (link)
Almost 50 grams - that's 50,000 mg...of Omega 6
for the bowl of Walnut Chicken Salad (2 cans) and I would eat it all!

If some of these Paleo Bloggers REALLY understood
the N6 of chicken, would they still eat it?
Maybe just once in a while.

The same numbers apply to most soy-based salad dressings, too.
Ranch Dressing - one serving has about 20 grams of Omega 6.
Depends on the brand, of course!

I don't eat alot of Tilapia, or warm water fish.
N6 is way low! Plus I don't care for them.

Nuts of all kinds are off my agenda - for now.
This is 1 cup of mixed nuts... 18 grams of N6.

And this kinda excludes the nut flours, too. They can't be better than
the sum of the parts. 6 grams N6 per 100 grams.

Olive oil is a so-so thing....
But I didn't throw away the bottle I already had!
Mostly I cook with butter, or coconut oil. 
Or bacon or beef fat that I rendered myself!  (link)

But all the other veggie oils are out. (link)
Corn, soy, canola, safflower, sunflower, yuk! (link)

My beloved Peanut Butter, of course,  
did not survive the cut. This is just 100 grams.
Time was, I could eat that much per bite!

I also stopped going to McDonald's.
Too many funky oils.  (link)
I wrote to them. Asked them about the Omega 6
content of  Big Mac. They answered!
Said they were not obligated to disclose.

But here the total PUFA is less than the Trans Fat!
Maybe in the bread which I don't eat! Who knows.
The meat at McDonald's is 100% beef.

I also stopped going to Pizza Hut.
They use soy meat! (link)

I stopped using Aspartame.
No need to risk the unknown 
when there are "better" sweetener options already.

And MSG is probably a thing we don't need.
I started making my own beef - and salmon - jerky!
Much better than any you can buy.

I also stopped drinking. 
Too many carbs. Plus too many head injuries!
*wink* But mainly the carbs.
Before Atkins sold out to a larger crowd,
He wrote that one ounce of hard liquor has the 
equivalent of 17 grams of carbs. 
It's the classic diet staller!
Plus... who need the extra work on the liver?
Not us- that's who!

This is just a partial list... 
I'm sure there's more!
Thanks for reading!


  1. I did not know that about the salad dressing. I bet the fat-free ones are even worse... just a chemical slurry.
    This post is food for thought. I know you are not pickey - just choosey! AND that is a very good thing! Cant's wait to see your lab values after this experiment is over. Are you sick of fish yet? Will you keep eating them after the 100 days? How do you feel so far?

  2. Gawd all that info just befuddled me brain.
    How on earth do you know what to eat if you are trying to eliminate SO MUCH seemingly 'regular' food!

  3. Aw - it's not so bad.... I eat everything as before...
    Just not chicken, nuts and mayo.
    And I don't eat out so much.

  4. I didn't see grapeseed oil on your list or on that link. Is it bad too? I like it because it has such a neutral flavor plus it's a pretty green.:)

  5. Caron - I looked it up...
    1 tablespoon of grapeseed oil....
    Total Omega-3 fatty acids 13.5mg
    Total Omega-6 fatty acids 9395mg
    Read More http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/fats-and-oils/579/2#ixzz1fFIPgWLv

    So that is HIGHer than corn oil!!! WOW!

  6. I'll have to bookmark this post for later, when I'm ready to tackle the fine print... hmmm... maybe like in say, 2 or maybe 3 hundred years... just kidding! (I think) :-O

  7. And keep in mind that Omega 6 is said to contribute to inflammation!
    So it's good to keep the numbers down - whenever possible!

  8. Wow Anne you are doing such a lot of research and doing so well! I tip my hat (if I wore one) to you. I'm impressed!

    I use mainly clarified butter and coconut oil these days as cooking fats. When I can afford it I splurge on a little packet of duck fat. As for oils, I use avocado oil (it tastes delicious) for salads, and make my own mayo with olive oil. Those are the only oils I use since I learned about the evils of manufactured oils.

  9. Not an easy path you are taking, Anne. I'm not sure I can be that restrictive with myself but I will make the attempt. So much of that is hard to stick with for a long period of time.

  10. I don't think of it as being restrictive.
    I just simply don't like chicken any more.
    Or mayo (products.) Or nuts.
    Just for a while.... then, we'll see!

  11. I can't let go of my mayo...at least not at this point.


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