29 February 2012

carrying on

Hold this dumb little ball out to your side

Whist standing on the opposite foot...
Which is on this soft pad.
Do that about 20 times with each arm.
And come back and tell me how ya liked it!

My name is Anne H. And I buy BioFreeze by the gallon.
And I endorsed this message.

I went in to ask for my massage... They said no...

Spring is really all around here!
Wish you could see it!

From CrossFit Tuesday!
Trying to switch to striding on the ball of my foot...
Not so much the heel - like they taught us to do in the Army.

Another awesome day for lots of protein and good food and stuff!

the mighty mighty chicken

 Nearly 6 months of no chicken made me miss it.
So I made some... A Chicken Breast with no skin....
Seen here cooking with a can of Tomatos.

White Meat Chicken NO Skin
600 mg of Omega 6

White Meat Chicken WITH Skin
Add the skin and it more than doubles...
THAT makes sense because so many of the Omega 6
are said to be stored in the fat / skin

Dark Meat Chicken With Skin
Nearly 6 times the Omega 6 (the "bad" one)
as compared to White Meat Chicken without Skin.

GOSH - that's more fat than beef!
Think! Freedom!
Think about what cha tryin to do to me (link)
Like the song!

Took the Chicken, with Tomatos, added Pumpkin, Gram Masala Spices,
Green Beans, Red Peppers, Onions... and Ground Chuck.
I added the Beef just cuz I had some on hand. 
It would have been fine without it, too.

Speaking of Beef.... Look at the numbers for Grass Fed Hamburger.
Higher Omega 3... but the Omega 6 is about the same as Grain Fed.
In this case, maybe a little higher.

I would call this "Neutral" Omegas. 
This is Grain Fed Beef. 70/30
Oh - and all my examples are 100 gram portions.

If the goal of a low pufa diet is 4% pufa MAX,
Then 4% of, say, 1200 calories is 48.
48 calories from pufa. Divided by 9 (for a fat)
is nearly 6 grams of pufa. THAT's alot!
Beef - here - has almost half of ONE gram.... not alot!

Now comes 95/5 ground beef.
THAT has about as much total fat than White Meat Chicken!
And less PUFAs all the way around.
And WAY better than Dark Meat Chicken's stats!

Remember my 100 days of Omega 3?
It was more like 5 - nearly 6 months for me.
Because the half - life of the Omega 6 is so long...
It takes 2 to 4 years to clear your system!

That's my own BP. It runs low-ish.
So now , my plan is to go back to sorta regular eating.
I am not worried at all about the Omega 3's.
I am not worried at all about my LDL.
I still don't like the Omega 6's.
I still want to keep low PUFA.
[poly unsaturated fatty acids]
We'll see, eh?
Awesome Early Spring-Like Weather we're having!
Lots o' rain. Just like I like it!

28 February 2012

lab results

Word on "The Street" my lab results are in!
 And no, this is "Not" my real Doctor!

The VAP Lipid Profile
and the
H A1C.

LDL Cholesterol 218 (<130) up from 150   (a little high)
HDL Cholesterol 104  (>=40) down from 116 - excellent
VLDL Cholesterol 16 (<30) excellent
Cholesterol, Total 339  (<200) up from 275 (high)

Triglycerides 48 mg/dL (<150) down from 46 - excellent

Non HDL Chol. (LDL+VLDL) 234 (<160) high
apoB100-calc 135 (<109) high
LDL-R (Real)-C 194  (<100) high
Lp(a) Cholesterol 12.0  (<10) high
IDL Cholesterol 12 (<20) awesome
Remnant Lipo. (IDL+VLDL3) 21 <30 awesome
Probable Metabolic Syndrome   No [!!]

HDL-2 (Most Protective) 36 (>15) excellent
HDL-3 (Less Protective) 69  (>25) excellent
VLDL-3 (Small Remnant) 9  (<10) excellent
LDL1 Pattern A 28.7 *
LDL2 Pattern A 91.7 
LDL3 Pattern B 66.7 
LDL4 Pattern B 7.2 
LDL Density Pattern A excellent

Total Cholesterol/HDL ratio  3.26 
(ideally under 3.5) IDEAL - excellent!
HDL/LDL ratio 0.477  (ideally over 0.4) IDEAL - excellent!
Triglycerides/HDL ratio 0.817 - (ideally under 2) IDEAL - excellent
HA1C  5.6 borderline high
Estimated glucose = 114 - just "ok" on this one

All about the VAP:
The VAP is a new test. (link)
When Nurses say a test is "new," that usually means 
we've been aware of it for 10 years or less! 
It measures specific forms of Cholesterol. 
VAP stands for Vertical Auto Profile.
All the little blood cells are lined up in a tube - vertically. 
And the most dense ones sink to the bottom. 
Hence the name LOW Density Lipoproteins.
That's your LDL. 
Turns out, there are many types of LDL. 
The VAP distinguishes the different types.
Some are less dense than others. 
The less - dense ones tend to float higher in the vertical tube. 
Less dense is good!
Now you know all about the VAP!

All about the HbA1C:
And the H-A1C is a test for blood sugar. (link)
I am not Diabetic.. BUT I've had many recent readings
(glucose - via glucometer) in the 130 - 190 range... soooooo.....
They call this test "The 7% Solution" - but not the Sherlock Holmes type!
The idea is that Red Blood Cells live about 120 days.. 
and as the blood "sugar" goes up - or down, 
(It's really glucose - not "just" "sugar")
so does the percentage of RBC's with the higher or lower Blood Glucose.
In the form of Glycation - of Red Blood Cells. (link)

Each 1% change in the A1C is about 35 mg/dl of blood glucose.
Now. We only have so much Blood Glucose at any given time.
But that is another story for another day.

SO now you know about as much as I do - about the lipids and VAP!

27 February 2012

you ask - I tell

Hamburger with Bubbies Fermented SauerKraut...
Green Beans and Avocado

Ground Chuck with about the same things...
Mixed up - and no Avocado

Venison Pork Sausage with Ground Chuck and Green Beans...
This is kinda like a Week In Review. Since people always 
ask me what I eat. Basically the same things!
This - and Protein Powder Mix every day... sometimes twice a day!
Since I was sick in CrossFit this week - I didn't eat so much.
THAT is a first! I think it's some kind of turning point
in my career as a Fattie!

I love my Cod Liver Oil But only so much...
I'm vexed by the pufa's ... and am convinced that they
need to all be limited... not just the Omega 6's.
But hey - my 4% total limit - is limiting enough - for now.

My New Love is this Vitamin D3!
I take 5,000 I.U.   maybe a couple of times a day.
I am not big or tall... so that should be more than enough.
I recently fell in love with D3..
If you buy Vitamin D - make sure it says D3... or it will not be D3!
Vitamin D2 is not the same - or as good!
As far as the "Sunshine" stuff goes.

I got a cowbell grater!
It's the sturdy metal kind... instead of the cheapo plastic kind!
It's how I roll - all shiny and stuff!
I was tired of busting my knuckles, too!

So many birds outside the window today.
And this - at 3 am!
Between them and the neighbors... 
I just don't get any rest. That's ok.
I'm getting lots of planning and sorting done.
Winking smile
It's sooo easy to get sidetracked!
Hope your week is great! 

26 February 2012

bag of tricks

My needs are simple - or not! 
Just a whole bag of tricks - for work

Being Prepared is half of it!
Now, too, at the end of the day, I'm not too tired
to carry a bag up the steps or make a second trip to get stuff!
Or even a 3rd or 4th or 5th trip!

Been getting compliments from total strangers - 
I'm still the same invisible fatty I used to be -
Why all the fuss?

Something about the color of my eyes - they were always kinda hazel.
Kinda Brownish with a ring of green around the pupils.
Now people think they are blue. Three people so far - recently!
Even the passport lady wrote down blue. Or aqua.
Can eye color change?
I guess now it can! My diet has changed.... 
So - sure - why not!?

My Mother used to swear that my eyes 
turned green when I was mad.

This is Annie. 
It's always good to know that Someone loves me.
She loves me so much - I don't think she can stand it sometimes.
What I welcome I get when we meet! 

Hope your week is going great!

24 February 2012

bone cracking day

Little Shop - Suppertime - Brussels Sprouts!

Stretching the side-back muscles -
The word posture comes from the Latin verb ponere
which means "to put or place."

Stretching all the time -
I can actually FEEL my posture getting better!

Can you tell which fish is Farm Raised  -
And which is from the wild?
Both are Salmon. 

Toys for tots
Or tater tots...

Tired Old Ass Soak...
For your tired old ass!

Bacon flavored chocolate!
Chocolate does not appeal to me -
I have to force myself to have some from time to time.
Kinda like when I have to up my carbs. *sigh*

I DID get this - 
Heavy Whipping Cream and Half and Half.
I mix them together for my coffee. Protein shakes, too.
Seems the HWC was too thick, and the half and half - too light.
Together they are just right.
Promised Land is a Texas Based company (link)
That raises Jersey Cows - the Brown ones...
Not Holsteins - the Black and White ones.
The milk molecules are even different!
The Jersey Cows have more butter fat - lots more!
While the Holsteins just make more milk (volume).
The Jersey Cow has more protein - some say it's more digestible.
A Guernsey Cow makes better Omega 3. (link)
But all milk is low in PUFAs
Cows do much better on Grass, at any rate.
Imagine that - a Cow that eats Grass!

Hope your day is great!


A pepper within a pepper?

Saving seeds to see if they will grow - 
I doubt it somehow - but we'll see!

Had 3 eggs before CrossFit yesterday.
I'll have mine with extra Vitamin D, please...
Right outside in the sun... it's 80 degrees in February!

Christopher Eggs with "eggstra" Omega 3. (link)
Got 'em at Krogers!
The yoke was golden orange.

Turns out that eating before class was a mistake.
Even 3 hours before.
Planks are good. Eggs are good.
But Planks and Eggs - not so much!

I have also weaned myself off of my afternoon coffee.
I had a mix of Yerba Mate with Green Tea prior to class, too.
I have this all the time now. So I know it didn't make me ill.

Bless Sam - our Trainer's heart.
Nearly everyone in our CrossFit class is over 40.
And most of us are women.
Lots of bathroom breaks - even during class!
400 meter run? Sure - no problem!
Give me one second...

So now instead of Monster drinks, Guarana and loads of coffee,
I have some tea... maybe with ginseng.
I like the Siberian Ginseng... Eleutherococcus Senticosus (link)
It's more of an adaptogen than a stimulant...
It's like magic - it just "knows" where to go and what to do 
when it gets there.
Thumbs up
My avg HR in CF was 110.
Max HR was 160.
So I went on through with it, even if it wasn't my best.
I think that is a key, somehow.
My ego (that egg-eating bastid)
is only happy when every effort is the best one ever.
After a while, that is not possible!
Sometimes, it's a total "win" to just make it through.
Party smile