29 March 2014

denton attitude burgers

Denton, Texas

Must Be True!

No, thanks!

Sherri and I went to a seminar
On how to take pictures using chin shot selfies

Not really - it was all about Reading!

I guess these are helpful - (not!)
Every class will always have plenty of them

And every cooler is stocked with yogurt and apples and junk
Oh My!

If I had had them, I would have had to have had one of these!
(Check mah grammar, ya'll!)

Pack a lunch when you know the lunch options are likely to suck!
Cheese Sticks, Deviled Eggs, Pork Rinds, DDP for S 
Kombucha for me - a little carby, but they are what I crave now.
Especially that I don't drink wine or (very many) Monsters

I hung out in the break room while she went to classes
Grab a Bite of Butter whilst ya wait, eh?

I gave poor WoolyWilly a face full of Bees

Around Denton
It was a Perfect Spring Day!

Went to a little place where they seated us by the bathroom
In a little hall - and they asked "Was this ok?"
And we thought better of it and left! 
Nobody puts us in the corner!
And went here instead - Lone Star Attitude Burger 

It was loud and fun and full of Texas things

Sherri gets one thing, and I get a different thing
Lamb and Moo, in this case

And we split them (no buns, of course)
So we can always try a little of something else!

The guy next to us even offered us some fries!
Thanks, guy!

A pictorial representation of Jesus laughing 
With famous Texas musicians

A wonderful time was had by all!

25 March 2014


Still wildly at it

Working nights - this is Emily Rossum
(Think: Phantom)

The fucking crap they sell to kids
No wonder people are insane

One more Dinner with Sherri

Work work work
Saving up for a vacation

18 March 2014

a good week

Trying to add more Sausage and Pork

Not just all Beef - all the time

A little Salad for Sherri -

These are Strawberries with Sour Cream 
and Brown Sugar Splenda

We cook together a lot -
Whenever we get a chance

Like so many things, we better enjoy times while we can!
One day at a time, and all that crap

Trader Joe's Irish Bangers for St Patrick's Day
Watch it - these have 5% Rusk -
Which is usually a bread product

Kerry Gold Dubliner Cheese

Cooking for many is harder than cooking for one 

T Bone steaks from the Quarter Side of Beef I bought

Great on the Grill

Out and about - this lady is 89 (?) and still working
And active and happy!

Miss Kathryn with a Yard O' Beef!
Fun times!

15 March 2014

5 years LoCarb

Hmmmm - 5 years?
Make adjustments - or start again?

Right before my weight-loss journey started

My lowest weight 

Up 10 pounds (of the purest muscle) after CrossFit 
And 10 more after that

Ahhh - the Grand Canyon!

And the little lodge I stayed at -
Burned down.....that was half the town of Marble Canyon, AZ!

And Ken, who I went to see in Temecula, CA,
Died suddenly. So it would be a lovely trip,
But not the same. (Still might go.)

And then there is me... 5 years later.
A new job...a new apartment...
New goals - new friends

Same body, though...
I have one that likes to eat sweets, though.
And I have a mind like think I need a "reward"....
A comfort, somehow - or convenience 

I tell myself that treats are for toddlers
Learning things on this planet....
Not so much for Middle-Aged Ladies (like me)
Who should be out doing "middle-aged" things - 

Such as hiking and camping

Even if I can't hike from coast to coast this year 
(No Vacation or Cruise for me this year)
I can at least walk across the street to a little park....
Or any one of 1,000 neighborhoods in DFW....
Meeting people and getting some fitness in!

I guess I AM still learning - 
That weight-loss, for me -
Is all about the maintenance!
And fitness is for life!

Here's to 5 more years!
Onward and Downward!