16 November 2011

grass fed beef

Just like Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon
is better for you than farm-raised....
Grass Fed Beef is better for you than
beef from a nasty old feed lot.

Sooner or later, every LoCarb Blogger
realizes this, and puts this "cow in the ocean" picture up!
When someone flies this flag, it means we've been converted.
Leap of Faith - and all.
I've been quite passionate about PUFA's lately! lol


You are right - I don't want to know the truth
Cuz I really can't handle the truth!

But I do know this:
Chickens running around eating grubs, 
are better than chickens in a factory.
All the animals we depend on for food...
we don't treat them well, or feed them right.

We don't touch or get too close to our food.
We are a few degrees removed from it all.
But THAT is another story for another day.

This is the PUFA - PolyUnSaturated Fatty Acid
info on Grass-Fed beef.... as compared to 70/30 ground beef.
The grass-fed beef ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 is about 4:1
The grain-fed ratio is about 10:1
Exactly what we are trying to avoid!

Why does this happen?
Because they feed the animals soy, and corn,
and things that they would never eat normally. 
Some of the grains (some? lol) are genetically modified.
So in a way, grain-fed beef is like soy or corn - repackaged!

Cows and chickens don't get fat enough to sell
by eating fats and steaks - it's from grain!

This is 95/5 lean ground beef compared to 70/30 fatty ground beef.
A little better here! So even if a person can't afford grass-fed beef,
Or you can't find it or get it, there are ways to make the numbers happen.
Plus, the 70/30 can be drained a little - or a lot!
You could probably bring the total fat count down quite a bit.

Plus, grass-fed cows are happier cows!
And they are usually from smaller, local ranches.
Eat Wild has a data bank of places that offer 
all kinds of local sources for GrassFed Beef, etc. (link)
That's how I found my local ranch guys.
I still don't buy from there 100%.
But I do when I can... and the numbers are closing in!

Hope this helps!


  1. You know what, I AM happier on the ranch.
    Looking at all the Dudes, and what-not.

  2. I have been reading about grass fed beef but don't know where to get it around here. Will have to do a little more reasearch. Primarian calls for grass fed beef.

  3. Love the happy cow picture. Ha ha

  4. I like grass fed but it's so expensive!! But I do need to start eating more of that than the processed cattle.

    Thanks for the post. Good info. Didn't you use testing strips and found that grain fed cows are basically diabetic?

  5. Yes - I did that, Kelly!
    The grass -fed cow blood sugar (via glucometer) was like 106.
    The grain-fed cow blood sugar was 130!
    Sure the meat is "sweeter" - the cows are dripping in blood sugar!
    AND fatter - nothing like grain to make for more marbling!

  6. Have you seen the documentary "Foodmatters"? It goes right along with what you are saying.

    I think I should take up farming. :)

  7. Just curious: I wonder how would ground turkey breast meat fare? I use ALOT of ground turkey in meals as well as turkey breast cutlets. For the past few years plus, I've stopped using beef because of the smell of it cooking made me nauseous. Thanks for the great info!

  8. DD - I checked turkey
    About 10:1 omega 6 to 3!
    That won't stop many from eating them!

    Total Fat11.7g
    Monounsaturated Fat4.0g
    Total Omega-3 fatty acids 224mg
    Total Omega-6 fatty acids 2296mg



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