08 November 2011

a fishy day

This is what Mackerel looks like -
right from the can.

They have little bones in them. 
They are cooked in the can - so the bones are soft.
This is Honey Boy Brand.

I didn't know what to do with them.
So I cut away the bones and filleted them.
[Filleted - is that even a word? lol]
And fried them in buttah.
Seasoned them with Garlic, Onion, and Cayenne.
Added Lemon to some and Malt Vinegar to some.
Liked them both!
I learned later that they should not be cooked 
in heat that is too high... to not hurt the Omega 3 PUFA's!

This is a Sardine, by the way.
About 6 inches long or so.
I wrote to Chicken of the Sea. Asked them if 
the Salmon, and other fish were GMO.
The web site says they are all wild caught 
from the Pacific Ocean! (link)

The fish mongers did NOT like me taking this picture.
You would think I were from the fish police or something.
They actually almost threw me out. They followed me all over the store.
It was a pretty stressful time! Day-um!

This awesome salad has Salmon and Bacon on it.
With a few cranberries and olives. Feta Cheese.
Balsamic Vinegar Dressing. No oil. Couple of Macadamia Nuts.

And this Anchovy paste. 
Easier to mess with than the boney little fish.
Lasts longer and less hassle-fish.

A pretty sky here in DFW (Dallas Fort Worth) Texas!
Five minutes later, it's raining. Go figure.
Or go enjoy! 


  1. They told me - quote:
    You can not take a picture.
    And I thought - yes I can!
    Maybe they should have told me that I don't have permission or it's against policy or it's against the law or it's a bad idea or the fish are shy or the boss wouldn't like it.
    Well, you get the idea.
    They never really told me why. just gave me a hassle -deluxe.
    I could have been texting my spouse (if I had one) to ask which kind of fish was for dinner tonight. It could have been alot of things.

  2. What a fishy tale!

    Is that so fishmongers?! ;)

  3. Love the fish review. Better watch those fish police though. The can get pretty nasty.

  4. That salmon salad looks delish!! I now have to come up with a recipe that tastes as good as that looks. I'll let you know if I succeed!
    PS: Boo to fishmongers for hasseling you.


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