30 July 2012

the dreaded pound

Got sick as a dog the other day....
Throwing up.... I think I ate some bad cheese...
That Irish Cheese was just too strong for me, I guess.

Then couldn't eat more than a few bites -
For the next 2 or 3 days.

And of all the things, I gained a pound!
Sounds impossible... but it is true.
Prolly just something temporary...
In the mean while, my only goal is to be less miserable!

So now I am back to walking on the treadmill
for 30 minutes a day. 
And I am still working 2 jobs.... but trying to get 
one day off a week. I have done the 2 job thing
for 12 solid weeks now.
I did pretty good.

Like this. Nice and Easy.

26 July 2012

a nice stride

Found a little park with a Frank Lloyd Wright building...
Turtle Creek - this is the Dallas Theatre Center

Lovely little foot bridge

Took a walk around in the 107 degree heat
and ate my In-N-Out Flying Dutchman
Not much to look at, but it sure was good!

Very pretty

Kinda hot - too hot for me!
My two jobs are going great....
8 weeks + into it, and I am finally
hitting a comfortable stride!

My beautiful city - Dallas!
This will either be my best summer ever...
Or the worst summer ever...
Sure is the busiest, at least!

22 July 2012

a day off

Ahi Tuna from RockFish

They brought me this... odd crap - yuk!

I asked for this... yum!

A quick summer fave

Can you see the eyelashes?

It was Miss Pats' Birthday...
She wanted a Banana Split

So they sang Happy Birthday and
fixed her this!

Dubliner Cheese at Central Market

Irish Cheese
Makes me vant some!
I stocked up on cheese and butter. Yum!

My $$ goals are clipping right along,
And I am still 99% on track on my diet.
Having a little trouble sleeping.
You would think I would sleep like a rock
after working all these hours.
Go figure!
Hope your day is going great!

21 July 2012


Visiting lots of Cathedrals lately

They are beautiful and quiet...
A great opportunity to think

Chicken Salad

My beloved wrap from In-N-Out

Getting some work outs in
Sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself and I think:
"I am tiny!"
Most times I see myself as not tiny at all.

Some cheese - but hey - what cha gonna do, eh?
I never was anti-cheese

La Weenie for brekkie

Lots of take-out brisket
Toss the sauce and you are good to go

Wraps and stuff

Shrimp and stuff

The thing that sucks about a LoCarb diet is that it is 
basically a one way street.
Not much going back. It works... yes...
But you can't go home again.
No more ice cream and cakes and goodies.
Maybe - forever! 
You gotta watch carb creep.
It happens to "famous" bloggers...
And simple bloggers like me.

A cloud canyon in beautiful Uptown/Downtown Dallas

My body shape is changing...
Prolly lost some of the 9 pounds of Muscle
I gained in Cross Fit...
Clothes still fit... but I feel 
I am on the edge of that slippery slope..
Time to take it to the next level?
(She said with a grin)

17 July 2012

grrrrrr and yes!

At first I was all like *Grrrrrr* 
And now I am all like *Yesssss!*

I am really now sure how this "stress stuff" works,
But for now, it is finally working for me... not against.
The right vitamines help, I think.
And drinking lots of water!

I do love my protein powder...
Not *real* food, but it's ok for now.
When you work alot, you sometimes 
can't stop and cook each meal, each time.

Found a brand that only has coconut milk and water.

Yummy LoCarb stuff...

Ready for the close up?

Pants are a-falling off... that's good!
These are the mediums...
Smalls next, maybe?

16 July 2012

back from the back of beyond

The sign says "Fried Chicken and Champagne - 
Why The Hell Not!"

This one says "Open Til Closed"

And here we have a quant little Mosaic "Bisto"
Yourn for just $250!

This sign almost took one for the team!

Here's What-A-Burger

My all time fave is still the Protein Style Wrap
At the wonderful In-N-Out.
I like the name, too.

Lol - I'm Baaaaack!

Pretty Skies!

15 July 2012

down to busy-ness

OK. The dog sitting is done...
The laundry is done....

And I am hitting a stride in the massive amount of hours 
I am working this summer.
Two jobs!

A tad of gluten.... LC wrap.... meh -
Food is fuel - I had better upgrade!

Still doing ok.... but gotta watch the Omega 6's.
Far far too many in the form of nuts.
And that is nuts. Just nuts!

Even for Mixed Nuts - with OUT peanuts...
That's a lot of Omega 6. (This is 100 grams... about 3 ounces)
With peanuts, the same amount is about 13 grams of Omega 6. 
Yuk. Inflammation City!

The protein powder is a "go"
And I have times in my schedule for walking,
lifting, and cooking. All are key to my maintenance.

My little soul is still intact.
I was certain I had sold it -
Or lost it. *phew*

Rained here the other day...
Even made a double rainbow!
Whatever does it mean!