31 July 2016

dude, wipe!

I love those pastured eggs with a bit of cheese

Patient teaching time -
Yeah yeah yeah Splenda ...
BUT look at the carbs!

Mortadella ???

DUDE - wipe already!

Neighborhood BBQ

Watch the High Fructose Corn Syrup - 
100 carbs per small, unsuspecting serving.

Keep finding water parks and lakes in town!

A Yellow Trumpet Vine

Denton, Texas

So you say!

Keller Texas, near Fort Worth

29 July 2016

a politcal post

"Waltz For Hillary and Bernie"

Tell me before I waltz out of your life
Before turning my back on the past
Forgive my impertinent behavior
But how long do you think this pantomime can last?
Tell me before I ride off in the sunset
There's one thing I never got clear
How can you claim you're our savior
When those who oppose you are stepped on,
Or cut up, or simply disappear?

Tell me before you get onto your bus
Before joining the forgotten brigade
How can one person like me, say,
Alter the time-honored way the game is played?
Tell me before you get onto your high horse
Just what you expect me to do
I don't care what the bourgeoisie say
I'm not in business for them
But to give all my Americanos
A magical moment or two

[Bernie and HRC]
There is evil, ever around
Fundamental system of government
Quite incidental

So what are my chances of honest advances?
I'd say low
Better to win by admitting my sin
Than to lose with a halo

Tell me before I seek worthier pastures
And thereby restore self-esteem
How can you be so short-sighted
To look never further than this week or next week
To have no impossible dream?

Allow me to help you slink off to the sidelines
And mark your adieu with three cheers
But first tell me who'd be delighted
If I said I'd take on the world's greatest problems
From war to pollution, no hope of solution
Even if I lived for one hundred years

There is evil, ever around
Fundamental system of government
Quite incidental

So go, if you're able, to somewhere unstable
And stay there
Whip up your hate in some tottering state
But not here, dear
Is that clear, dear?

With all the usual apologies to ALW.
Sung to the tune of Evita!
Waltz for Eva and Che

28 July 2016

wth? day

Wicking fabric took all the grime from my car seat 
Which was wet with rain...

Yep - I left my windows down... and a quirky summer storm
Got the better of me....
Had to duck into the nearest Walmart to buy new scrubs... lol

New Houses are modern and cool...
Older houses are eclectic and quirky...

With one you can raise chickens because no HOA
And a lovely Chick I raised from birth...  back in the day.

Everybody just love everybody
That is all!

I call it "heat snapped" because this is the 2nd heat injury 
I have had in my life.. sick as a dog... can't work...
MUCH more than just a hot flash "lol"

I was in a patients house - no A/C
I bend down to do something and almost fell over!
Heat is oppressive here - 

Slept like 14 hours... 3 days in a row....
I had cramps in odd places -
Like my biceps. I could barely lift a glass.

So I drank some Potassium - NuSalt...
I can't do the Beef Jerky like I once could -
I was never a "Salty" Fatty.
My likings were more on the Sweet side.

26 July 2016

an interesting day

The weather here in North Texas changes suddenly

Beethoven Action Figures

Half Price BOOKS

Dr Sherri in her natural habitat

Time Travelers at Half Price Books

Waterproof Bible?

Awesome things... changes all around.... 
Stay tuned!

a perk of blogging

A perk and the joys of blogging!
Remember when I ate Salmon for 100 days?
Here's a Screen Shot.

Other than getting sick of Salmon-
And I mean literally sick of it....

The idea was to get labs after increasing my PUFA
Specifically Omega 3.
And if you followed along, you would know
That I keep the 3:6 Ratio down to 1:1 or 1:2

13 Nov + 100 days = 21 Feb
Then the Lab Work...

Look at what happened to the LDL!
It went WAY up!
And was never that high again -
Even with all the Red Meat I eat.

And the VAP -
apoB100 - can't be high due to lack of Omega 3!

Sitting here scratching my skull.
I am not sure what this means!

Ray Pete (link) says that you can deplete 
The stored amounts of PUFA from the body...
By being on a Fat Free Diet for 3 to 30 days.

Would that be the same as low PUFA?
High Omega 3?

Questions questions questions!
Any ideas?
I need a Lipidologist. 

23 July 2016

trippers and askers surround me

From Uncle Walt 
Leaves of Grass

I have a patient who is Diabetic.
He knows to avoid Sugar.
But Starch is another thing.
And no one can tell him why!
But I am about to tell him why!

So I came up with this  - with a little help from Van Gogh.
Deep Breath... Here Goes!
The sun produces energy. Light.
It is this energy that is absorbed and stored by plants.

Light makes the plants grow.
(In the Army they said that Blood made the Grass grow.)
But it is plants. Via photosynthesis. 
Plants are Carbon Based.
Carbon and Water.
Carbo+Hydrate = Carbohydrate!

Table sugar comes from Sugar Cane.
Also Beets... and Corn... via HFCS....
But for now, we are talking about Grasses.

What? Sugar Cane is a Grass?
Yes. Yes it is.

So are things like Corn, Wheat, Oats, Rice and Barley.
Grasses. Grasses that make Cereal. Grains.

Some plants grow roots and tubers... 
Some grow veggies and fruits..
Even Nuts and Legumes...
With various degrees of Sugar and Starch.

Starches break down from "complex" forms
To "simple" sugars.
The Glycemic Index is based on Starch Based Foods...
NOT on sugary foods!
Let that soak in. 

So now comes Public Enemy # 1.
The circulating high levels of Glucose 
And higher levels of Insulin... And Glucagon...

The Van GOlden Girls 
Even knew that they could eat Cheesecake 
And the weight gain would not show up 
For 2 or 3 days... yes indeed!

When excess Glucose is present,
It causes a cascade of events....
Called AGES... (link)

So by limiting STARCH and SUGAR
We can gain nearly perfect control 
Of our Blood Glucose readings!
And that is good for all of us!