30 April 2022

slept late

I actually slept 14 hours!

Not sure about this 6
Day a week protocol. 
I need bitcoin to go ahead 
And take off to the moon. 
So I can retire!!! Lol. 

29 April 2022

spring days

Spring showers 

This salad is so bland
I wanted to throw it on the floor. 
In a fit of disgust. 
I would die if I had to eat this every day. 
It has nothing to offer. 

Picking up traction. 
They even have BitCoin ATMs. 

It’s payday. Friday. 
But we get the imaginary deposit Thursday. 
I was doing my weekly buy 
Of Shiba Inu. And the phone rang. 
It was my dear friend Rhonda. 
You would not believe it. 
She is into BitCoin. 
And she loves Shib! 
The smallest world. 

I have perfect sleep
And I have not had pain 
Or reflux- in months. 
(Except for those days I went off course.)

I thought yesterday was a 
Low and slow day. 
Guess not! 

Getting closer to my goal 
Of increasing my HRV. 

I know how she feels. 

A Triathlon is in town. 
And I have to cross the path 
Of the runners - to get to work. 
So far, I’ve not seen anyone. 

Hot inside the room where I work. 

Is it hot? 
Or is it just me???
Even did a 10 minute walk before work. 

28 April 2022

people who are not smart

It’s that time of year again. 

Time to stick plants in the ground. 
That’s how you get them to grow. 

Hamberder. No bun. 
With Covefe. No cream. 
So much ketchup. 
Not cool. Kid stuff. 
Also not cool- fake cheese. 
It might as well be plastic. 

Buy, Bye, Baby! 

Ahhh-  the Forward thinking 
Republicans of Texas strike again! 

Fidelity is in on it as well. 
Invest in the stock behind the coin. 
A “world” of bitcoin is called an “ecosystem.” 
Each coin has its own ecosystem. 
It’s the general health and status 
Of each coin. 

So I had a visit from an old Girlfriend. 
I actually found a bottle of wine
In my closet from 2018. 
A small bottle. 2 servings. Drank it. 
I want to get rid of it all. 

God - I ask how on earth 
Did I ever guzzle this junk down? 
I could barely finish it. 

Here’s my seasoned review:
A full bodied wine with a start of
Gasoline notes followed by a hint
Of formaldehyde, oven cleaner,
And fermented trash bananas. 
I detected a strong finish of 
Janitor In A Drum VS  Crazy Glue. 
The nose bouquet was reminiscent 
Of Soap On A Rope with
A hint of meconium 
Or perhaps moldy grass clippings
And cat piss mouth feel finish. 
One half of one star. 

Fell asleep at 9 pm, on top of the covers 
Fully dressed- with the lights on
And the watch on the charger. 
The age old conundrum:
Quantity versus Quality. 

Today is going to be a low step day. 
I’ll break my 97 day streak. 
Unless the energy kicks in! 

I have a friend who is traveling 
To Costal Mexico next week. 
He’s been planning this for months. 
But he waited until today 
To apply for a passport. 
His is expired. 
Perhaps he needs to make
Alternative plans. 

27 April 2022

wiped out

Stocks crash?
Time to buy! 
Poor Netflix. 
They had their day. 
Now what?

MMM Chefs Salad. 
All the trimmings. 

My goal is to leave my
Beloved Monster Drinks 
This summer. Just have black Covefe. 
I think the 1000 mg of Taurine helps. 
And the B vitamins. 

Tales from the Crypt 

Such heavy traffic. 
Like a parking lot every day. 

See that purple? 
That’s deep sleep. 
Never ever in the history
 of Watch wearing have I had such sleep. 
I needed it. I was wiped out. 

Wake up, Nursie! 
No sleeping at work. 

26 April 2022

outlander days

Wee Fergus 

Such a good boy. 

Here, Poochie! 

Salad Salad Salad. 

And more Salad.  

Steak and Skrimp
On the Barbie 


Found this on a shelf. 
Better get rid of it. 
Airplane size. 
It was atrocious. 
I wouldn’t buy this. 
I’m not sure how this came to me. 
I think before COVID, 
I was in a Scotch kick. 
But that’s a rich man’s game. 
This was not peaty at all. 

Ha! And look. Crappy sleep. 
At least I had the wee dram with Food. 
Not at the bedside. It’s not good for sleep. 

Two stores and errands today. 

Season Six Outlander. 
Claire’s hair really IS short in real life! 
Hottie hot. 

Speaking of hair. 
It’s time to do mine again. 
The Platinum is hard to maintain 
Because you have to bleach first. 
It’s infinitely easier to do the whole head
Instead of just the roots. 
So it ends up ash blonde. 
Especially now my natural color
Is coming back so dark.