07 December 2014

onward and... something

Getting there...

 Haircuts are always good

Prices these days

Girl Power!

Close Enough

Freda Stern Dr

Yes, please!


The SunSet the other day was just wonderful
Wish You Were Here to see it with me!

28 November 2014

t giving

I Breathe - I'm Hungry
Posted this awesome Stuffing Sub....
Just Sausage, Cauliflower, Onions, Spices... (link)

REALLY getting these ducks lined up in a row

Off to a TGiving party

Sherri made SF cheesecake

Always a poser! lol
Can't take me anywhere!

27 November 2014

autumn days

LoCarb Chili

I am so lucky -

I am outside on nice Autumn days like these!

Saw some young people living in a VW BUG
Gave them a bunch of candy in a stocking

Not *that* much candy....lol

Everyone is ready for Christmas
A bit early this year, it seems

Home Sweet Patio