31 March 2018

ten times easier

To start the Snake Diet
You must be prepared 

You CAN start from a high carb platform 

But it is 100 times easier to 
Make the “jumping off point”
Keto Low Carb 

So I ate very little carbs 
And more beef. 
I hardly have any beef anymore. 
This is Rudy’s Moist Brisket

Another key to a successful fast
Is to stay busy. 
Walking and working out
And doing little chores around the house 

I can now walk a mile with ease. 
I’m not sore, hurting, tired or SOB. 
Lol. That’s what Nurses write for
Shortness Of Breath. 
Some might argue. Lol

And relax. 
Probably the most important thing. 
Cedar has it right! 

Don’t eat it, y’all! 
Worse than Poison Cupcakes! 

30 March 2018

I’m loving it

At least they smell good

Such a pretty sky today 

And a big orange full moon. 
Hard to tell from this picture. 
Easter moves around because 
It’s always after the full moon. 
I read that on the Internet,
So it MUST be true 

Went to clinic today. 
With nursing kiddos, that can take all day. 
Went off and left my Snake Juice. 

So I decided to eat. 
Hospital Food. 
Why do I even bother. 

I say this almost every time I eat out. 
I could do SOOOO much better at home! 
Eating out for the past year or so
Has been such a major disappointment. 
I’m finally a good enough cook
To say my food I make at home 
Is much much better than going out. 

My job is to hold the fan! 

29 March 2018

haircut 100

Time to get rid of the shaggy dog look!

Or maybe call it a Calico Cat look. 
All this auburn hair coming in naturally!

This will do!

In other news, don’t put an egg
In soup and microwave it. 
It will explode. 

Some late night chili,
A double hamburger from Wendy’s 
No bun- 
And I am ready to finish my fasting 
Weight loss 
I’ve been Snake Juice Fasting 
For 6 months now. 
It was such a joy to eat once a day
And not gain or worry about weight 
Over the holidays. 
And now with working two full time jobs. 
When you count traffic 
It’s close to 80 hours. 

I have a work out partner now!
Pete bought a gym membership. 
That will be fun! 

So. I’m ready. 
Got my mind right. 
Let’s go! 

28 March 2018

rainy work days

It could rain all day
Every day
And I would be fine with that 

Light my candle

Don’t eat and drive 
I was at a red light, by the way

Nest Burger in Plano

For those who don’t know, 
I am now a Pediatric 
Hospice Nurse. 
The very best job I’ve ever had! 

So today I am so busy
This is the first time I forgot 
To weigh myself - since forever! 

When you fast, it has to be
Part of a lifestyle change. 
Or else your weight goes 
right back to where it was. 
Obvious, isn’t it? 

27 March 2018

kava kava

Pretty Spring Flowers

Pretty Spring Showers

Many many families 
Take off their shoes 
When they come inside. 
Probably not a bad idea. 

Groups of young men 
Free Ranging the streets of Dallas! 
When I stopped to let them pass by, 
They gave me a Drum Corp Salute! 

Fasting is hard. 
It’s not for everyone. 
Some people say that fasting 
 Has messed up their metabolism. 

I say that fasting reveals 
How little food we really need. 

Probably much much less food than we think. 

I think We Fatties deal with 
Food Addictions
(Much like when people 
have caffeine addictions)
Innocent- until it’s not! 

Sleep counts. 
I sleep very well now without my wine. 
I always sleep better without it. 
And I’m always shocked. 
As if I forgot it again already. 

I am changing my eating schedule 
For weeks that I have extra shifts. 

Stress counts. 
Everything counts. 
In large amounts. 
Lol. Not really-
That was just a song form the 80s. 

More to come! 

26 March 2018

happy spring!

It won’t be long now. 
It’s about 70 degrees F the morning. 
Lots of spring rain!

A family member gave me this. 
Mmmmm the spices! 

Pretty sunsets and long ass work hours. 
Not complaining! 

It sucks to be always having to watch everything 
But that is just what you do
With any successful endeavor. 
It won’t magically happen on its own. 

I’ve been having higher morning glucose readings. 
Not sure about the H & H readings. 

As long as I can keep ahead
Of the dehydration, I’m golden! 

25 March 2018

march for our lives

This is what Democracy looks like! 

A few pics to commemorate the occasion 
One day, we’ll remember this. 
And the government want us 
Even when we have blood glucose issues. 

Maybe it’s time for that great awakening!