28 June 2012

hot days

With start with some Food Porn stuff....
BBQ Brisket and Pulled Pork

Had some BBQ sauce with it.... 
My Blood Sugar did this!
Then after about 3 hours it was in the 90s.
Tried some more meat - this time, no sauce.
Blood sugar was in the 80s.
Better not indulge, eh?

It's hot here....  How hot, you ask?

160 inside the truck... in the sun.
I dropped CrossFit for the summer....
Too damned hot to even try.

I am finally back on my walking schedule.
I work two jobs now, and when I was first adjusting 
to it all (story to follow - one day)
I just ate, slept, and worked.

Time for new clothes...
My best "dress-up" shirt
makes me look like a homeless person!
Clothes falling off... I'll take it!

27 June 2012


Went to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat.
It has always been one of my faves!

At the Dallas Theatre (link)

The stage was so close you could touch the actors!
They would often interact with the audience.

After the most exciting, high-energy production I have ever seen
before of anything, anywhere.... they had a meet and greet!

We got to visit with the actors... this is Joseph...
Sydney James Harcourt (link)

I love preview week and I wouldn't change a thing!

And of course, we had to eat before the show...
This is Ahi Tuna from RockFish...
My first tuna... omg... I love it!
I will be having it again... soon, I hope!

What a great time - it was awesome to get away from
all the crap and nonsense that has defined my life 
for the past 6 weeks - thank goodness!

almost home

Eating lots of this

1... too hot to cook.... and
2... too busy!

Drinking lots of this

Some of this - pork rinds with sour cream
Cream Cheese works here, too

They know my first name here....

Triple Triple, Animal Style, Protein Style

Fajita Mix without the wrap of course...

Cheese Wraps... deli meat...
LoCarb 101

All these weeks of danger and business,
and I never once went off my plan.
Unless you count the indulgence of a
glass or two of wine.

Almost back to business as usual!

15 June 2012

back from the lost

Eating out lots... too busy to cook -
In N Out Animal Style - Protein Style - Triple Triple

And lots of Ribs and Brisket and BBQ

Lots of Monsters.... and protein mix
Just like old days

Driving around - like a lost little puppy in the alley...
Got a hair cut - it helped some

Went to a DFW area LoCarb MEAT up  -
"Friends of Bob A"

We went to the Brazilian Cowboy in Plano...

The awesome Becky (aka Low Carb Diva)
And I stopped by the big City of Garland's
Bluegrass Stuff

Lots of Fun

We went to Reunion Tower - 
That is where you take people when they come to visit Dallas

So.... the past month - I was all like this....
And now.... I am all like THIS!

Love me some Dallas... and Lo Carb
And you all!

07 June 2012


Whilst driving to meet a LoCarb Cruise Friend
 Ramona, my lil Trucky just died. DIED!
I had slammed on the brakes, and a Gallon of Water 
I had on the front seat  - hit the floorboard SOOOOO hard, 
That it set off the "Inertia Button."
Ford Rangers have a button that shuts off the supply 
to the Fuel Pump.... in the event of a crash.
Or in my case, a water bottle smash.

So Ramona met me, and drove us all around.
Dallas is a great city - I love it.
BUT, there just aren't alot of WOW things to do here.
No beach, no river walk, no mountains....
We went to White Rock Lake... and White Rock Lake Coffee!

Then, under the watchful eye of our Beloved Pegasus (link)
We went to the Farmer's Market and ate lunch...
I didn't bring my camera...because every time the phone rings,
I have a mini - conniption fit... And that is just not right.
So just imagine a big pile of meat - from the Chicago Style Deli.
It was great!

We also went to Thanksgiving Square...
And Dealey Plaza.... And all that Kennedy stuff.
It was a pretty cool "Dallas" type day.

Half way through the day, I finally stopped 
Stuttering and Being Lost. 
But only after I got totally lost and had Ramona
Drive us around for an extra hour or so...
My bad! But getting better....fingers crossed!

And Trucky is fixed - and back in service...
Do drive another day... with no junk in the trunk...
Or floorboards!

05 June 2012

hi, girlfriend!

My little yappy Gurl Friend - Annie the Wonder Dog -
has been missing me....

I was all like.... grrr.... now I'm all like ...yay!

No more A Fib or missed beats...
By BP is low.... this is after 2 monsters!

So I went to this place

Lookin good, eh?

It was! I had about a pound of meat...
And it cured my condition....
Which might have been just hunger.
I haven't been eating - 
My new reaction to stresssssss...
Who knew!
Thanks for all the people who have been checking on me!

04 June 2012

a fib

I've had a pretty hard week... working alot

Got to have a treat this week... 
In N Out - Protein Style ... it's a wrap!

No more glass of wine with dinner...

When I am under stress I eat less!
I thought I would eat more. 

Some salads... harder to go zero carb right now
Because there were a few days I didn't eat at all!
I actually heard the phone ring, and felt my heart skip a beat.
Then I went into A Fib.
Have not been in A Fib since I started Atkins in 2009.
Now it's back.... just for now, hopefully!

Hope every one is having a great week -
I am really trying to take it easy..
in the little space between my two ears.
Om om om !