21 November 2011

tgiving it up

This is  your typical (sorta kinda) LowFat Turkey Day Dinner.
The butter is the fake kind. Same with the cool whip.
Gravy - from a can.

Omega 3's are a fat.
Did you know that?
They are not a mystical entity!
They are an Essential Fatty Acid.
Part of the class of fats called PolyUnsaturated Fatty Acids!

People on a low fat diet MIGHT NOT be getting all the
ESSENTIAL fatty acids their body needs.
Maybe why our diets go hay-wire at times.
And they say that excess Omega 6 causes 
huge problems in the body. And the "mind!"

Al movements and thoughts of the body
are made possible only by fats.
All conductivity.
All the synapses and myelin.
This is what the body (in it's amazing wisdom) pulls from - to form itself.
And heal itself.

Notice - if you will -
The walnuts have as much Omega 6 
as almost the rest of the meal!
The serving size here is one cup.
But that is about 2 or 3 handfuls...
to be honest. Pretty typical.

If people who blog about how good Omega 3 is,
And how Omega 6 is not good ....
....they would not eat such amounts of the stuff.
They would not eat much at all. (n-6)
So they must not really believe it!

Not a very popular opinion, eh?

Moving right along...
Any big plans for Thanksgiving?


  1. I think I will give it up !


    (from Berlin)

  2. Not so much crickets, but just complete
    and total lack of understanding when it comes to the fats.
    We are still in the dark ages... aka 1980's!

  3. Dinner here at home and that is about it.

  4. Not always that they don't believe it... more like they just don't know. Me included. I didn't know the omega values for walnuts was so backwards!! ack!

  5. Rettakat - you are right!
    I am helping spread da word!

  6. Cancel my walnut order!

  7. I did not know this about walnuts. I've been eating almonds and drinking almond milk for awhile. Haven't eaten walnuts for a few years---good to know I am not missing much. Turkey Day is low-keyed...lots of hot tea and laziness with hubs and daughter...watching British comedies and staying warm, avoiding BF crowds too. Have a happy T-day!


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