31 January 2022

perfect week

Not so perfect but 
I perceived it that way. 

Go getter at work. 

Almost a year of data. 
Back in March when I was sick
All my numbers were off. 
Now with the 100hour weeks
They’re creeping back down. 

Day off with my Big Baby Boi! 

30 January 2022

perfect days

I’ve gotta say. 
My life is perfect right now. 
Sleep is good. 
Diet is spot on. 

Walking is good 
But is about the get better. 

What else in the crazy world? 
Why not UFOs?

29 January 2022

around the piano

Walked my ass off yesterday. 

Slept great. 
No booze. 

Downtown Dallas. 

DART Bus. Mask required. 

First Baptist Church 
Dallas Texas. 

Center Stage. 
Around The Piano. 

Dinner. That’s a Potato Slice with Cheese. 
Im not a Salty Gal. 

I also had  2 inch slice of Carrot  Cake. 
I just ate the Frosting.
I’m a Sweets Gal. 

No pictures during the concert. 

After the fact. 

I have a puffy face for sure. 

28 January 2022

concert day

More crazy dreams. 
Finally fell asleep right before 
the alarm went off. 

Two salads. 

Eggs and Lil Smokies. 

My big boy. 

Well, all the practicing will pay off now. 
The concert is tonight. 
“Around The Piano.” 
Downtown Dallas. 

I ordered a black coffee. 
I got a latte. 
I called McDonalds. 
They hung up on me. 
I called back and had a long convo
With the person who gave me this trash. 

I liked having 4 days off in a row. 
I won’t like the paycheck. 

27 January 2022

mental health day


Errands and cleaning. 

To try and contain the grounds,
I use this tea strainer. 
My fave part of the day. 

Party finger food for the 
Fantastic Four female Singers 
Who are practicing in my living room! 

Country Ribs in the IP. 

Then broiled in the oven. 

Country Ribs are great!

Yoooooooou must take the A Train
Iiiiiiiiif you want to blah blah to Harlem 
🎶 🎶 🎶 

New shoes. Wingtip. 

Aye- there’s the rub! 
The literal rub. 
Too tight jacket. 
What can I say?  It fit before COVID. 

Old people trying to reconfigure the 
Garage Door Opener.