30 June 2011

watermelon days

As a child, Hanuman believed the sun to be a ripe mango.
He pursued it, in order to eat it! (link)

Get yer air - right this way!

First, I didn't want to come to this one-horse town.
Now, I don't want to leave!
And I can't wait to come back.

Got a little book for CrossFit.
I do just about whatever my trainer tells me.
That's what she said!

Also got these for massage..... for my shoulder.
Up against the wall!
My massage guy showed me the technique - with golf balls.
I handed them back to him and said
"Here's your balls!" I think he gets that alot!

It's a watermelon festival of ice box proportions!
I do like me some walla-mellon every now and again.

It's one of those crossover fruits.
Some say it's actually a veggie.
Seeds on the inside, and all...

Watermelon has a higher glycemic index,
but a lower glycemic load. link
A cup of watermelon has about 11 carbs. link
This is a small watermelon.... sliced into wedges.
I had half of one wedge - maybe 2 cups?
I'm guessing 20 carbs.

I'm no purist, (my other fave line)
especially when it's over 100 degrees in the shade!

Having said that, (another good line)
I only have the stuff a couple of times a year.
I didn't buy one for myself....But if it's offered to me
I can have a little chunk. 

But not too much of a chunk - or too often
 - since I am still a little "chunky!"

Hope your Holiday weekend is a great one!
Any plans? Do tell!

happy town

Just in time for the Fourth of July -
Only where ever shall I put the sparklers?


A MooYa burger is always good - an "Ice-Burger" wrap

Brisket and cheese.

This cart went amuck, ramming into things!
I picked up the front part,
and totally moved it. Must be getting stronger!
Kinda like Les Mis, but no singing this time.

"Hello? Yes - we have no bananas.
This is a LoCarb blog.
You must have the wrong number!"

A wee little treat... 20 grams of carbs... (max)
I've had watermelon twice this summer!

Steak, grilled onions, salad,
and a few strawberries for a snack

A pretty sunset in a happy sky!

Hope your day is great!

29 June 2011

market skreet

Don't slip on bacon!

Now this is a fancy grocery store!

Huge tomatos


Your own personal melon

Your own personal bratwurst

Hard Cooked and peeled eggs

Nice coconuts!
I never get tired of that one.
I also have a picture of my pineapple...

CrossFit Watermelon Dead Lift
3...2...1... eat!

No - it doesn't say "Sugar Free" 
It's Sugar Tree. TREE!

All kinds of meat and cheese
They were playing Lady Gaga - Telephone
When I went in. I was dancing in the produce section,
And drew a little crowd. Fun day!

Driving around thinking how good life is!
Happy driving and working -
and eating a couple of
skraw-berries doesn't hurt!

Hope your day is great!

rib day

Today I had my last of 4 rib sessions
at my Medical Message

I celebrated with ribs, of course!

A quaint little BBQ place  - right by my apartment!

Some ribs, pulled pork, and beef brisket.

This is the flattering pose for core work!
At CrossFit....spine supported on a foam roller...
keep your balance while "marching"

And don't forget to drink your water!

A wee little warm and muggy night...

Hope your day is wonderful!
Happy, happy,  joy,  joy!

28 June 2011


It's been nearly 3 months since my head injuries,
and (right) rotator cuff impingement!
I don't have scoliosis... it's all in the shoulder.

The frozen shoulder [red shirt- before]
hurt much much (much) worse
than even the multiple concussion!

Here [black shirt - now]  I have to do a series of neck stretches.
Pulling my neck back, and tucking my chin - makes the skin
(um... fat) under my chin more prominent! 
And I am just now getting back to doing my facial
stretches - I was too banged up...

And have a weekly 2 hour long Medical Massage.
With MyoFascial Release to every intercostal space.
(Rib.) It hurts like some form of torture.
But the pain doesn't last - just the results last!

Years of being heavy - with an unbalanced load in front -
didn't help much. And slumping, and weak core muscles...
All kinds of things work against obesity!

Ah, a happy magazine ad reminds us 
that nurses help us heal!

Scrubs on my new (to me) tv/dvd combo
will go great in the work out room ....
30 minutes of Long Slow Cardio will go by like *that*!
Walking inside, on the treadmill, is a great option
when it's over 100 degrees outside!
It's over 80 even when the sun goes down.
The 2 shower a day rule is now in place!
Hot smile

And a healthy meal of ground chuck, tomatos, and celery
Paired with an awesome salad....omg!
That and two protein shakes a day!
Can't go wrong! And water.
Love that water! I actually buy it 5 gallons at time now.
I use over a gallon a day in the summer (all told).

Found this on the interwebs....
Fitting somehow!

Hope your day is Sweet and Kind!
And Happy!

27 June 2011

lab results!

I was having my usual breakfast of bacon and eggs with cheese....
When the phone rang.
It was my P.A. calling with the lab values of last week's Lipid Profile!

Keep in mind - I am the renegade here.... I never did my "before" test,
So I don't have anything to compare these values to.
But, with my body measurements (2 years ago) being:
 48-42-48 ..... (and I am only 62 inches tall)
My blood work might not have been quote - unquote ideal!

HDL = 116     
LDL = 150      
Triglycerides = 46

And here are the ratios:

Total Cholesterol/HDL ratio is: 2.37  
(preferably under 5.0, ideally under 3.5) IDEAL

HDL/LDL ratio is: 0.773 
(preferably over 0.3, ideally over 0.4) IDEAL

Triglycerides/HDL ratio is: 0.388 
(preferably under 4, ideally under 2) IDEAL

Blood pressure - 110/70
Resting pulse 60-70 bpm
Fasting blood sugars in the 90 - 100 range.
Postprandial in the 100 - 110 range.
And no, I am not Diabetic... 
Never diagnosed, at least!

Oh, yeah, and I'm 50, by the way
I keep forgetting that little fact!

Total cholesterol is a little high... at 275.
But that's just cuz the HDL is soooooo high!
Total cholesterol is [hdl + ldl] + [triglycerides x .20]

LDL a little high... normal is under 130.

And my P.A. (who lost weight on Atkins)
is not worried at all about the numbers!
Onward and downward!
(And no, I don't have my gallbladder!)

Join me for lunch?
Bacon Double Cheezeburger -
Maybe hold the cheese!

mmm mmm bacon mmm!

What-A-Burger after work -
So I don't have to cook late at night!
No bun... more like a bowl - with bacon!
 Rolling on the floor laughing

Medium pants are falling off of me...
Looks like I'm wearing pajamas to work!
(Down from a 2x when we all first met!)

Awesome blues skies.... LoCarb is a happy thing!
 Smile with tongue

Crepe Myrtles - must be almost July in Texas!
Hot smile

It might be a bike revolution - taking it to the streets...
In droves!
Somebody cue Les Miserables.... It's a Fitness Revolution!

Had a protein shake x2 
and "bites" of snacks and a few left -overs...
I guess I forgot to eat (again!)
An HB egg, some cheese - pork rinds!
Oh, and a hand full of nuts!
Winking smile

Hope your day is wonderful!