31 January 2012

functional movement screening

Every now and then, the Coaches 
put us through a screening....  (link)
to test for range of motion, and function.

I've had this test before.... this is the same test they use 
in the NFL to screen for injury/ ability.... all that. (link)

These are some of the movements... without the fancy board.
I am lucky and glad to do one or two of them! 

*Note* SOME people might be a wee bit sarcastic, 
and when they say they are "lucky" to do one of them, 
they are actually being sarcastic. 
I try to avoid that (and have for many years).
So when I say I'm lucky to do this, I mean just that.
Everything requires a disclaimer these days.  Sheesh.
Even how I talk or write.

OK Ready? Here we go!

Left Arm and Right Leg Extended
Checks for Core Balance.
I couldn't do them both on the same side!
[As in pointing the Left Leg and the Left Arm]

Now touch the Elbow to the Knee!
But not to the floor.
Did that move about 5 times - each side.

Same Pose, now back on the Butt like sitting.

Lay on your Stomach.
When I first started I could not do this!
The goal is to try to do a push up from here!

Testing for Lower Back Pain....none.... good....

Stick on the Head... checking for Shoulder/Elbow stuff

Squat with that stick... ok... but look - my right shoulder is 
all out of whack... that Rotor Cuff didn't heal up 100%
These tests show what areas we need work in!
No pain, but lots of compensation!

Stepping over a (imaginary) wire...
While looking straight ahead... 
None of these are easy!

Leg up while keeping the other Knee on the ground.
And the Butt. And Lower Back. 
They stay on the ground too!
The UP leg should go straight up!

Our screening and classes are soooo slow
But I like that. I think the first year or so is just about
fundamentals. No hurry... this is forever.

So while other classes are 
wiggling and jiggling and slinging and flinging,
And dipped and stripped it and ripped it like before --
We are still doing balance and core stuff...
But each rep is perfect!
And no injury pain... just that burn!

30 January 2012

a few meal ideas

Salmon, Brussels Sprouts,
Peppers, Onions

Ground Beef Patty with Sauteed Green Beans
A little cheese on top

Poached Eggs with spices

Ham Slices with Eggs and Cheese
Onions and Peppers

More Low Starchy Veggies.... 
Wasn't quite ready for the starchier ones...
Live and learn! No shame in that.

Salmon, Dill Butter, Summer Squash,
Peppers and Onions

Makes great leftovers, too!

Salmon with Shrimp,
Bubbies Fermented Sauerkraut

Ground Beef, Kimchee (fermented sauerkraut)
Avocado, Pepper, Onions

Ground Beef Patty, Brussels Sprouts,
Fermented Sauerkraut, and a hunk of cheese.
I later, fried the cheese (Dill Havarti) 
In Balsamic Vinegar Reduction

Bacon and Eggs with Avocado,
Peppers and Onions!

I still have my Protein Shake
Half Concentrated and Half Isolated Whey.
I mix in in Half and Half - best ever!

29 January 2012


My gelatin from Amazon got here super quick (link)
I've had the Knox type before (link)

Did you know gelatin was once called 
"Sparkling Calves Foot Gelatine"!?

This is from Great Lakes (link)
They have pork gelatin,  and beef.
Where as Knox is said to be made from both.

On one of the FaceBook Forums I am in,
they said that if you don't eat lot of organ meat,
it's good to mix up the proteins... so while gelatin
is not as complete, it does add a little to the mix.

Just don't let it set up in a cup!
I add it to coffee, tea, and even broth.
Might just make an aspic one day!

Changed my cell phone picture...
I woke up the other day and just didn't identify 
with the older, picture any more..

 The heavier image of me.
That WAS on my cell phone - 
all this time. No more!
Party smile
An old nurse friend of me told me how happy 
she was about my huge weight loss -- BUT
(There's always a BUT, eh?)
WHAT about my cholesterol?
My triglycerides?
I told her my numbers (link)
And she said she didn't know.....
And mumbled and walked away.
Nerd smile
They never know what to say.
So they stick to their old ways....
Even if they (sadly) are not working!

Avocado, Bacon, Eggs, 
Onions, Peppers, and a hint of cheese.
Still at or around 4 % pufa...
Rolling on the floor laughing
Not a bad dinner... for weight-loss!

go figure

Got stuck at work last night...
It wasn't a total waste  -
This person was on tv.
I think she ushered in a new era!

I'm curious - this book was dated 1997/8

Hello? Heeeellllllo!
My bad - it's a thermometer!

Lots of pretty blue skies these days... January in Texas.
Time for a walk and some errands!

27 January 2012

100 days

I do like this thing - it helps.

I do like THIS thing - it helps too!
I walked for 30 minutes....
Max HR 131.... Avg HR 127
I also stretched for 30 minutes today!

Leftovers, again?
The soup / broth I made get better all the time.
It's like 70 here.... out walking every chance I get.
There's 100 days or so till my vacation.
I am already picking out stuff to wear.
That is not like me.
I must be going through some change.
A good change!
Island with palm tree
100 days. And I don't want to waste one of them,
Without doing something that contributes to my goal.
Fitness? Yes. Health? Si, claro.
Looking hot? Yep - you got it!
Winking smile
Here we go then!

26 January 2012


A lovely plate of eggs! 
And bacon.

Ground beef. Brussels Sprouts.
The sprouts were sautéed in Balsamic Vinegar.
Onions and Garlic.
Bubbies Sauerkraut. Hunk o' Cheese.
The cheese was a Havarti with Dill.
Only ate about half of this.... too full!

I have no hunger at all on this Way Of Eating.
I had to make myself eat tonight.
Cuz I don't want to lose any more muskels.

Had some good old Knox Gelatin in some
Sleepy Time Tea. It was pretty good!
I sip on this about 3 or 4 times a day.
It's a good way to get some extra protein in.

Was wearing some pants and was liking the way 
they fit. Thought they were a medium.
Turns out, they are a men's small!
So yay for me!
100 days till my vacation.
I am really cracking down.
100 days? No problem.
I'm off to a jolly good start!

Got all my ducks in a row.
All the planets aligned.
They did.
I still must remind myself that 
I don't know what anything is for!

25 January 2012

rainy day

Flag came loose
Pretty windy lately

Heart Rate in CrossFit last night:
Max 166.... Avg 126.....
Good recovery for me!

My planks are suffering like succotash.
I think I need to do more than the bare minimum.
168 hours in a week.
2 hours in the gym. 
There are several large blocks of time unaccounted for!
I could work out about an hour a day... and it would only help me!
I am not yet fully in the habit of walking every day.
Most days. But not Every. Single. Day.

Good advice... Many of us should learn to follow it!

Who is shrugging now?

From the Farmer's Market yesterday

This guy keeps showing up!
Knock knock, indeed

Just another rainy Day For Night in Dallas!
Plan on sleeping, cooking for the week,
getting the laundry done, and maybe work out!
Any big plans for today? Do tell!