31 January 2021

un paid time off

So I have a nurse come in 
2 hours early on Saturdays. 
And I go home and watch musicals
And drank some peanut butter whiskey. 
Which was kinda - yum yukky. 

I got to go to bed 2 hours early
after I scooped the trump box 
Of cat litter. Those cats! OMG. 

I listened to all of Randy Rainbow’s 
Parody songs. There were many 
I had never seen. Talented guy. 
How close did we come 
In America 
To losing democracy to trump? 
Pretty close. 
Closer than we would like to admit. 
Going back over the past 6 years. 
Is very troubling. 

30 January 2021

fast lane

Cat in a table 

Almost every Saturday-
The roads are closed-
With savage accidents 
All lanes blocked 

They’re flying back North. 
Must be Spring. 

Not broke anymore! 
So good. 

Fun and games online. 

I’ve started driving with traffic
Instead of going the speed limit. 
Hint- in Dallas, the speed limit
Might be 60 - but people pass you
Going 80. Then someone passes them 
Going 100. 
I don’t go quite that fast. 

I feel a change in my little mind. 
Or heart or whatever. 
The secret to getting ahead
Is to go a little bit faster.  
There. The secret to life.  
You’re welcome. 

28 January 2021

toils day

Trump is gone. 
The danger is past. 
Time to make those changes. 

Phases of the Moon 
Can’t wait to see it while camping. 

Phases of Steak. 
I’m tired of Hamburger. 
It’s been 10 years. 
This is NY Strip. 


Cook in cast iron

Cut to make it all medium rare. 

Shrimp in a cup.

Cat in a heart. 
He’s almost better now. 
His little broken leg.
He limps a little now and then. 
Not bad. Not that much. 

27 January 2021

Fergus day

Medical City all day 

We got a good report. 
An excellent report. 

My plans from a year ago. 
Now I leave in 18 months. 

I took off most of the crust 

Sugar Free Cookie. 
Never have I farted so much. 
I can’t imagine. It was tragic. 

My wee lad loves to cuddle. 
Seen here under the covers. 
He got up at 3 am and wanted to play. 
Almost time for him to not 
Sleep with mommy. 

Mommy needs her sleep. 

26 January 2021

cooking day

My new favorite meat
To cook in the Instant Pot
Is Ribs. 
Ive done Spare Ribs,
Baby Back Ribs
And these are Country Ribs. 
They’re the easiest and meatiest. 

Steak and ribs. 
Can’t beat that. 

Prime. Nice. 
But I ended up with choice. 

I made a Costco  run and got some 
NY Strips for myself 
and Ribeyes for Elaine. 

Egg bites. 
In a water bath. 
Fell like a soufflĂ©. 

Got the bleach part done.  
Did t have gone to do the color. 
The T18. 
So I look like this for a few days.