28 February 2021

feel like a change

Dead trees. 

One strong gust of wind
Would topple this giant

Time to get rid of trees
That were going to fall

I wonder how people sleep at night
Knowing they’re lazy
And liars and users. 
They really don’t care.
Do U? 
Yes I do. 

I think my little patient is depressed. 
That’s why he acts like a jerk. 
It distracts him from the depression. 
I guess I would be depressed as well. 

His condition is extremely rare. 
Like only 10 people in America. 
Per year. It’s a rare side effect
Of a common condition 
That was thought to be eradicated.  
So I can’t name it. 
Let’s just say it’s neurological. 
And debilitating. 

They think his mind is gone as well
Well/ it’s not. 
Just like Lorenzo in Lorenzo’s Oil. 
It’s there 100%. 

Time to not be a jerk. 

27 February 2021

back tuit

I slept hard after that shot. 

No appetite. 
Everything tastes like metal. 

Keto bread. 

Egg Bites 

Which I left at home. 
Dang it. 

My “child” didn’t leave my side. 

This is a kidney stone 
Under a scanning electron microscope. 

Well folks- back to it. 
Which is ok. 
For now. 

Up 4 pounds. 
The irony of life. 
Barely any I take. 
Up 4 pounds. 

26 February 2021

sick day

Called in sick for work 

High heart rate 

Sick on the couch 

Did not eat this. 
The cats this. 

Muh Baby Boi

Here’s the line for the vaxx
Thousands of people in line. 
Thousands of cars. 
Two hour wait

Thanks to the Army 
From Fort Riley Kansas. 
Looks like they lost their shadow patch!

Driving around Dallas 

So I got the Pfizer 
And I got sick.
Muscle aches. 
Joint aches. 
I called I from work. 
I slept till 10 

25 February 2021

jab day

Lousy sleep

Nova Scotch-es for my collection 

Lagavelin 16 and Ardberg 10

Fair Park drive through vaxx 

Fuck Covid-19 

24 February 2021

begging for time

I am scheduled for 6 day
12 hours a day. 
It was 6 or 8 hours a day
But the hours were increased. 
I never signed up for this. 
So I beg the nurses to come in early. 
They hardly ever do. 

Went off and left my lunch again.
At least I had this. 

Stretch, Fergus!
He has full range of motion
In his broken leg. 

Speaking of legs. 
Two crush injury. 
Tiger Woods. 
Probably TPF. 

Getting lighter 

Who needs a statin? 
Just eat Cheerios. 
How can they get by with garbage lie? 

Yours Truly
Anne H 

23 February 2021

spring is here- almost

Ahhhh sleep 

Downtown is dark 

I’ve never seen it like this. 

The baby meerkat 

Gives hugs to other invisible meerkats 

Chili. It was kinda sweet. 

Here’s the payoff. 

I got a bottle of
Oban 14- very fruity and light 
And Laphroaig 10
Very peaty and smokey. 
And Glencairne glasses 
That’s my birthday present to me. 
Or Lent or whatever. 
It’s a love gift 
From me to me. 

Also a haircut. 
I’ve been doing them myself. 
So I splurged and went to 
SuperCuts. Lol 

I have negotiated with the nurses 
To get them to come in 2 hours early
Since I can’t keep up this schedule. 
I have 6 days. 12 hours a day. 
Plus driving. 
72 + 12 = 84 hours a week. 
I’m too old for that bullshit. 

Plus I’m ready to get some walking in. 
Can walk when you’re always at work.