30 September 2023

crazy city

3 years ago this cat

St Peter don’t ya call me
Cause I can’t go 
I ooooooowe my soul
To the company store 
Who can’t. Provide COVID testing 
for the employees. What? Right. 

So now, Nurses are coming to me
To get COVID tested to be released 
To return to work. 

Dr Death of the Plague. 
Black light DNA lighting. 
What’s all that dark- colored under-eye
 biological material? 

It might be RSV. 
We DO get RSV. 
Roto Virus. Kid Virus-es. 
Might be H1N1. 
Cold. Flu. 
COVID. New variant?
Might just be a snot ball. 
Regular everyday snot balls. 

29 September 2023

I owe, I owe,

I owe. I owe. 
So back to work I go. 

I wish I had paid better attention 
When I was 30. 
Would I be rich and retired? 
Its it comfortable to speculate? 

End of sleeping late. 
And Law & Order marathons. 
End of cat snuggles. 

Deep cleaning -
I worked about an hour a day. 
Cleaning toilets and carpet. 
Little parcels of cleaning time 
And bursts of energy. 

I’m starting to believe that the sun 
Is where we get our actual energy from. 
And we need more time in the sun. 

If this were Smell-a-Vision, 
You would all unsubscribe. 
This mat has holes. 
It’s like an envelope. 
Shake any loose litter back in the box. 

This was so totally soaked with urine 
You could smell it literally across the room. 
Ammonia Cat Urine 
Is something you can’t forget 
Or mistake for something else. 

I’m finding a backsplash 
To keep them from kicking the urine 
Everywhere. Nasty stuff. 

Tested negative. 
One of the nurses said 
she could come back after 5 days
 - regardless of symptoms- 
And she will probably remain 
positive for 3 or 4 months. 

Went for one of these. 
Finally after all these Soup Days. 
Mickey D 2x QOC. 
I’m ok with one or two fries. 
Once or twice a year. 
They don’t even taste good to me now. 
They case kidney stones and cloudy urine. 

Lol. No tea, either. 
They were out. 
Unsweetened tea is a crime in Texas. 
They won’t sell it. Regardless. 

Just went home with a
$10 quarter pounder. 
Hold the buns. Lol. 
Hold the fries. 
Hold the tea. 

Back to work. 
One nurse is saying 
she can come back in 5 days. 
Regardless of symptoms. 
She said she called the CDC
And that’s what they said. 

That’s the nurse who came to work sick 
And gave us all The Crud. 
I wonder if she can even read. 

The 5 day idea came from 
This variant incubation period 
Is about 5 days. 
BA2.86 and EG 5. 
(Felt exactly like H1N1 to me.)

28 September 2023

one weak week

Texas Sage in bloom 

If you’re in a nice part of town,
Just build it- they’ll come. 
If you’re in the rough part of town,
People tear things up for fun. 

Target is closing stores in NY
And California because of organized 
Gang type robberies- 
like 20 or 30 masked men enter a store
And leave in one minute 
With all they can smash and grab. 
It’s like a billion dollars worth of loss
Just this year. 

Odd though 
The shooting is a little better. 
It was every week. 
Now it’s every month or so. 

My goal was to have 200 days. 
Even if it was minimal. 
This has some days off with
No watch and no walk. 

Get nice and sleepy,
Wind down, relax 
about an hour before bed. 
No booze and I never looked back. 
There are much better ways to relax. 

I tried to do the yard. 
I tried to do the house. 
I’ve tried for 5 years. 
Since long before COVID. 

I’m much happier not fighting for every breath. 
But at the expense of the problems
That don’t get solved. 
Just let it be. Let it fall. 

I spent more than a few hours cleaning. 
If you don’t scoop every day,
The cats will piss and shit 
Wherever they want. 
They don’t care about 
what your problem is 
Or why you didn’t feel like scooping. 

They’ll just find a shoe
And poop in there. 
With 3 cats, all boys. 
Stinky boys. Rough boys. 
Big-ass wide jaw cats. 
“Eat a mouse in one bite” boy cats. 
You have to scoop every day. 
Twice a day. 

I’ve been off “scoop duty” since Florida 
But it doesn’t matter. 
The 30 seconds it takes to scoop 
Is not worth the weeks of fights
The screaming, scolding,
Nagging never ending 
“Did you scoop”
Oh shit now dammit I forgot (again). 
Oh I’m so tired I’ll do it later…
Today I found 
A clump of cat litter
 that was kicked down behind the box. 
And sprinkled on until
It formed a deadly and dreaded
Ammonia Brick. 

27 September 2023

oh happy day

The back yard is kinda 
Neglected. Still pretty. 

After all those limbs fell
It’s dry and scary. 

I can’t keep a Chiminea 
Or a FirePit, it seems. 

Almost 200 days since 
My Kratom situation started. 
No pain, no problem-
No side effects. I’m sold for life. 

And better sleep with Delta 9
And CBD. 

An old classic movie 
“Letters From Evie”
Which I watched about 30 years ago. 
About a “homely” soldier. 
Some poor gal had to choose 
Between a lecherous Wolf 
and an Ugly but smart guy. 
Like Cyrano de Bergerac plot. 

I had a GF who was so pretty 
People who stop her on the street. 
She was pretty enamored with me. 

One of my ex- friends 
From high school said 
It was like watching Lionel Lovett 
Dating Julia Roberts. 
I’m way cuter than him! 

Errands all day.

Run away! 

Screw COVID. 
Sitting there again. 
Not eating. Not chewing gum. 
Darn tooth just broke apart 
And I was spitting out little teeth. 

A little more energy every day. 

For anyone who says 
low Carb is bad for their hair. 
Mine is so thick and full. 
Like a Husky. Woof! 

26 September 2023

bling day

Yes. I actually did this. 
No mold for like 6 months. 

Lol a nice Texas Miller Light
In Alpha School (bravo school)
Combat Medic School 1990