31 August 2023

ordinary people

Temp around 100° now. 
Even when the sun goes down. 
It’s like Death Valley but humid. 
Lots of dead grass and lawns. 

Inside temp. 

Watermelon to the rescue. 

2013. Lol. 
Same freaking pants from 2010. 
That’s pretty consistent for weight loss. 

People who think they’re being helpful 
Often are the worst offenders. 
Its amazing what people think
“Good English” is all about. 

It’s actually a good time 
To be a Nurse. 
And kinda a bad time. 

The past three nights report 
has been rough between the nurses.
 It got so bad the family had to come in,
and be present during report. 
Wrong is wrong - and tempers fly. 

This is why they say nurses eat their young. 
It’s like a beehive. 
Mess Around and Find Out. 
I am always shocked when it happens. 
How bitterly do we defend our beliefs. 

And now, for a Day Off Movie. 

My first day off I only rest. 

Work work play play 

30 August 2023

yogi bear

When i get stressed 
I listen to Army Cadences. 
They comfort me. 
Happier times.it helps me solve problems. 

So do you know Yogi Bear? 
Sing with me. 

On a bright and sunny day 
Two little bears came out to play. 

Gathered up all their money 
Bought themselves a jar of honey.

But the fat one ate it all
Pushed the little one- watched him fall. 

Now the fat one’s on the run
Cuz the little one
Cuz the little one
Cuz the little one’s got a gun. 

Ahhhh much better. 
At least the Army moves together. 
In Civilian Nursing, its a living nightmare. 
No one does or understands anything. 
I am not sure how these people even passed 
Nursing School. Much less the boards. 

I would take an oath that most of them
Are functionally illiterate. 
All the English lessons on earth 
Won’t help stupid. 

Went to Walgreens. 
Some meds gad spilled in transit. 
And they blamed the nurse - of course.

End of summer. 
Odd demographic- 
selling suntan products to a 
predominantly non-white neighborhood. 
They didn't do much research. 

Maybe its Baby Boomer defiance. 
They still sell wine. 
What the heck os Fit Wine ? 

Hey Nurse Anne!
That AC isn’t working 
and I run it full blast! 

Hey! I think I see the problem! 
Ummm ya coved up the vents. 
Absolutely NO air gets out. 

Keeping the formula cool 
By any means necessary. 
Its 90° inside sometiines
With all the machines we use. 

The problem is we pray
To the god of the ego. 

The god of the ego must look like this. 

The anniversary of the death 
Of a Blogger. 
Garret from Stages Of Change.  
Morbid Obesity kills. 

Jack Shit had a contest 
That I won, but donated my $100
Back to the pot. 
This was a Biggest Loser size guy. 
And his little heart and mind 
Mind never pulled out of his tailspin. 
Rest In Peace, Stages of Change. 

That last picture. OMG 
I look like an old Karen
Who wants her meds
And her Virginia Slims. 

My goal was to get through 
the heat without getting dehydrated. 

29 August 2023

as above, so below

Have you ever thought about this?
In 100 years like in 2123 
we will all be buried with our relatives and friends.
Strangers will live in our homes we fought so hard to build, and they will own everything we have today. All our possessions will be unknown and unborn, including the car we spent a fortune on, and will probably be scrap, preferably in the hands of an unknown collector.
Our descendants will hardly or hardly know who we were, nor will they remember us. How many of us know our grandfather's father?
After we die, we will be remembered for a few more years, then we are just a portrait on someone's bookshelf, and a few years later our history, photos and deeds disappear in history's oblivion. We won't even be memories.
If we paused one day to analyze these questions, perhaps we would understand how ignorant and weak the dream to achieve it all was.
If we could only think about this, surely our approaches, our thoughts would change, we would be different people.
Always having more, no time for what's really valuable in this life. I'd change all this to live and enjoy the walks I've never taken, these hugs I didn't give, these kisses for our children and our loved ones, these jokes we didn't have time for. Those would certainly be the most beautiful moments to remember, after all they would fill our lives with joy.
And we waste it day after day with greed, greed and intolerance.

above the battlefield

Road closed. 
Last time this happened,
One of the nurses said
She was going to park on the 
side of the road, and walk to the case. 
Another nurse said she can NOT work
Since there is now a detour. 

How on Earth do these people live? 

I finally got to a safe space
In my mind. I’ve been struggling. 
I need separation from the 
behavior of some people. 
And not separation from the people. 
We need the people. 

In A Course In Miracles,
We learn we have to have to learn 
A better way to deal with people
And problems. Furthermore,
There is one problem. With one answer. 
The problem is: We think we 
are separate from God. 
The solution is: We’re not. 

Watch out, Tampa. 
You’re going to get your shot! 

Cutting back the Delta 9
To see what dose won’t
Make me groggy the next day. 
So far, its about 5 mg. THC D9. 
And around 100mg CBD. 

Haven’t been walking. 
All this is just work walk. 
I need to get up early again
And take my wee walks. 

Pretty much I have Shrimp every day. 
Yes. Since Florida (June). 

It doesn’t count as a mono diet
Obviously because it’s breaded. 
I’m a fan of mono diets. Especially for 
Quick Fix way to drop some water weight. 

I believe the fish shops in the gulf
 just go to Walmart 
And get some frozen shrimp. 
Kidding. Not kidding. 

But hot dang. Look at this. 
Maybe the same weight 
As above, when i was in Florida,
but less bloated
And more lean-looking. 
I went to Florida with too much stress. 

Shrimp packaging. 
Carbs 20 but that includes the sauce. 
Protein 7 
Yes there’s gluten, but I knock off
As much of the breading as I can. 

This is not cool, because its too fatty.
And the wrong kind of fat. 
Its not Saturated… so it's probably
PUFA PolyUnsaturated Fatty Acid. 
I strive for less than a few grams a day. 
Again, much of that is in the breading. 
Shrimp are low PUFA. 

Deer in Headlights stare. 
I’ve managed to pause and look back. 
The Course says its like watching 
The action from above the battlefield. 
Watch. Don’t interact. Just watch. 
And learn. 

28 August 2023

rainy day

Finally. Rain. 
About 5 minutes of light spinkles. 
Just enough to mess up the traffic. 

See how bitter I am? 
I am not grateful at all. 

A cloud! WooHoo! 
Bah Humbug.  

Lots of hurricanes.  
Like a major catastrophe every year now. 
I remember Katrina.
 I was working on my house,
And dozens of birds came to roost 
in the rafters - about 2 months prior. 

Tarpon Springs, just north of Tampa 

Most of my Tampa trip was 
Dark, overcast, and broody. 
Like Day for Night. 
I liked it. 
It rained so hard, so fast,
The parking lots were flooding. 

Tampa and Tarpon Springs are on the gulf side. 
They say Tampa Bay hasn’t had a hurricane 
In 100 years. So they were already preparing. 

Working on Flexibility. 

You can take my Raynauds
When you pry it from my cold, 
White, non-feeling fingertips.