23 November 2016

t giving times

Believe In Your Selfie

BBQ at the local Brookshires in Denton

Too soon? Nah 

This lovely mug showed up while I was closing out my apartment -
Moving again... can you believe it?
I can't believe it myself!

I don't drink enough water so I started carrying it around 

Profitable Day Today

The Hospital that started it all nearly 30 years ago
Driving by here with Sherri -
I decided to become a Nurse... and work here...
Which I did... after the war, that is

Students go to school in Barracks like this -
Did you know?

Pie Be Gone

Interesting the names one sees at Costco

This will be the next big thing
No love interest... 
Just a story... that is a fresh take on it

Of course - Xmas is here

Don't forget your teachers and nurses... lol

Cindy likes a Salad from here... so I got one as well...
Chik-Fil-A ... well you know... ok...

Happy ThanksGiving to EveryOne!

22 November 2016

rib eye roast

Ride Eye Roast is so easy to make

Just cook it. 

Plate it. Eat it. 
The only way you can mess this up 
Is by cooking it too long

Some wonderful Soft Cheese 

Me - not too shabby

Always see this while out and about

The Gold Standard of being shaggy

Tried - so hard - to make it work...
I just can't tolerate the shaggy phase!

I probably lack the patience to develop a morning routine
With blow-drying and products!
(To Be Continued...)

20 November 2016

birthday month continues

My Beloved Downtown Dallas

Winter in North Texas lasts about 2 weeks.
Enjoy it!

Lunch with Sherri

I am developing a wee bit more confidence when it comes to dressing up
But that is still not too "dressy"... well... for me, maybe!

19 November 2016

cedars open studio

A little thriving group of artists
Have a exhibit at Cedars (The Cedars?)

So much Glass, and Art

These are lofts where people have studios -
Some even live here - wow!

An oven for firing glass to be blown

A couple of friends from High School
Such great times - to be in touch this very day
A Birthday Celebration for me!