30 December 2016

an owl christmas

First, Lunch

At Chili's

An Owl Scheduling Book

I think I had one already, but I lost it.
And if I had it, I would toss it.
Too much bad luck from nasty 2016.
That year needs to go away.

25 December 2016

merry christmas

Never show up empty handed to a Party

Or a Dinner

Or a Dinner Party

Late Night Snack

I drew this  - lol

A scrapbook present with pictures from like 4 years ago.
I feel as though I have aged 20 years.

When does it stop?

It never stops. 

We just learn better along the way

Nursing Home Christmas Trees!

I hope everyone has a happy - healthy -
Peaceful Holiday... 
However you celebrate (or don't celebrate)!

And may this year be a turning point of change
With Peace, and Understanding,
And even Love and Forgiveness 
For All!

How's that for a Holiday Blessing?

24 December 2016

party city

Party #1

Another leak - the is the fire department riser...
Sure - why not? 

Even Subaru is giving gifts

Party #2

As my Boss' Blogging GF says:
"The camera eats first!"

Old World German stuff...
Not one word was spoken at this party...
Too busy eating!

Throw pillows 

They sneak up on ya- watch it!

This little doggie is NOT having it!

Another trip to Medical City!

It's the most busiest time of the year!

13 December 2016

getting ready

Tis the season - for falling

And eating (not mine)

And suctioning
AKA Harry Snotter 

And moving

LOL - only in Texas

Tom Thumb - the fancy grocery store

Lump of coal for some people I know

I love to share cooking tips with Absolute Beginners

Cindy likes hamburgers..
And probably eats way too much chicken and yogurt
(But not together, I hope)

This is Jack Fruit - have you ever tasted it?
A patient let me taste it

This is El Salvadorian Pupusa
A patient also let me taste this.

If you feed Nurses, they just keep showing up -
like a bunch of Stray Cats...
So it can only happen during the holidays.

Because this is certainly true for me!

People who are not on low carb must imagine that
It is a life of sad desperation.
So they try to sneak in some carbs and sugar
Every chance they get.
I do MUCH better when 
I don't have any bites, licks and tastes. 
Especially those pesky 4 (?) molecules of Water
That go with each molecule of Carbon