30 November 2018

nude day off

I meant to say NEW day off. 
Lots of sleep. 
I have a sleep debt. 

Back to walking every morning. 
Getting the mile in. 
And the Heart Rate Variability down. 

More boxes. 
Always more boxes. 

Two simultaneous 
Bathroom remodels. Not easy.
 Even if you’re not doing the work. 

Subaru is always so progressive. 

Tagged on an oil change
After work. And a car wash. 
Also got gas for Trekkie. 

I pretty much insisted on an extra day off. 
I re-read my blog, and noticed a pattern. 
Chronic lack of sleep...
Nosebleeds... migraine headaches....
I don’t miss wine at all. 

I miss the marketing for wine,
But like so many other things,
The marketing and the reality 
Never ever line up. 

So I have a day off. 
Two days! 
And guess what. Errands all day. 
And cleaning. 

The big trees in the big yard
With leaves that never rake themselves. 
Never. Not once. 

I broke out in a nose rash. 
It’s not itchy or weepy. 
So I guess it’s just lymph 
And “detox”. 
Ready for it to go away. 
The rash. Not my nose. 
First grade humor
At its finest. 
You’re welcome. 

29 November 2018

crazy times

So. Last weekend I was sick
And missed the 
Crazy Water Festival. 

The thriving little town of 
Mineral Wells. 
I haven’t been free to get water
Since before vacation. 

Typical morning walk at Walmart. 

Went home and slept at 6 pm. 
And I slept hard. 

Finally getting the Heart Rate Variability 
In a better range. 
That’s like BP 
In the sense that it’s the rest between beats. 

Lol. From 2011. 

Freaking nose broke out
In a little rash.
I guess it’s from the Turkey. 

28 November 2018

question everything

Running the Numbers 

Back to the morning walk. 
Traffic is just not on my side
For an evening work out. 
Not just yet!

Sturm Und Drang

Soup. Lots of Soup. 

Specially from “Hole In The Wall”
Chinese Food Places. 
Probably lots of fillers and thickers. 

Saying goodbye to everything 
One plate at a time. 

Dorian Gray.
Shades of Gray. 
Look at all the Grays. 

So I’ve been questioning my intelligence. 
Some days I don’t feel too smart. 
I guess that happens when 
you are making some changes. 
It’s easy to be oversensitve. 
Being sick last week I am up 8 pounds still. 
I’m not worried. I know it’s just stress. 
Still sucks! 

27 November 2018

the data is in

Here’s that crazy bi-phasic sleep gap. 
I get up, wide awake for an hour or so ...
Then go back to sleep. 
I always have slept in 2 phases. 
Always. Since childhood. 
The other times are just 
getting to pee. 

Finally back to walking. 
It’s been a week.

I’m no Alpha Dog. 
More like a Beta. 
I don’t want to be the lead-
More like the Deuteragonist. 

You like that word? (Link)
It’s good also to be back to reading. 

So I called my “people” 
and asked them nicely
To try to keep from going in my room. 
I rent a room. And it’s not locked.
So anyone just hours in there
Like we’re brothers and sisters. 

Just not this time, please. 
I started to redo the closet 
When I got super busy. 
And super tired. 
About the time of the Reunion. 
So it’s been awhile. 

Time to deep clean. 
Everyone please stay away
Until I can get to it. 

That happened at my old apartment
With my broken leg. 
Things just piled up,
And then the place flooded. 
And I’ll be damned-
That’s the time suddenly 
People want to stop in
And leave a note ... etc. 
But very few people offer to help clean. 

Jeez. Insanity. 
Murphy and his Laws suck. 

And they go away thinking 
I must be One Sick Puppy
To have such a messy place. 

Cleaning Is not a priority-
I mean not having everything like 
An Army Inspection. 
What a waste of time and energy. 

Truth be told I seldom like to make my bed. 
I’m organized and sanitary.

A common theme of this blog
Is me letting crap go
Then cleaning like a Mad Woman. 

So yes. The data is in. 
And here it is. 

It’s good to sleep. 
And don’t eat crap. 
Fast regularly. 
And get some walking in. 
Preferably in the sun. 
And try to be nice. 
If for no other reason, 
To avoid stress.
Don’t be a freaking jerk. 

Make time to read or have a hobby. 
Travel all you can. 
Keep your friends and family close. 
Listen to nice music,
And keep your place clean-
But don’t go crazy with the last one

Do things mindfully
Keep the mirror (of your mind) clean. 

And there you have it.
Everything you need for a happy life. 


Rainy and cold
Sunny and bright and cold

Lol. Truth! 

Spend much of the day at 
Childrens Medical Center. 
They’re so nice! 

Finally sleeping off the effects 
Of the turkey and junk the other day. 

Be a Pediatric Nurse, they said. 
It will be fun, they said! 
Guess what!! It is! 

Seen here with lipstick
In my hair and on my pouty, 
perfectly formed lips. 

25 November 2018

back to work

I went to bed on Friday early afternoon 
And didn’t get up till Sunday morning. 
And now back to work. 

I canceled my concert with Pete,
And just crashed. 

What an odd thing we have going on. 
I’m glad I was a Fatty. 
I could take the abuse of 
Another form of addiction. 
One glass of red wine and 
I have a headache for 3 days. 

Couple that with spicy food 
And chronic lack of sleep

And you have me 
Being a mess. 

Also I had a big plate of turkey. 
I was once allergic to it. 
I guess I still am. 

Missed work from sick days 
Is expensive to me! 
It’s never ever worth it. 

23 November 2018