27 December 2012

happy mani-fest-ivus

I love this time of year - "Guy Foods"
And Fatty Treats that are otherwise hard to find.

See, I never sat down and said .... "GOSH - I am sure a Fattie!
OMG Becky - look at my butt - it's so OUT THERE!
Hmm... I think I'll try Atkins! I've GOT to try something..."
I kind of fell into the whole LoCarb thing...
And I never ever get tired of telling the story.

In 4 years, a person could earn a college degree. But
I keep flunking out, and making the same Sophomoric mistakes.
Now I really GET what Atkins is - and what it is not.

This is the butter and coconut oil I take with me to munch on at work!

It has taken me every bit of 3.5 years to wrap my brains around
the concept of eating fats - and ketogenic diets...
It goes against everything we are taught.... 
Which SHOULD have been my first clue - to trust it!
Atkins is not a LoCarb diet; it is a High Fat diet.
Lots and lots of Saturated Fats.
Turns out that even the experts are now saying
That Sat Fats are not the evil we once thought they were.

And cheating on Atkins is a very slippery slope -
A simple glass (or two) of wine at night - can, and does 
REALLY show up!
The good Doctor himself wrote that the only reason 
his diet ever fails is because of cheating - or alcohol!

Am I really able to "give up" all kinds of sweet "treats" ...
And let them lose their appeal once and for all?
Maybe I had better leave the candy and cookies
For the kids, and "grow up" to a better diet for me!

So this Way Of Eating is becoming a real commitment to me.
Not just a bunch of words in a blog.
Not just a way to drop a few pounds whenever I need to.
I am a slow learner - better later than ever, I guess!
The unexamined diet is not worth eating!

Can you see the birds flying south for the winter? 
Too cold here in Dallas!
Happy Holidays continue!

24 December 2012

happy festivus

Happy Festivus to all

As a Nurse (and a Person)
I DO catch some Nasty Germs from people
from time to time...  and this was my "sick week!"
I have been sicker since I lost weight - 
Then any time since High School.
Maybe because I am busier now that I get around better!

So, after a week of crying like a baby, and drinking broth,
And sleeping all day, and watching endless YouTube vids - 
I finally felt well enough to get up and do something.

I went through each closet, each box, each drawer  -
And didn't just clean - I organized and threw stuff out!
I gave away all the old food things I never intend to eat...
I even organised all the plastic containers and lids!

I gave away all of the rest of my Fat Clothes....
Somewhere, a LumberJack is going to be very happy to get them!
I think I had 20 Netrition t shirts... and yet, 
I can only wear one at a time!

Very Funny Indeed!

Seemed like a good idea.
Finally my mind is ready to move on!
Finally I feel organized in my thoughts, too!

So yay!
Happy Christmas Eve!
Off to work I go...

19 December 2012

end of the world

Cooking but not eating it all

Kind of sick - maybe just the flu

Maybe just over worked, maybe too hot....
Maybe just sad - so much going on...
I am taking some time off to clean and get ready!

My fave meal is just a hamburger... go figure!

Lovely Christmas all around

My neighbor did this with Pumpkins
She is nothing - if not clever

And me  - I am clever if not nothing!

I have tried to really evaluate my whole life....
Not really recommended... but sometimes needed!
Might just be a fever!

13 December 2012

super id

Went out looking at Christmas Lights the other day....
We really don't have time for things like this...
We have to MAKE time, because getting out in "real life"
Really is a Priority!

I inherited a bird!
I call him Mr Peepers!
His bird-wife died and the family said
"Get Him Outta Here!" ... so I did!

Went driving around in the so-called country...
But with an agenda!
Looking for a cute little place perhaps to one day call my own.
But with a twist! 

DFW seems to be unique in many ways,
When you compare it to other large cities...
30 minutes drive and you are looking at gas stations
slash diners slash grocery stores that boast about these!
They probably ate 'em!

I am busy busy busy in ways that I never imagined
I could sustain! I love what I am doing and it seems to be 
An effortless labour of love!

Back in the day, I could barely walk up the stairs to my apartment.
I could never have kept up such a pace - if not for LoCarb!

Eating has been spot - on...
Eating - not cheating!
Had some wine at the annual XMas party -
Just one glass! Now only on rare occasions.
O That This Too Too Solid Flesh Would Melt!

And here I thought is said Seasoned Eatings!

Ho Ho Ho!
Love y'all!

05 December 2012

ton o' food


Bacon and Eggs

Hebrew Nationals and Mustard

Ground Beef


Didn't eat too much of this

Busy times....
Busy time of year, I guess.

Met a Doctor - asked if she could be my Doc.
Asked her if she ever had anyone on Atkins.
She said Yes - but only one person.
And he eventually failed.

So much has changed.
Hope it keeps changing....
Hope you are having a great week!

02 December 2012

fat bombs

Take some butter and coconut oil or coconut butter

Melt them all in a pan

Add some LC sweetener.... 
And any flavor you like -

Pour them all into molds
And pop them into the freezer...

You have a Fat Bomb!

These were made with chocolate flav syrup...
Then a couple of drops of cherry/almond went into one,
mint into another, orange, raspberry, kahlua, 
Any flavor your little heart desires! 

These have cocoa and almond butter mixed in
...I am not a fan of chocolate... it's ok... but I am 
not coo coo for cocoa... (yuk)

You can add nibs, nuts, anything at all
If you make them and don't like them,
You can melt them down and try again!

They keep me from being too hungry - for hours...
And I must admit - I like them!