28 November 2011

re re re jump

Tried Truvia for a week....
I think I gained a wee bit... grrr!
Can't tell the exact numbers, cuz I threw out my scales!
But I didn't like the look of my face when I took my daily pic.

I decided to try Truvia - and lay off the Splenda for a bit.
I was a fan of Truvia - but now - not so much!
The written serving size is 3/4 of  a teaspoon...
For 3 carbs. But you need at least twice that!
Or more - so a cup of coffee with Truvia
might stack up to 10 carbs!
3 or 4 times a day... PLUS other food...
My my my - how it creeps back up on ya!

Took my lunch to work today....
But no chance to eat!
Just a protein drink...
Oh - and my Super Fish-Oil Energy Pills!
So I thought - HEY
This might be a good thing!
I just made it through Day One of
Re Re Re Re Induction!

Atkins said that a person can restart Induction 
ANYTIME they feel the need!
And I love to be in Ketosis.... so, yep!

I don't count the times that I've re-started.
And I never ever see it as failure or anything bad.
It is not a bad thing! It's a "go-to" thing!
I just re-jump start my diet any time I feel the need.
One or two days of mind-boggling cravings
and inconvenience - and boom!
I'm looking forward to it!
I'm one day closer as of today.

Work was so good - 
I was a happy camper for sure!
Got alot of nice things said to me.
Didn't expect that.
Wow! I'll take it!
Hope you are having a great day, too!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your posts!!! Thank you!!! You inspire me!

  2. truvia...it doesn't do it for me...I use splenda...my daughter tells me I'll go blind. lol. ahh well. it's a trade off.

  3. A great day at work! Yippee, compliments are nice and I'm sure well-deserved!

    xoxo jj

  4. I don't mind Truvia in something with it's own tart/strong flavor. I hate it in beverages. And I prefer EZ Sweetz (liquid, no carb, sucralose). :D Netrition keeps me in EZ Sweetz. :D

    I have to find someone else to dance with. The one that brung me also aided in wrecking my metabo. But I am grateful for being where I am. I really need a BETTER, finer, more contributory partner. Hah. (Well, I am keeping hubby. He worked out fine.)

    I like your face--on Truvia or off it. It's the face of a mighty fine lady!


  5. Doesn't that have corn in it?

  6. Yep, I switched today, too, from Truvia, back to Pure Via. It is straight stevia, carbs < 1. I think the reason Truvia is so tempting is because it's got SUGAR in it. And it comes in the cutest flip top boxes ever marketed.

    I started Induction 1 week ago. I'm doing ok, down 4 pounds, and that includes the +1 for Thanksgiving teeny nibbles on stuffing & pumpkin filling. On the cranberry sauce, I only ate about 4 of the sugar soaked berries.

    Ate an Atkins coconut bar last night and it annihilated all loss for yesterday. Better, I think, to only eat half. It was pretty heavy.

    I'm feeling energetic, I guess -- at least not fatigued.
    More to follow . . .

  7. Truvia is a combination of erythritol and stevia. Not sugar (unless one calls erythritol sugar) or corn.

    David Mendosa (diabetic writer/expert) says both erythritol and stevia have minimal impact upon blood sugars. Guess that could vary per person.

    Also some don't count all the carbs in erythritol since it's not all metabolized, but excreted... people debate that, too. ;-)

    Guess we all have our favorite sweeteners, and woe be to he/she/it that threatens them, LOL!

  8. I don't use Truvia but, liquid stevia. The liquid stevia doesn't have anything added to it.

    You sound so positive in your post, very catchy and great way to start my day!

  9. I like your attitude. :)

  10. Good luck with induction again, Anne. That would be something I should do. I seriously need to decarb. It isn't so much about the weight now but I feel better when I have less carbs. I am also needing to check into the aspartame. I'm getting quite a bit of it and I'm not sure that is a good thing.

  11. I looked at Truvia yesterday because I was thinking about making cranberry sauce with it. I was quite shocked at the high price and decided to leave it on the shelf.


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