30 June 2021

staycation plan

I can’t tell if I’m having escape fantasies 
Or just love to hike- or both. 

Ahhh the summer of 2021. 
Fucking hot. 

Asphalt roads are buckeling. 
(How do you spell that?) 

This is in the panhandle of Idaho. 
Right up near Canada, eh?
It should be cooler. 

Bernie Sanders was right. 
Climate Change will effect us all. 
Now. In our lifetime. 

The National Parks are overrun. 
Probably parents trapped with kids all year. 
Summer vacations are out for me. 
I think I’ll go in the spring or the fall. 
One long raft trip. 
Then back to alternative vacs. 

Maybe it will be like a gym in January. 
Wait a while and all the stragglers 
And WannaBes leave out. 

So many films about hiking and 
Boondocking. Van Life. 
Everyone wants to travel. 

My first year getting stuck 
In a snowstorm at the North Rim-
I was often the only person on the highway. 

Mommy- take me! 
No! You have to stay home. 
Stay home and work on not being an asshole. 

Having variety in playlists
Is a must 😂 

5 nights away. In town. 
What shall I do? Fast? 
I think I’ll fast. 
I don’t want to clean any dishes. 
I don’t want  to get up early. 
I don’t want to mow the yard. 

I want to fast, walk, 
Watch pod casts. 
Sleep and swim. 
Treat this like it was 
A Fasting Resort. 
A rest and reset button. 

nip it

Sleep now

Tons of walking. 

The crazy, top line 
Is March when I was sick. 
The 3 close lines are
April, May, and June. 

The green and lavender 
Are alternating sleep
And deep sleep bars. 
When I first started tracking,
I was getting like 2 hours 
Deep sleep. It was the wine. 
Alcohol really does disrupt REM 

VO2 is also coming up. 
It was below average 
When I was first home
From the hospital. 


29 June 2021

full week

My dream job
Is to sleep. 

Lots of work. 
Mowing and housework. 

Sleep Apnea?

Since I use this every day 
I made a bulk batch. 
Onion powder - not salt 
Garlic powder- not salt 
Smoked Paprika and Cayenne 

Lol cat say Doctors 
Don’t know shit! 

Full week- 6 days
Coming up! 
Work, eat, sleep. 

28 June 2021

mow de yard

Died in its tracks 

The gas mower is gone. 
The battery operated one is here! 
But ya gotta plug it in to charge. 

No chest pain 
(I never did have any)
No missed beats
(None ever since 2007)
The old ticker is not just good. 
It’s very very good. 

I feel happy, calm, and normal
After just a few doses 
Of Vitamin B12.
What if all this is true? 
OMG so simple. 

My iron levels are good. 
Ferritin good. 
Still low end Hemoglobin 
@12. Basic cut off levels. 
So it’s not iron-deficiency. 

sit down john

Yummy extra sleep 

2 MicroWalks 

Better and better. 
Doing deep breathing 
Several times a day. 

This is now a cat blog. 



Posing with food.