27 April 2012

oh no, not again

 Took the Baby Mac to the Monolithic  Apple  - 
Same thing as before - Power Cord Issues...
Must be a metaphor for me!
One week before vacation, and no access to a computer.

I'm at the Lie-Berry again.
Getting pelted in the back of the head by little
kids with spits balls. Just yuk.
So Blogging Family, please indulge me
as I trudge along as best as I can.
I promise to catch up with you all 
in no time!  Any one who can tell me who to
Blog from the Android - I'm all Virtual Ears!

 I'm doing ok - a little busier than I would like to be
But just getting ready for vacation...
Trying not to get frustrated... 

 I should be on my mettle - 
And yet I'm torn apart
Da dup da da da da dup

Went back to CrossFit
It was great - and just a misunderstanding

I need a Coach like a person needs a teacher!
I guess Reverse Motivation doesn't work well with some people
I may - or may not - be currently giving 100%
All the time... but I'm there to learn and have fun 
as well as train for the Senior Olympics!
And really - some days it' enough for me to just show up.

 The perfect way to cook bacon
Use a sheet of foil as a Splatter Guard
And a little Cast Iron Skillet as a weight

Some Zero Carb eats this week:
Lots of good Steaks and Sirloin Patties
 Bacon and Eggs.... I find I need less food -
And just "regular small person" portions
are just enough for me and my Gold Locks

I love to cook and I've taken on a project 
of cooking for a neighbor....Who I found on the floor.... 
I sent her to the ER and she came back alive and hungry.
I told her it would be WinWin If  I could cook for her.
 So she dropped me a $20, and said "Medium Rare!"
She is a Foodie and a Germaphobe...
So we will get along famously.
No rancid oils.. no licking of the spoon.
And dinner at 7. 
Formal dress optional.

Until next time -
I remain Your Truly -

25 April 2012

smile, dammit

Cuz I said so!

What do we know of Cultured Butter....
Instead of regular old Sweet Cream Butter?

Still doing the Zero Carb...
Although I do admit I had a glass of wine with dinner last night.
This quitting Cross Fit has been keeping me up late at night.
Which tells me it is not resolved in my mind.

I am stronger, and better, and doing quite well...
Like the 6 Million Dollar Phattie!
My awesome trainer and I talked at great length
and I felt a strong "want" and desire to go back to CF
If only to get in the habit of not quitting things!

Stuff like this speaks to me...

And this....

I think we as a Society are in a pretty bad spot...
Maybe we have been for a while, and the Internet 
just lets us know about it faster... 
Trouble is nothing new...

Certainly whatever comes next in life will be easier to face
if I am in good shape... Weight Loss is good... but it's not
enough to get and stay healthy... HEALTH is what it's all about.
And there has to be some degree of Fitness that goes with that.

And it's not a far stretch of the mind to think that I need a Guide
in the form of a trainer to help me along...
I want to be injury free.... I see all kinds of BlissNinnies
Doing a FB challenge.. 100 squats a day....
That's all fine and good... but honestly, there's more to squats
Than just bending your knees and counting reps.

So I thought about it... and decided to go back to CrossFit!
I am pretty excited about it.... but not 100 resolved.
It might also be Transitional Noise from the Cruise....
I leave this apartment in like 10 days.
And I am such a Shy Person that it's troubling.
Also... I am not a fan of water. 

Well.... here' me.... just muddling along.
Really. Thanks for reading...

24 April 2012

kitchen days

Tried to cook a steak.. it was yukky. Tough. Bah!
Since I don't have a dog, I threw the steak into a pan,
And made some Steak Soup.

Cooked all night.... low and slow...
Fell apart like a blogger with a donut!
But with better results!

The so-called Virgin Coconut Oil....
Just can't stand the smell of it - the taste of it.
It might be good in a smoothie... or a coconut dish.

But this is the expeller pressed - more yellow...

Look at all the solids in the Coconut Oil.

Went into the sunshine today -
It was about 80 - just right for Spring!

Strained the Coconut Oil in this metal coffee cone strainer....
Comes in very handy! Also good for broth....
And coffee!

Made a little batch of Coconut Oil with less solids.

Nasty stuff still didn't melt even in the full sun.
And Coconut Oil should be liquid at 76 degrees or so

So yeah - getting better and better -
Still loving the so-called BulletProof Coffee...
Coffee with butter and coconut oil...
Waiting for my MCT oil to arrive!
And Cruising into Cruise mode!

22 April 2012

beef eating

A lovely Ribeye

Bones and stuff for broth.... 
I make a pot a week or so...
Or a Brisket or Roast.

Got the AeroLatte

Froths butter and coconut oil into coffee....
Still no Heavy Whipping Cream for me.
The first blush of coffee (after a month with no coffee)
Gave me a wee bit of a headache today...

Lots of stretching....
Even at work
I stand most of the day....
AND take advantage of every opportunity
To get some stretching in.

One of these Resistance Bands is  great to take to work....
They don't weigh alot or take up much space!

Tons of energy now.... getting ahead for the first time
-- in months!

Hope your day is great - and tasty!

20 April 2012

cleaning out junk

Moved things around in the gym room...

To make room for the rowing machine.
I have so much energy - and no coffee!
Who knew?

This Zero Carb is great - no veggies to cook

Cleaned out the fridge and found all kinds of stuff
This was from Brazil - that goes WAY back!

I cooked for Pat and Michael...
Very Paleo - if I do say so myself

Found my Passport, too...
I guess it was time for an upgrade!

Poached Eggs and Sausage

Pork Tenderloin with Gram Masala

PERFECT for dinner when it's unexpectedly cool outside!
Lovely sleeping weather, my Lovelies!
Two weeks from now- and I am outta here!
The countdown has begun!

19 April 2012

zero carb and pufa

Getting my beef on.... love my diet -
I like the local butcher shop because they 
can wrap each parcel in thick paper...
in one pound increments. Just enough for me.

Bacon and eggs for breakfast...

Steak for lunch... This is Chopped Sirloin - 
So lean - I had to add butter!

2 steaks, 2 bacon, 2 eggs, shrimp
A typical day seen here on FitDay

Still only has at or around 4% PUFA total...
I STILL love to keep the pufa low...
I think they are the root of all evil in diets.
And with the over numbers in the 4% range,
I don't think I have to worry about ratios.
They are all low. Low enough.

A good rotation would be beef every other day....
With chicken and pork and fish in the mix.
If a person got tired of beef... or wanted some variety.

Even with pork and chicken, 2 steaks,  and shrimp all in the same day,
It's 1700 calories... Now what a treat THAT would be!

And still around 4% pufa...
No skin on the White Meat Chicken to get the numbers right!
And this chart had 2 Tablespoons of Butter and
2 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil added...

People ask if a Meat Only diet is more expensive...
Yes and No.
I don't have to "worry" about anything else...
No salad, no veggies.... nothing.
And that makes it easy. Nothing to think about.
Nothing to prep and store.
Half the veggies I would buy would go bad  -
long before I could use them...
That's not cheap either!

Let's say a person ate a half a pound of good quality beef a day.
Maybe some choice beef... $7 a pound...even $10 - 
So to eat all meat is running me around $5 a day.
A person could eat a pound of meat a day (I don't) ... 
$7 a pound/day..That still $220 a month... $55 a week...
I spent more than that before! Lots more... And ZC is much more satisfying.
And less $$ than it was was I was getting all the veggies, salads, 
And Heavy Whipping Cream, and Cheese!

So - still in the Honeymoon phase of it all!
And still loving it - and Zero Carb loves me!
For now, at least.
Can't get much more "hard-core" than Meat only
Cave man or not - just sayin'!
What was that sound? 
Oh that - just me - dropping another pound....lol!