31 March 2023

kratom day

This is a perfect day to me 

This is really a perfect day to me! 
No one in America is above the law. 
Not even the once upon a time
President of the Electoral College. 
The Constitution lives on. 

If ya love the man - or hate him-
No one in America is above the law. 

Far from perfect. But OK. 
I’ve been having mostly protein shakes
And soup- for 6 months. 
Time to bring back solid foods. 

Let’s look at the tomfoolery. 
One serving per container. 
Or is it actually two servings? 
Yes. It’s nearly 2 servings. Disguised as 1. 

They often do the same with HWC
(Heavy Whipping Cream)
They don’t have to report numbers 
below 1/2 a gram. 
So  if  HWC has 0.4 carbs per “serving” 
They can report it as zero carbs. 
But then, how many servings 
Do we actually use- realistically? 

Also, some dairy products have
Binders and fillers - starch. 
Believe it or not! 

The goblins will get you
Ef you don’t watch out! 

Many steps. 
Kratom for the win. 
I also vacuumed the pt room! 

Wheelchair people came 
And I happened to be there. 
The last time, the nurse didn’t 
Put the patient in the wheelchair 
To see if it was a good fit. 
Now really. Who does that? 
So the patient suffered needlessly 
For 2 years - from a bad fit. 
And eventually couldn’t 
Sit in the chair at all. 

I had a restless night. 
I took some Mylanta
Thinking it helps with Kratom
(It can be irritating)
But it made me “go potty”
Like a million times. 
I’m also out of CBD. 

2 years ago, I almost died
From the COVID vaccine reaction. 
My housemate says I was just in bad shape. 
She’s pro vaxx and so am I. 
I can still be provaxx and 
still know it can have side effects. 

I’m 100% off wine etc. 
and back at my baseline weight. 
I actually did the work! 
No excuses. 
The Days of Wine and Roses. 
Sobriety is the new fun!
It’s hip to be square. 

Hot Diggity Dog!
I’m ready! 
I’m working on a editing today. 

I buy my Kratom online
But somethings they don’t have. 
I love to support local businesses. 

Bye Bye Birdie! 
My patient is blind. 
So I asked mom if we can 
bring the birds in, so he can
 hear their happy chirping. 

Cofeve for Brekkie! 

30 March 2023

up and running

The weather is the big thing now. 
Scary skies. Lots of rain. 

88th day of the year (yesterday)
Is International Piano Appreciation Day. 
Or something like that. 

Old files coming up.  Lol. 

So the kids went out to play. 
Kids don’t mind me  
(You’re NOT my mom!)
So I trick them to coming home 
By saying it’s a race. 
(Last one home is a rotten egg!)
And I ran! I actually, physically ran. 
About 4 houses down. 200 feet? 

My replacement called in 
And I ended up coming to work. 
So I slept like poop. 
I was afraid I would over sleep. 

The mask was just to be silly. 
I don’t wear a mask outdoors. 
Protein shakes and soup. 
Dangerously close to my goal. 

29 March 2023

little bump

Last nights sunset. 

Last nights dream setting 

Last nights walking 

Last nights crash pad 

I love the platinum 

Lol. From Facebook 

Remember this from 2020? 
Probably gloves as well. 

Nurses do 2 thing’s different 
A. We have no idea what day it is. 
2. We refuse to make our beds. 
(See what I did there?)

Yesterday I was showing how 
to clear water from the oxygen tubing. 
And I saw a picture of me on profile (side). 
I looked like I had never lost one pound! 
I know I have Body Dismorohia. 
But this got me shook!

Lol my watch has a reflection of me. 
I was so upset I just went back
To calm myself down. 
It’s not true. I know it. 
But it seems true enough at the time. 

28 March 2023

right track

AI is cool. 
A bit worrisome. 
But cool. 

This is from FOTOR. 
The VanGough AI filter. 

Normal sky. 
It was a little brighter IRL. 

iPhone edits. 

Respirations 10 to 12 RPM
With occasion dips.. 
not enough to call it sleep apnea. 
And I can already promise 
I will never wear a C-Pap. 
It’s not for me. 

AI traffic jam. 
If it looked like this
I wouldn’t mind being stuck! 

Had goosebumps all day yesterday. 
Felt queasy. Uneasy. 

Dry fasted after 6 pm. 
Pulled off 2 pounds of 
metabolic water. 

It felt like A-Fib yesterday. 
The Apple Watch does a ECG. 
You’re right. It’s not the same
As one in ICU. 
Neither are my scales. 
And I use them every day 
To monitor my progress. 
I had wee little P waves. 
More on this tomorrow! 

27 March 2023


Always hungry teenage boy 

I walked in to find a mess today. 
Broken part of broken machines. 
Sick kids, piles of laundry 
And trouble. 
It too 2 1/2 hours to sort. 
Choose your team wisely. 
They will make or break your efforts.