30 April 2021

rainy day

Cold Start Yogurt
Made from starter 

That much yogurt. 
This much whey. 

Stand up a spoon - thick. 

And 4500 steps yesterday. 

Supposed to say 

29 April 2021

headache day

Pain pain pain all night
And no Advil or wine to be had. 

My steps compared to the last year.

I can tell I didn’t feel good. 
HRV way down. 

Homemade Yogurt was a hit. 
I’m making another batch from cold start. 
Ultra-Pasteurized milk is ok for cold start. 
The bad bugs have already been  destroyed. 
By super filtration. 
We shall see! 

Annie sent me a portable TENS unit. 
It helped with pain. 
Of all things I have sciatica 
In both legs. Ouch. Can’t get comfortable. 

28 April 2021

tired day

Let’s make yogurt! 
Milk and Yogurt starter. 

Stand a spoon test -
Check ✅ 

This awesome strainer is making 
The Greek yogurt perfect. 

It’s so nice to eat again
Without heartburn. 

27 April 2021

errands day

Pick up by boxes. 
Lots of boxes. 

Crazy crashing for fruit. 
Berries. Atkins approved. 

Barbecoa and eggs 

Did a CAC
For calcium deposits 
In the coronary arteries. 
Perfect score. ZERO. 

Me 2 years ago. 
In Santa Fe. 

Same shirt. 
Different day! 
Same goofy smile. 

26 April 2021

watch it

KavaKava, Melatonin,
Magnesium. Knock out. 
But you can’t take KavaKava 
for more than a few weeks at a time. 
I’ve cut all coffee past 2 pm
(I really only have one small cup in the morning)
And am still trying to cut all fluids and intake 
Past 6 pm. I get up a lot to pee. 
Lol. TMI? Hehehe

The key is deep breathing. 
And movement. 
Up it goes! 
Is HRV just a fad? 
Or is it meaningful?

Apple Watch has a built in App
That can be set to remind you
At various intervals- to deep breathe. 
It is truly an amazing product. 

My dear old Mom 
Would have jumped for joy-
To see such an amazing thing. 

These are called “Activity Rings”
And the goal is to close them. 
Activity, workouts, and standing. 
For the Android people  - 
An Apple Primer. 

For stand times, I also stretch 
And walk in place. 
Just move some blood around. 

I once babysat a dog
And my payment was computer lessons. 
I remember I was awake for 3 days
In complete awe- I even cried a little. 
My teacher was tough. 
I had to do all kinds of Karate Kid stuff
Like identify the parts of the Mother Board
it was went DOS went to Windows 
But not yet GUI. 

I stripped the wires and replaced them
With Heavy Duty ones. 
And a bigger fan. Etc.  

So I learned- like a Boss! 
 But Apple / Mac is the cream de la cream 
By FAR.  

I stood in line at midnight 
To get more RAM  -
I did the upgrade myself. 
1 MB to 5 MB 
And no one could believe 
We could go that far! 
Now look at us. 

ONLY 26 GB? 
Flouncy thing. Lol 

Night Nurse was late 
As usual and I was hungry 
As usual. Hard Boiled Eggs 
As usual. 
Good thing is now I don’t have heartburn.  

Chili. Child’s portion. 
I need more. 

Crap traffic at 9 pm! 
Both directions as far as you can see. 
They do the major construction 
At night so as not to cause delays. 
But that theory isn’t working. 
Even on a Sunday night. 

Vitamin B12 vape pen. 
I feel silly - blowing smoke rings. 
Big CAC today. Calcium test.