30 September 2011


What are you looking at?
Strike some prose
Strike a pose
 ♪♫♪ ♬ Vogue  ♫♪♬♫

Look around, everywhere you turn there's blubber -
It's everywhere that you go
(Just look around)
You try everything you can to escape 
The pain of life that you know
(Life that you know)

When all else fails and you long to be 
Something fitter than you are today
I know a place you can get away
It's called the gym floor 
And here's what it's for --

Come on - Vogue
Let your body move to the music
Hey, hey, hey!
Come on - Vogue
You know you can do it!

All you need is your own imagination
So use it - that's what it's for
Go inside for your finest perspiration
And leave some sweat on the floor!

It makes no difference if you're big or small
If you're a boy or a girl
If your blood is pumping it will give you new life
You're a Rock Star - yes that's what you are
You know it!

Come on - Vogue
Let your body groove to the music
Hey, hey, hey!
Come on  - Vogue
Let your body go with the flow
You know you can do it!

Health is where you find it
Not just where you bump and grind it
"Sole" is in the musical 
That's where I feel so beautiful, magical
Life's a medicine ball, so get out on the gym floor!

Rettakat, Dawne (with an "e") In a fitness magazine...
Dr Fatty, Princess D  - Picture of a work-out queen
Roxie, Karen, Tena there
Sheryl Bitch Cakes - ride on air!

They have style, they've lost weight
Helen 180 - she looks great!
Spunky Suzi - We love you!

Ladies with a Fattitude
Fellows that are in the mood
Don't just stand there, let's get to it
Strike a pose, there's nothing to it!

(That's my "Vogue" pose!)

This post is an homage to all the Bloggers
(Couldn't name them all!)
We've been "chatting" daily for more than 2 years!
You are all like my family - and real support!
Thanks! ♡

And do stop by and tell SpunkySuzi Happy Birthday!
She's the big 50 today!
Party smile
Hope your day is wonderful!

29 September 2011

what's in *your* cart?

A healthy day starts with a good breakfast, right?
Can it get much better than this?
Would Dr OZ approve of this?
Smile with tongue

Add a little of this to the coffee - 
It's fat free - so that's better for you, no?
And look - it's gluten free!
That gluten is bad for you, right? 
The musta taken all the gluten outta this - to make it better!

Happy chickens, "all natural" -
Maybe just clucking around on a farm somewhere...
Eat less red meat, right?
And turkey bacon! Maybe some soy burgers?
Veggie dog!
Sick smile

This stuff still count as a veggie?
Sure it does!
"Guess What My Bottle Is Made Of?"
Make that - "Guess What My BUTT Is Made Of!"

This is WAY better for ya!
It says "light" right on the package.
"Go to the Light!" (indeed)

Why yes, we do!
(Or DO we?)
6 servings a day. Minimum. Grains.
More is better. And a serving is like 3 slices, right?
Maybe they mean eat as much as you want,
six times a day! 
Vampire bat

Thank goodness! 
Half the fat! At least someone is looking after us!
And this stuff is so much cheaper than the other stuff, too!

Anti- oxidants... Isn't that what Dr Oz talks about?
And this - it says "smart" right on the package!

The only way to get kids to eat the stuff.
Add a ton of candy to it, ya know?
Excuse me, sir, where's the True Moo? (sic) (sick)

Adds color to the diet!
Adds color to other things, too!
*IF you know what I mean - AND I think you do!*
Be right back

And of course this isn't "fattening!"
It says right here - 
No sugar added AND Low Fat!
And you know me - I gotta have my dessert!
I'll cut back on somethings....but come on!
I gotta feed my sweet-tooth!
Winking smile

Hey this looks good - no wait... never mind....
My Bad!
Dog face

Some of the junk they advocate
in the Standard American Diet
is just NOT good for you at all!
Can't even call it "food" at all!
Don't be fooled by so-called experts!
Even the Face Book experts! *wink*
Just kidding

Hope your day is wonderful!

28 September 2011

then and now

☝Above  - now
Below - then☟

What's different? 
Less dairy... still some though...a tad
No grains... even less substitute grains
No peanuts, and much less sf "treats"
More berries - lots of salads, and veggies!
Much less cooking with multiple ingredients...
Much simpler this way.
All most grass-fed beef and meats.
Local produce from the Farmer's Market

What a difference two years can make!

cue the soundtrack

The stars are out of whack in the sky....
Which is also out of whack...
Everyone in the tilted world knows that!

The soap we use is killing us with chemicals
that are toxic - to say nothing about 
the animal testing and poor fuzzy bunnies!
And blondes!

We wear horrid chemical fabrics (don't get me started on fashion)
 and wash with toxins that never really come out  - 
All packaged in rotten plastics that clog our landfills
And kill the fish in the lakes.
 I really don't care much about fish anyways... but still. 

Every single thing we do or touch or 
have at all - is just a freaking 
dubious dual double edged dangling Sword of Damocles.

Cheap metals fester in our quivering brains!
 Transporting them and the cheap chemicals
and eating them - drinking them 
--The metals - not the brains, silly!
... any one of them can choke a horse.

The water in our sinks - unfit to drink!
It's filled with DiHydrogen Oxide.
Even the name of that sounds like 
something that should be banned.
Many people die from this alone.
Do we really want this in our homes?
Hydrogen Hydroxide - for our children?
"I . Think. Not!"

Invisible electro magnet field rays
come through the walls at night 
and poison us with awefulness!
To say nothing of all the 3G and 4G and GG
(I just made that one up) rays that are 
every where! Wear a foil cap! 
Keeps you from dying!

All genetically modified garbage that is sold as food...
Franken-furter Franken-Food.
All for profit and people killin' evil do-ers!
"Tay inna wind!"
 A euphemism for "Don't eat anything!"

Poison food from poison cups with lead and ocean liners 
hauling tons of crap here for us to buy -
In this angst riddled economy!

So go ahead -
Nuke your rancid oils and corporate brainwashing
exploits - don't forget your precious
High Fructose Corn Syrup... 
Made from GMO corn, of course!

The poor slob who climbed up a tree and picked these...
Probably lives in a slum made entirely from discarded
coconut husks. And wears coconut shells 
(like a mermaid - merman!) because
he is being exploited by the histrionic need for trendy drinks.
Get back to work, Slob! I think you dropped a nut!

Obviously there are things wrong.
Obviously there are things we can do.

deep breath!
All this talk... now straight from the Internet!
*All quotes and threads from one day on FB*
It always has been and always will be with us - in content...
Just the form has changed!

So don't worry!
Everything is going to work out fine!
Keep doing what works...
Doing what we know to be right!

"We are all full of weakness and errors; 
let us mutually pardon each other our follies." - Voltaire

Winking smile

27 September 2011

yellow sub

A sticker on the back explained it all - 
Yellow Submarine!

Grass Fed beef is an instant hit!

Stuff you don't expect to see in an Asian Bodega

Still the same expired boxes from two years ago!

These nice people go out every season... 
Halloween is the most popular -
Maybe Christmas!

The Ninja - put your shake in the saddlebag -
by the time you get home - it's blended

May I introduce you to KerryGold 
Pure Irish Butter -
Maybe the best butter evah!

This is garlic and herb... Awesome for sautéing!
And all this butter is from Grass-Fed Cows!
From the Emerald Isle.

The lake levels are still really low - it's still in the mid to high 90's here!

Hope your day is great - 
Stay Strong!