30 November 2022

one day more (again)

Working like this is like
Swimming from one ice hole
To another. All in one pass. 
If you mess up, it’s bad. 
You can’t resurface till the other side. 

Instead of ordering out, 
I’ve really tightened up and 
And am almost a miser
After that mega hack I had last week. 

This will indeed be me. 
But I’ll have my skin. 

Nice healing soup. 
I’m 100% better… well… 99% really. 

Modern Nursing Still Life. 
Advil. Monsters. Covefe. 
Hand Sanitizer, masks, 
And hourly temperature checks. 

No food? No problem. 
Give your guts a break.  

The mat I sleep on here is on the floor. 
It sucks getting up and down from the floor. 
Nothing to grab onto. 

In Nursing, that’s called being a
“Furniture Walker.”  Meaning
The person has to hold on things
To walk. And can’t get up from a chair
Without holding on to something. 

Hold on to a chair. Or the potty! 
It’s a definite sign of decline. 
Fight against this! 
Remember on Grace and Frankie
She got stuck on the toilet! 

I suppose my work load 
Is proof of healing. 
Metabolic and immune system healing. 
100 hours a week is not for the weak. 
[Gosh- I’m cleverer- lol!]

An odd selfie. In total darkness 
What a crazy good camera Apple makes. 
They say it also acts as a phone! 

29 November 2022




The last time I got GrubHub
The meal was so nasty- it looked like
A drunk toddler made it. 
And it was like $30! 
I told myself I would be 
Better off fasting. 
I was right! 

Kid is sick. 
Mom brings in humidifier. 
Night Nurse said it was stuffy in the room. 
And opened the window. 
“But the humidifier seemed to help.”

Alas! Alack! Alaska
That’s what I’m trained myself to say
Instead of  saying
“OMG! You must be batshit crazy!”
I just hope it’s not contagious. 

Once upon a time 
In Nurse Land, there was a great magazine 
Called the Journal of Nursing Jocularity 
You can’t change things. 
You might as well giggle.  

They stopped producing this 
Industry Standard when the leaders
Were killed in a wreck. (Link)
I miss the spirit of those days. 

The irony is that here we are
The most advanced 
The most powerful 
All-American Apex Predator!

Our medical knowledge is amazing
And yet- the infrastructure is lacking. 
We suck at delivery. 

All work and no play
Makes for a dull day. 
This is consecutive day 11. 
One day more for a day off. 
I’m going to sleep. 
Nothing but sleep. 

At least still have my wits. 
Don’t leave home without your wits! 

 Check out the Flying Trapeze
From It Happened One Night 

28 November 2022


I sure do love Eminem. 
The American rapper. 
I’ve loved him since first blush. 
I’ve blogged about him before. (Link)

Since 1999?  His music hits just right. 
He’s gifted. 

He also had weight issues. 
Drug issues. 

Look at him now. 

He raps about his recovery and sobriety. 
Cleaning out my closet. 
The Patron Saint of 
White lower middle class 
Kids everywhere. 
I’m glad he escaped poverty. 
But fame has its own monsters. 

My nephew and I loved Em 
Paul never got past his own angst. 
We used to drive around 
- For literally hours -
Listening to Eminem. 

In my life, 3 people (that I know of)
Killed themselves, and each of them
Called me immediately beforehand. 
But in each case I could not 
Get to them in time. 
None of them were my responsibility. 
 None of them were especially close. 
Paul, my nephew, (like a brother)
Hadn’t been around for months.  
Just called. No answer. No talk. 
Ring. Boom. Train. 
Ring. Boom. Rope. 
Ring. Boom. Shot. 

Three suicides. One murder. 
Why? Why? My god. Why?
Someone out there kept my number
And reached out. 4 times. 

I’m no Superman. 
(Quoting Slim Shady)
There are some things 
we just can’t control. 
And that’s just destiny. 

Never was. 

My place for the next 3 days. 
Nice, safe, warm place to crash. 

I’m still having one Monster
And one shake a day. 
I had a bite of a pizza cheese. 
Got sick as a dog. 
Tomato paste, bread, seed oils,
Heartburn and inflammation. 

27 November 2022

rose glow

Neighborhood sunrise. 
The sky was yellow gold. 

The tops of the trees were like magic. 
Siri didn’t do this justice. 

Prepped the food for 6 cat meals. 
I’ll be gone for a few days. 
That’s like 20 years in Cat Time. 

Because you know we seldom feed them. 
Just ask them. Lol. 
The morning meetup posse. 
They stand outside the hall door 
And cry for food. 
*gets water gun* 

The Apple Watch counts arm movements
As well as actual steps with distance. 

I think the key is 
Not doing the same thing every night. 
I think I need to change up slightly 
Every 3 days or so. 
Also being tired is good for sleep. 
So melatonin for a few days. 
Then Delta 9 for a few days. 
Then GABA or KavaKava

Mc D. Double Quarter Pounder. 
I only got half of it 
Before it swan dove out of there. 
Dropped and tossed. 

I’m in a strange place. 
Mentally. A tenacious little vibe. 
A little trepidation. Walk carefully. 
Like in those films about bombs 
or storms or zombies 
and how people come out
From the shelters after an attack.  

At first they’re just looking around
Trying to take it all in. 
Like a new baby popping out of a womb. 
This lil dude is like WTF!
Sorry, buddy, you can’t go back in. 
Once the goose is cooked,
You can’t uncool it. Lol. 

Still having protein shakes 
And viola! My ulcers are better. 
I’ve been sweating for a week. 
Like constantly sweating. 
Like you can see it. 
My hair is wet and clothes are damp. 

And look at me. I survived. 
I’m actually happier now than I’ve been
In a while. But nothing has changed. 
Except for me. I’ve changed. 

26 November 2022

rainy day

Old Person Flu Season
Starter Package 

I felt sluggish this morning.  
Like trying to walk through 
Molasses in the Winter. 

People are not always smart 

Flow me for more tips 

Follow me for more holiday tips

I spent years working on
My agoraphobia. Now what? 

My wee bairn 
Two years ago when he was wee. 

Down down do your thing!
Literally my pants fell off. 

Miss Thang