31 May 2023

day zero

It’s always good to get
 your 12 hours in. Lol. 

Packing? What’s that? 

I’ve had this wallpaper 
for one year ago today. 

Aaaand off the goooooooo!

30 May 2023

late date

Got to work. 
A nurse is on the stoop. 
Are you the nurse? 
Yes! Come in!
Worked with a new trainee 
And she’s good! 

29 May 2023

stand off

Happy Memorial Day!


Egg Bites

Perfect sleep 

Time to learn. 
But what? It’s never obvious. 

I came this close *this close*
To canceling the trip. 
People can be crazy. 
We know this. 

If someone doesn’t want to talk to me,
That’s fine. Walk out when I come in. 
Oscar-Winning Performances 
Playing nightly. Center Stage. 
Bravo! No encores, please. 

28 May 2023

2 day for you

Early day 
Which I love. I’ll never complain 
About going to work early. 

A special treat. 
A fancy cuppa Covefe

The age old serenity prayer
In meme form. 
I can’t think of a better way 
To handle the situation. 
Which has not changed in years
And will probably not change 
Except that it gets worse. 

Egg Bites and Sugar Free Syrup. 

Le Back view 
Caught me off guard. 
Not too shabbily! 

I have a belly, of course. 
But mostly I gain in my back. 
Which is cortisol. 
What else could it be? 

Pediatric Nursing perks. 
Play like a rockstar 
Or a pirate or princess 
Or an astronaut or animal 
And get paid for it. 

27 May 2023

memes day

ladder day

I didn’t want to come to work today. 
But no one else was available. 
So here I am.

They don’t even think about doing it. 
It is second  nature to them by now. 

Pepper poppers 

Scrambled Eggs with Ham and Cheese 

A new thing:
Eggs poached in Cream! 
The edged get brown, the whites get solid,
Like poached eggs but no cover. 

Sweet Baby is 99% deaf. 
I thought this for years. 

The camera was not paired
Before it was installed. So it required 
Another trip (or two) up the ladder. 
Or in this case- 4 trips up and down. 

My housemate was holding the ladder,
And started talking about falling. 
I sure wouldn’t get up there
I’d be afraid I’d break my neck
I’m too old to be on a ladder
I have no business climbing 15 feet high. 

So there I was up on the ladder,
And hearing him talk like that
Just got me so anxious I was like
Can you please stop talking about falling 
When I’m so far up the ladder ? 
I mean honestly. Who does that? 
I started sweating and
 my teeth started chattering. 
And I threw up. Yes. Barf-City. 
15 feet up the air, I threw up. 
I did get the camera paired
But it took 2 trips up the ladder. 

It’s like the last time he was mad
He asked if I wanted to go to a gun range 
For target practice- with him! 
What an dick thing to say. 

Of course it ended with another fight. 
With both hands on hips, he actually said
“Shame on you” when I didn’t apologize 
For whatever he thinks I said. 
Always a fight. Right before a big event.