28 February 2010

party like a wok star

A little snack of raspberries, blueberries,
cashews, and Greek-Style Yogurt
What? You didn't know?
Low*Carb treat for sure!
Butter Lettuce comes with "strings" attached
pretty high-maintenance, but worth it - 
just like any Diva
 ground chuck, bag of  cabbage mix, water chestnuts, onions...
the secret is in the spice/sauce:
sesame oil, tamari, rice wine vinegar, fish sauce
garnished w/ cashews
all you need to "party like a wok star"
*apron optional, but highly recommended*

Monster w/protein x2
Creatine, water, 
coffee w/sf hot chocolate
berry snack w/ greek-style yogurt
beef n cabbage
6,000 steps @ work, no work-out -
way too tired and sleepy both!

27 February 2010

judgement day

I was asked to be on a panel of judges for a contest.
It was held at a local high school health magnet.

Kids from all around had a three-day event where they are critiqued on their medical skillz.
Taking vital signs, dressing changes, donning sterile gloves, gown and mask.
That kind of thing.
I got to sit at a table and be all "American Idol."
(Not to worry - I was very nice!)

It was so cute, because each kid was really trying, and really nervous.
Some of them were in tears. Some, their hands were shaking. Cold sweat.
It's hard to perform under pressure!

Then, they fed the judges. All carbs.
I knew it was coming, so I was prepared.

Monster w/protein before I left.
Once there, I had a salad - no croutons.
And even some lasagna but not the noodle part.
There was plenty of ooie-gooie filling.

Classes are big in these mega-schools.
500 - 700 kids in each freshman, sophomore, junior and senior class.
We got to wait in the teacher's lounge. Now-a-days they put cops in there, too.

This chart was up in the "home economics" room.
I don't think they call it that any more. 
Just if you are old.  Like me!  :D

Fat Content Comparison of Food * Choices

one donut vs a basket of oranges
one potato chip vs a plate of carrots
two french fries vs two baked potatoes
half a candy bar vs how many red vines - licorice

Monster w/protein
Creatine, water, 
Coffee w/sf hot chocolate
Egg w/cheese
Beef & cabbage 
w/sesame oil, tamari, rice wine vinegar
& cashews for garnish
6,000 steps @ work, plus work-out @ home

26 February 2010


Perfect for Canadian Bacon!
From Macy's - my favorite store.
rainy Friday
grilled hamburger meat......w/ ketchup and dry mustard

chin up bar - flat footed...and "tippy-toes"
inside the closet here -
not too messy, I guess.
caffeine free
diet coffee
A little cuppa for you, yes?

Monster w/protein
Hamburger meat w/ketchup & mustard
Snack Pack of Pistacios
Creatine, water, coffee
real coffee w/sf hot chocolate mix
Atkins bar - granola style 

Suddenly, I can tolerate chocolate again. Couldn't stand it for like 4 years.
Go figure - I was a chocolate fiend! Good thing is now, I don't *crave* it.
We made our peace, and can be friends again! And enjoy a taste on a cold, rainy morning.

25 February 2010

sunshine award

From Kelly at Happy Texans!
Who rocks, by the way!

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I never could count! 
The idea is to name 12 people who bring sunshine
into blogging.
This list could go on all day...
The sun never really sets, does it now?

Tried a Venom energy drink.
It was pretty good!
Tried this for lunch - 
it has niacin in it,
and I have never had that
"niacin flush"
people talk about.
Until now, that is.
This is my ear on fire.
This is me thinking to myself
"Why didn't I listen?"
Found out later on Wikipedia that niacin flush is a prostaglandin reaction,
and can be reduced by taking aspirin or ibuprofen.
Right. The ONE day I don't take Advil.

A nice lady in a Smoothie King place gave me 
an Ostrim stick of jerky to try.
Just gave it to me. Still haven't tried it yet.

Monster w/protein
Atkins Bar
Coffee w/ sf hot chocolate
No Creatine today
Venom, Power Shot - 
Hamburger patty plain
One Healthy Dose of Reality
Mix it in a Dream...

24 February 2010

another happy day

Monster w/protein for breakfast
Coffee, water, Creatine,
Eggs and sausage for dinner
Chipolte sauce on da eggs, cheese
Coffee w/ sugar-free hot chocolate
5,000 steps and all the workout stuff
Still can't do a proper chin-up
Happy day today - it must have stuck!

22 February 2010

got it!

You look at something, and sometimes "it is what it is."
So obvious, once you see it.
And you can never be fooled or tricked again.
Because now you know!

It's a weight-loss/ life metaphor.

After several months of try, try, trying, I finally broke the code!
I got it! I get it! 
The situation that has currently vexed me the most in my life.
And I am free from the "heavy*ness" and rejection that was on top of me.
No longer humiliated by my own inadequacy to figure it all out.

It's so simple, once you step back and see it for what it is.
I might not be right - but at least the worst part is over.
Clues and cues were everywhere; I wasn't reading them.

Now the fun in life can really begin.
Fun - what a concept!
It's been a while.

Once, when I was very young, I found a padlock.
The kind with the numbers on a dial, like for a locker.
I spent all summer trying to figure out the code.

And I did, in record time.
THIS one took a while, however.
I almost quit trying. 
I have never doubted myself -
Hated myself? Until this.

It was awful and it was for real.

I didn't submit to it though.
And now, for the first time in so many months,
I slept without worrying -
Not the kind of sleep that comes from exhaustion.
But the kind that comes from forgiveness and understanding.

By that, I mean - to experience a moment of real Love
that somehow took the place of the depression of the past,
anxiety of the future, and fear of the present moment.
Without judgement.
At least on some level.
Healing, perhaps? Acceptance?
"A New Day"?

And so far, without having a reaction formation.
You know, using coping skills instead of defense mechanisms...
'Bout time!

I dreamed about Harriet Tubman last night.
Woke up singing the song "The Underground Railroad."
That was the confirmation, so to speak, that I was looking for.

Thank you kindly to everyone who has been along for my blog journey.
It was just about the best time I have ever had in my life!
True even though the journey was (at times) arduous.
Sulky at times, but sincere.
Some bright companions you are!

I bought new pants for my upcoming trip.
34 waist shorts. 
Last year, at this time, they were 44's.
Medium shirts instead of 2x.

Monster w/protein
Creatine, water
Coffee w/sf hot choc
Atkins bar
6,000 steps

Party later? :)
Pass the RockStar!

This Just In...
Three days have passed, and I still feel the same!
So perhaps it's mine to keep.
*sigh* of relief - not a sigh of longing

21 February 2010

no hash

corned beef - never had it before...

lettuce - not from a bag

super oven mitts
drinking water all day long

Monster w/protein
corned beef - too salty
didn't eat it
salad w/catalina dressing
atkins bar
coffee w/sf hot chocolate 
rock star in the blue can
off to bed at 4pm...
somebody wake me up when it's over, please
(and tell me it was all just a bad dream)

20 February 2010


grilled hamburger w/shrimp
roasted cauliflower w/roasted onion
avocado, of course
didn't eat it all -enough for 2 meals
sausage for breakfast w/egg, cheese, and tomato
dreamgirls on the tv... heavy, baby
White Rock Lake. Dallas, Tx
"now performing at the water theater"
downtown Dallas in the background
sailors aweigh
BathHouse Cultural Center
photographers abound
Radweg bike trails and Volksmarching trails

Monster w/protein
Trifecta of sudafed, advil, and creatine.
water and coffee...
double click any pic and it should enlarge 

19 February 2010

avenue q

Is it just me, 
or does anyone else notice a "Cheshire Cat" in the tree?
I always stop if there's a cloud, or park, or bridge
that wants to have its picture taken

Monster w/ protein x2
(way too much caffeine today!)
Now I have a "Monster" headache
Atkins bar x2
Salad w/tuna, eggs, nuts, dressing
Water, coffee, creatine.

Inspired by Spandex...
Lip sinking in the truck again...
Broadway Musicals
"I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today"
from Avenue Q