31 October 2011

halloween candy post

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as you like it

Chicken salad - ready in a flash....
This can be tweaked any way you like it!

One can of chicken.... some mayo... 
Mrs Dash Caribbean Citrus flavor - your choice -
Onions, garlic powder, 1/2 an apple, maybe some celery,
2 or 3 SF pickles...top with a couple of raisins....

Couple of cashews... 22 to be exact....
ONE serving...  8 carbs...
Add a few dried cranberries and a few golden raisins.

Cuppa home-made hot cocoa
You can thank me later - when you try this!

Water, Heavy Whipping Cream (or almond or coconut milk)
Splenda or sweetener of your choice...
BUTTER - yep  - think of it as a stick of cream!!!
Cocoa - dark or regular.... 
Top with Whipping Cream (this is canned)
And cinnamon - or nutmeg, allspice, etc!!

Oh, and this was breakfast...
Polish sausage, couple of eggs in a omelet that didn't 
survive the spatula and turning... so it became 
scrambled eggs deluxe! And it was great!

Walked 2 miles today...
It was easy!
And fun. Walked to the store and back.

Hope your Halloween is great!
Be careful - and watch out for scary 
sweets masquerading as treats!

30 October 2011


As of today - after seeing this - I ran out of excuses!

spilt cream

Whipped raw eggs and 
heavy whipping cream
egg nog... just like Orange Julius.
But LoCarb

Awesome salad with all  the trimmings

Big Texas-sized pan

Texas-sized ribeye

Went to White Rock Coffee house
Got some coffee called
-- a local favorite blend.
Dropped everything accidently -
And spilled hot coffee all over the place...
The display, the floor, counter, goodies...

People still love the Texas Rangers!
I myself don't really keep up with football.

Hope your day is wonderful!

29 October 2011

wod: helen

Workout of the Day
The whole class is an hour and some change.
But this change - ya get to keep!

Warm- up:
(Yes, this is just the warm-up)
400 meter run (about half a mile)
Hollow marches, Bridges
Planks [1 min x 2]
Pole squats [10]

Strength Training:
Dead lift [10 + 10 ] 2 x 10
Dead lift [15 + 15 + 5 + 5 ] 2 x 10
Plus the bar weighs like 15 pounds!

Mostly about technique at this point in time.
Box jumps  3 x 10
6 inch jump up!

200 meter run
21 kettlebell swings [8 kg]
12 ring rows
Three times through!
Like A Boss

For time = 7:35

That's an "ok" time -
Especially considering that I had to wait
for the next class to walk through -
So I didn't whack them in the head
with my massive yellow kettlebell a-swingin'!

What that really looks like:

MINE was scaled, of course....
Cuz that's the beauty of CrossFit.
You can bring it down to just about any level.
Even mine!

CrossFit names the work outs with
cute and catchy names. (link)
Kinda fun!

Hope your Saturday is awesome!

cross fit numbers

Got back from Cross Fit this week,
Where I did my monthly weights.
Lost two pounds of muscles.
Gained one pound of fat.
Probably by sitting around on the couch
for 3 weeks - with Strep Throat. Yep - that'll do it!

Still - 28% BF.
Haven't left that range,
Despite the ups and downs.
I'm ok with that.
I am 51 in 2 weeks, after all. No need to
stress about the weight loss. I am in a good range.
But still improving.

But I don't care about being first -
or finishing in "x" number of days.
We, here in the blogs, already know that's 
another story altogether. 

It took me nearly 3 years to get to the starting point.
What's the hurry? I have nothing to "prove!"
I'm already dancing just about as fast as I can!

Two years ago - or so -
it was very difficult to even walk up the stairs!

This isn't about selling books or programs... 
It's a real life that was functional in many ways....
But probably on the very of internal collapse!

Oh! My poor little organs... 
And the dirty rotten things I did to them!

My coach asked (above) what we can't do without.
I can't do without my..... LIVER!
(That's why it's called a liver.)
How's THAT for primary motivation?
My little heart - doing's it's best.
I love my adrenals, and thyroid!
And I'm pretty fond of my pancreas, too.
After all, it's the only one I have!

Treat Williams said it best.

This time around the block, my motivation is more 
"primary." I'm not trying to gain or lose for any 
other reason or secondary goal.  Except health.
That's a first!

So yay! For getting better!
And not just better numbers on a page.
By golly - I think I'm finally catching on!

The WOD was "Helen"
My time was 7:35

Hope your day is wonderful!

28 October 2011


Nothing says "Autumn" quite like a fancy wreath

Unless it's a fancy sky

Or send me some money, and I'll send you some
junk from the bottom of my Nursing shoes. 

From your friendly neighborhood Duck
Makes deliveries... better 'n Aflack!


Compare that to 5 pounds of fat...
THIS is just one pound!
Takes up a wee bit more room, eh?
Just as hard to carry around, though....
Gets OLD pretty fast!

Which reminds me - time to fry up some bacon.
I picked the fattiest one!
Got a big ol' can for the bacon drippings!

From Wikipedia 
Gotta love it!

Candy - NOPE -
Not this year!!!
Just say KNOW!!!
More for the kids.
Us - not so much!

afternoon tv diets

First of all... no grains... 
Maybe some brains.

So if your clothes feel a little tight...

They see me eatin' cookies...
They hatin'...
Poor Pugsley - the look on his face!

We can't all call Jack LaLanne!

No coconut cream pie -
Maybe just some coconut oil

Get some work-outs in. 
Lift things up and put things down...

Don't go telling me you'll start on Wednesday!

Take your vitamins and drink your water.
Watch out for Franken-Foods!

Maybe go flying

Pork Chops and AppleSauce

Fish for dinner? Again!
So Flippin' good!